Top 10 Best Rated Backpacks 2019


Getting the best backpack for travel can be very challenging especially if you are looking for the one with the best features. Worst still, you will not be able to get the correct guide from many retailers as well as websites as they will often time sell you the backpack that is the biggest and most expensive as well. They will not give you what you really wanted.

A big backpack is not always the best in all situations, it is advisable to travel with something light if you travel often or planning to embark on a big trip. A light bag is considered the best here because it is easy and convenient to carry about.

Extensive research had been done and we have come up with the top ten backpacks available. I will give you their features as well as their pros and cons.  This article will serve as an excellent guide for you when choosing a backpack for your holiday, business trip or a backpacking trip. This list is not arranged in any particular order.

1. Tortuga Setout Backpack

The Tortuga Setout was launched in 2018. It is a great bag that is very easy to recommend for any kind of trip. The Tortuga Setout Backpack is ideal for urban as well as air travel, it is also well suited for a backpacking adventure. Some features of this excellent backpack are as follows:

  • Clamshell design
  • Wide-stripe harness
  • Back panel with adequate padding and ventilation space
  • Price: $199


  • Maximum carry-on size
  • Front-loading
  • Great organizer compartments
  • Laptop compartment at the back that is perfect for load balance.
  • Adjustable waist as well as chest straps


  • Zippers are resistant to weather but not sealed
  • Price: $199

2. Osprey Farpoint 40

This is a unique backpack is perfect for hostelling as well as backpacking.  In fact this Backpack is an ideal choice for world travelers that like a light and pocket-friendly bag.  This backpack is commonly used in hostels around the world.  The Osprey Farpoint 40 does not come with a flimsy little harness making it to stand out among many backpacks. Its features are:

  • It comes with a well-padded shoulder
  • It has a full-sized hip belt
  • Padded back panel
  • Well padded shoulder straps
  • Full-size hip belt
  • Price: $160


  • Front-loading (woo!)
  • Comfortable suspension system
  • Laptop & organizer compartment
  • Detachable shoulder strap included
  • Stow-away harness
  • Lockable zippers
  • Lightweight & budget priced


  • It does not come with many organizational features like other bags
  • Some version of the backpack has an ugly green interior

3. Osprey Porter 46

The Osprey Porter has a better organization though not as comfortable as others.  This backpack is a good alternative to the Farpoint 40 that is only available in North America. Some features of this backpack are listed below:

  • More side pockets
  • Thinner harness
  • More side pockets
  • Excellent built-in travel organizer
  • Thinner harness
  • Laptop compartment at the back
  • Price: $140


  • Excellent side-pockets and travel organizer
  • Front-loading
  • Laptop compartment at the back
  • Stow-away harness
  • Stiff outer shell protects your stuff


  • Harness more easily stowable, simpler and not as padded.
  • It is not so easy to fit into a tight storage space

4.  Aer Travel Pack 2

This is an excellent all-purpose bag and it comes in a smaller size. This bag is ideal for those going on a short trip. Its features are:

  • Smaller than other backpacks
  • Numerous storage spaces
  • Great minimalist look
  • Price: $230


  • Lots of storage spaces
  • Detachable waist belt but it is sold differently
  • Strong material but easy access
  • Separate shoe compartment
  •  it works as a large daypack or everyday pack


  • At 33L it’s not maximum carry-on size
  • Laptop compartment does not have “hammock”

5. Nomatic 40L Travel Bag

The Nomatic 40L travel bag is a top pick for business travel. It is endowed some great features which are listed below:

  • Unique features like a laundry bag, shirt organizers, toiletry bag and vacuum compression bag
  • Highly weather resistant material
  • Sturdy interior
  • Zippers on the back panel
  • Price: $240


  • Extremely clever features
  • Highly weather resistant material
  • Plethora of optional accessories
  • Pass-through sleeve for attaching to rolled luggage
  • Also works as a duffel


  • A tad over-engineered (you have to use everything just as intended)

6. Pacsafe Ventures X40

The Pacsafe Ventures X40 has the best security features. It is a backpack that has focus on anti-theft features.  Its features are as follows:

  • Travel security products like money belts, portable locks and passport wallet
  • It has a light weight
  • Safety features like Slash-proof webbing. Lockable D-ring, a smart zipper and a padlock
  • It has a built-in rail cover
  • Removable internal divider
  • Price: $250


  • Front-loading
  • Fully featured harness
  • Rain cover included
  • Advanced security features like slash-proof webbing


  • A little costly for this kind of backpack
  • Do you need this much security?

7. Osprey Farpoint 55

This is a top pick for medium-sized travel bag.  The Osprey Farpoint 55 travel bag is basically two packs combined into one integrated system. Its features are:

  • It’s a two-in-one bag
  • Multiple pockets and pouches on the daypack
  • Price: $180


  • It has the same features as the Farpoint 40
  • It possesses a removable 15 liter daypack


  • Too big for carry-on
  • Complete flat Back panel

8. Osprey Atmos 65

This cheap backpack is an excellent choice for trekkers, campers as well as backpackers. Some of the features of this excellent backpack are as follows:

  • perfect balance between carry capacity and weight
  • Trekking pole attachment
  • Price: $170


  • Excellent suspension system that has a torso length that is fully adjustable.
  • Very comfortable and highly padded back panel
  • Integrated rain cover
  • Sleeping bag compartment and sleeping pad straps


  • Contents not easy to locate a with clamshell style travel bags
  • Not the best pick for minimal as well as light travelers

These are the top backpacks available in 2019, we hope you will be able to make the right buying decision from this list.