Top 10 Best Rated Bassinets 2019


With the background knowledge that a newborn sleeps for about 16 hours a day, we have taken our time to help keep your baby comfortable, safe and close to you during the sleeping period, which is basically what a great bassinet does.

A great bassinet can go a long way in making a hitherto fussy sleeper, a quiet and happy baby that gets all the sleep required for his or her maximum growth and development.

The bassinets on this list are not arranged in any particular order.

1. Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

This bedside bassinet has been designed to fit into all bed heights, night light, sleep, sounds, soothing vibrations, and feeding timer with its adjustable base. Its features include;

-adjustable base


-soothing vibration

-feeding timer

-mesh ventilating sides

-great build quality

-rotates and swivel

-price: $250


-beautiful design

-adjustable base




-includes feeding timer

-sleeping sound


-thin mattress

2. Babybjorn Gentle Rocking Cradle

This stylish and beautiful bassinet with its resemblance to a sleek new piece of furniture has a lightweight suspension system that gently rocks itself in response to the baby’s movement. It features are as follow:

-lightweight suspension system

-mesh breathable sides


-safely tested materials used

-comfortably supportive mattress

-price: $300








-no adjustable base

3. Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet

This bassinet sold as a travel crib is basically a simple, lightweight and easy to move around bassinet. The bassinet comes in a big bag that can be carried over the shoulder, or put in the trunk of a car for a road trip. It can also be tucked under the plane for a long-distance journey. Its features include the following:


-high-quality materials used


-soft fabric


-mesh windows

-easy to assemble

-sturdy and stable build

-anti-slip feet

-price; $100


-very affordable


-anti-slip feet

-easy to assemble

-great length



-thin, not so comfy mattress

-moves a bit too much

-thin and rough sheet

-not waterproof

4. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

This awesome bassinet has made it to our list of best bassinets with its unique ability to double as a changing table. All you need to do is, grab the side handle and squeeze, then flip the entire upper bassinet over to transform it to a changing table. This unique feature makes diaper changing easier than trying to change diapers in the bassinet and much more neater too. Its other features are:

-soft and easy to clean materials used

-sturdy and great build

-storage area at the bottom

-locking wheels

-firm mattress

-2 vibration settings

-hanging down canopy with cute stars (boy version) or flowers (girl version)

-breathable mesh sides

-price: $120


– transforms into a changing table

-easy to clean

-locking wheels



-firm mattress


-came with a single sheet

-assembling a tad cumbersome

5. Fisher Price Soothing Motions

This adorable bassinet has mobile hanging stars as part of its features. Other features are:

-soothing vibrations


-calming sound

-light projector that displays stars on the wall and ceiling

-natural swaying motions, responsive to babies’ movement

-storage area

-good size

-modern style

-breathable mesh side

Price: $150



-storage shelf

-sturdy build

-breathable mesh side

-calming sounds and light



-not easy to move about

-reaching in to pick baby a little difficult

-nonadjustable height

-one fitted sheet

6. Summer infant Bentwood

The summer infant Bentwood Bassinet has made it to our list of best budget bassinets of 2019 with its great features, which are:

-modern and sleek style



-slow, silent rocking motion with adjustable feed

-adjustable canopy

-big lower storage basket

-electric motor

-price: $150


-adjustable canopy

-adjustable rocking motion speed



-stylish and sturdy build



-battery consumption rate is high

7. SwaddleMe by Your Bed Sleeper

This bedside bassinet and co-sleeper has some awesome features which are:

-two incline position

-manual rocking motion

-battery operated vibration

-sound (lullaby and nature)


-beautiful design

-adjustable height

-easy assemblage


-adjustable heights

-easy to assemble

-great for colicky babies

-smooth rocking motion.


-not so sturdy build

-loud vibration sound

-not so effective vibration

8. Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria

This co-sleeper bassinet gives mum and child a beautiful intimate experience of sharing a bed. Its features are:

– a lot of breathable mesh walls

-thin and firm mattress

-easy to lift and lower co-sleeper side

-adjustable legs

– tuck in straps

-wheel lock

-cool storage basket at the base

-price: $180


-excellent co-sleeper option

-breathable mesh sides

-storage basket

-not too expensive


-hard to find as it is mostly out of stock

-no music

-no nightlight

9. Simmons Kids by the Bed City

This awesome bassinet makes baby sleeping next to you easy without co-sleeping. Its features include:

-Adjustable height

-Sturdy leg design

-very large

-partially mesh sides

-quilted fabric inside

-jersey-style fabric outside

-thick and comfortable bassinet mattress

-storage pockets on side

-price: $105


-Solves the problem of co-sleeping by bringing your baby next to you without any of the risks of co-sleeping such as suffocation.

-easy reach inside

-adjustable height



-too large for a small bedroom

-sides not totally mesh, making peeking in on baby a little difficult


-very difficult to move around

-small storage area.

10. Ingenuity Fold Away Rocking

This bassinet has made our 2019 list of best bassinets with its suitability for travel. It features are:

-folds up nicely into a cube

-soft and thick mattress

-breathable mesh wall

-soft fabrics

-padding over bars

-rocking ability


-Soft and thick mattress



-beautiful style


-too deep

-no storage area

-no included sheets.