Best Affordable Drones 2023

Getting a drone is a good decision you would make right now. A drone is a good asset that will be of great use to you. Either you want to get a perfect view of an event or you want to take mind blowing pictures, a drone is the best bet for you!

You might also want to get into drone sport, it’s such an amazing technological sport to partake in and you can do all this without breaking the bank. Drones comes in different prices and we have compiled the best affordable drones that will give you the perfect value for your money.

1. Holy Stone HS100

If you have a dream of flying drones without much money. The Holy Stone HS100 is the best bet for you. It makes your dream come true with you having the best value for your money. It is equipped with a 15 minutes fly session and it has the ability to cover 500 meters distance. Other features include;

• It comes with a GPS
• The drone can follow your move.
• It is wind resistant.
• Equipped with one key for landing and taking off.
• Comes with the battery power of 2500mah.


• Fairly strong battery.
• It is wind resistant.
• Equipped with a GPS
• Single control for landing and taking of.
• Ability to follow your move.

• The camera quality is poor.

2. Eachene E58 Quadcopter

Eachene E58 Quadcopter is another affordable camera on the list. Probably you need a drone with good camera quality for your pictures and you don’t want to break the bank. Eachene E58 Quadcopter is for you! It comes with 720HD camera, 120° viewing angle and also capable of 720p video. Other features include;

• Comes with a Wi-Fi real-time transmission FPV system.
• It is mobile and the arm could be replaced.
• Equipped with an hold mode.
• Comes with APP controls.
• A single control for take off and landing.
• Comes with a 500mah battery.


• A good quality camera.
• Equipped with APP controls
• A single control for taking off and landing.

• low battery life.
• It does not have the capacity to go beyond 100 metres.

3. Theefun Mini Remote Control Drone




Theefun Mini is another affordable drone. Perhaps your kids have been disturbing you to get a drone for them and you always promise them you would one day. Theefun Mini will assist you in fulfilling your promise. It comes at a very affordable price with great features. one of it is the ability to travel in the range of 30 meters. Other features include;

• Equipped with 300mah battery.
• It comes with an headless mode to enable the owner fly easily.
• 6-Axis Gyro Stablization System adopted for stability.
• It can fly in 360°


• It is easy to use for beginners.
• It is stable.
• It very affordable.

• No cameras
• Can fly only in short range.

4. Holy Stone HS190



Holy stone makes our list again! But this time it is Holy Stone HS190. It more affordable than it’s counterparts and it also has great features. It is equipped with 3 speed mode that will make you perfect your flying skills. Other features include;

• It is flexible and mobile.
• Equipped with a single control for take off and landing.
• Ability to fly in 360°.
• Equipped with an headless mode.
• Comes with only 300mah battery size.

• A single control for taking off and landing.
• It is easy to use for beginners.
• It can fly in 360 degrees.
• Flexible and mobile.

• battery life is short.
• The range could be higher.

5. DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro features a great speed at 40mph. You may be tired of your friends winning you in drone sport and you are worried for a more faster drone. DJI Mavic Pro is a drone you should consider worthy of having. Other features include;

• It Comes with a 16GB SD card.
• Equipped with 3338mah battery.
• It has remote control.
• Equipped with DJI Intelligent Flight Batteries.
• A good quality 12mp camera.
• Can fly up to 4.3 miles.
• 27 minutes fly time


• A good quality camera.
• Comes with a remote control.
• A fairly long flying time.
• It can fly up to 4.3 miles.

• Abscense of obstacle avoidance sensors.

6. Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot Bebop 2 is another cheap drone on the list. It boasts of a quality camera: 14 mp to give you mind blowing pictures and good event coverage. Other features include;

• 25 minutes flying time.
• Equipped with a 2700mah battery life.
• It comes with a powerful motors for stable flight.
• 90 days warranty.
• It fly up to 300 meters.

Price: $229

• A good quality camera.
• It is stable.
• 90 days warranty.

• Some functions cost extra to unlock.

7. ZeroTech Dobby

ZeroTech Dobby is on of the best most affordable drones you can get. It has amazing features like it’s 13mp camera. Isn’t amazing for getting a drone with a quality camera without much money? It will give you a clear perfect picture like no other. Other features include;

• Equipped with 970mah battery life.
• can only go up to 100 meters range.
• It can fit into the pocket conveniently.
• Equipped with a facial recognition.


• Easy flight control.
• Comes with advanced technology.
• You can take it anywhere you want.

• Low battery life.

8. DJI Spark

DJI Spark is a drone that features a great design and structures. If you want your freinds to compliment and adore your drone, DJI Spark is for you. Other features include;

• It comes with a remote control.
• Equipped with 12mp quality camera.
• 16 minutes flying time.
• Equipped with 31mph top speed.
• 1480mah battery life.


• great design and structures.
• Comes with a 12mp quality camera.
• It has a high speed m

• It is not stable on air.
• The flying time could be higher.

9. Altair Outlaw SE

Altair Outlaw SE is a drone made with the beginner in mind. The features and structures is not complicated. It has single button for taking off and same button for landing. It other features include;

• Features a GPS flight mode
• Equipped with the follow-me mode.
• Equipped with 1080p live video action camera.
• 2500mah battery life.

Price: $279

• Comes with a good camera.
• Equipped with a GPS.
• Comes with the follow-me mode.
• A single control for landing and taking off.
• It is easy to use for beginners.

• The range it can cover is low.

10. Hubsan Zino 4K Drone

Hubsan Zino 4K is an amazing drone with a great look and a good air resistance. You don’t have to worry about the air flipping your drone away, Hubsan Zino 4K structures is built in a way to resist wind. Other features include;

• The drone is flexible: the arm and the propeller can be folded.
• Comes with a GPS.
• A quality camera with 4k capacity.
• Equipped with return home feature.

Price: $300

• Comes with a return home features.
• A quality camera.
• It can fly up to 2.5km.

• No transmitter to indicate low battery.
• Lacks obstacles avoidance sensors.

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