Top 10 Best Rated 32 Inch Smart TVs 2023

Not everyone is a fan of a big smart tv. Some just prefer a small and moderate one for their room or living room or probably because of the expensive price of bigger TVs. The smaller TVs never fail to deliver good quality like their bigger counterparts. We’ve brought to you a list of the best 32 inch smart TVs. Be informed to buy the best when you hit the market.

Best 32 Inch Smart TV 2023

1. Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA

While it’s no match for Samsung’s higher-sized TVs in terms of hardware or software, it’s the king of this screen size. It uses a 4K UHD processor, which means you’ll be getting one of the best pixel quality possible on 32”. QN32Q50RAFXZA is also one of the early adopters of Samsung’s QLED technology on the small screen. However, the TV comes with a very high price-tag compared to your other options because of all the novel technologies.


  • Three HDMI and two USB sockets
  • 20W audio
  • OneRemote
  • Works with Alexa
  • Ultra-slim Array backlight
  • Wide-viewing angle
  • HDR


  • Bright with high contrast
  • Offers 4K at 120Hz
  • Supports voice control with Bixby
  • Lightweight with impressive picture quality


  • Expensive
  • No AI upscale

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2. Hisense H55-Series 32H5500F

While Hisense also has the same 120fps motion rate of Samsung, it displays only 720p picture quality. This disparity isn’t surprising, given that 32H5500F comes at half the cost of QN32Q50RAFXZA. Its two 6W speakers are also on the lower end of TV audio. However, whatever it lacks in sound hardware, H55 has in software, with its DTS studio and virtual surround sound.


  • Android TV
  • 32” 720p UHD LED
  • Two HDMI and USB ports
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • One-year warranty
  • Built-in Google Assistant


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Slim-bezels
  • Stereo supports Bluetooth
  • Offers DTS Virtual:X surround
  • Low cost


  • Only 720p resolution
  • 120Hz refresh is simulated

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3. TCL 32S327 Roku LED TV

It has significantly more pixel than its Hisense alternative, but at a slight mark-up. The TV also has three HDMI connections and one USB, which’s better than what we see in H55. With TCL 32S327, not only do you enjoy Roku TV and Alexa compatibility, but also a dual-band wireless connection.


  • 32” 1080p UHD LED
  • 60Hz refresh rate


  • Cheap
  • Supports voice control with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easily adjustable


  • 2018 release
  • No HDR, DTS, or Dolby

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4. Sceptre A322BV-SRC Android TV

While its 720p resolution doesn’t inspire confidence, Sceptre A322BV-SRC does have a couple of tricks up its sleeve. For example, it’s compatible with Bluetooth remote, Chromecast, Google Assistant, VESA mount, and more. When it comes to compatibility with the latest technology, the TV is hard to beat.


  • 32” Smart LED HDTV
  • Integrated Chromecast
  • Two HDMI with CEC
  • 60Hz true motion and 120fps MEMC


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Recent release
  • Smooth motion and quality pictures
  • Cheap


  • Terrible built-in speakers
  • Only720p
  • No Dolby or HDR

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5. Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 Fire TV Edition

In a way, NS-32DF310NA19 is a brief look into how much technology Insignia can pack into such a small frame. Despite having Fire TV, 802.11ac wireless, Alexa/Google Assistant compatibility, and more, the TV remains dirt cheap.


  • 32” 720p HD LED
  • Three HDMI and one USB
  • 60Hz motion rate
  • DTS TruSurround


  • Cheapest HD Fire TV
  • Excellent picture for a 720p screen
  • Supports wireless voice
  • DTS helps improve sound quality


  • No Dolby
  • Audio doesn’t sync well

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6. VIZIO D32X-D1

VIZIO D32X-D1 is the best when it comes to high quality 32 inch smart TVs. It delivers good quality and features. It is equipped with 1080p resolution for high, clear and visible view. This smart TV will surely spice up your tv watching experience. Other features include;

• Features 17mm item display height
• Comes with 90 days warranty
• Equipped with Netflix and YouTube
• Comes in 120hz refresh rate

• Comes with 1080p resolution
• Equipped with 120hz refresh rate
• Comes with Netflix and YouTube

• The sound quality is average
• The remote is not working well

7. Samsung UN32M5300


Samsung UN32M5300 is a high performance 32 inches smart TV. It features a built-in wifi that can make you connect automatically to your phone. You don’t have to worry about getting a router if you have this smart TV. Other features include;

• It is equipped with 1080p resolution
• Equipped with an app to make the use much easier
• Features 2 HDMI ports

• It features an inbuilt wifi connection
• Comes with an app to make the use easier
• Features 1080p resolution

• Features only 2 HDMI ports
• Supports only optical video

8. TCL 32S305


TCL 32S305 gives you the best quality of a smart TV. It comes with features that are reliable despite its low price. Unlike its other counterparts, TCL 32S305 is cheap and affordable for everybody. Other features include;

• Comes with inbuilt Roku tv
• Equipped with 720HD resolution
• It can be used with Alexa and other Google assistants
• Features an optical audio

• It can be used with Alexa and Google assistant
• It is affordable
• Features Roku tv for added entertainment

• Come with only 720p resolution

9. Sony KDL32WE613


Sony KDL32WE613 is a superb smart TV with advanced features. Although HDR is always found in bigger tv’s but this 32 inches smart tv features an HDR for a better viewing experience. Other features include:

• Equipped with a WiFi connection
• Features 1080p resolution
• The USB can be used to record

• Features a USB for recording
• Comes with 1080p resolution
• Equipped with HDR

• lacks some smart features

10. Toshiba 32D3753DB

Toshiba 32D3753DB is a smart TV that is worth trading your money for. It features a built-in DVD drive that has a good playback. If you are a fan of watching movies with the DVD this smart TV is the best bet for you. Other features include;

• Equipped with 720p resolution
• Features a free view play
• Comes with 3 HDMI ports
• Comes in 4k resolution
• It can be used with Alexa

• Comes with a DVD drive
• It can be used with Alexa
• Free view play

• Comes in only 720p resolution

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