Best Budget Carpet Cleaners 2023

There are many benefits to having a carpet in your home. However one among the biggest drawbacks of carpeted floors is that they will get terribly dirty. Cleaning up your carpets are often difficult if you don’t have the proper instrument and cleanup product. By getting a top quality carpet cleaner you can help keep your carpets smelling fresh and looking nice for years.

1. Bissell Multi-Purpose Cleaner


This is a compact includes a handle so you can move it around as needed. This machine has a hose with spray nozzle to direct the cleaning formula where you need it. This carpet cleaner from Bissell is ideal for spot cleaning. Specifications Include:-

• It includes a 4′ hose
• It is made of Post-consumer recycled plastic
• Dirty water tank capacity: 49 ounces


• Brush attachment helps you remove stains
• It includes a bottle of cleaner
• It is light in weight and easy to move around


• It is not ideal for cleaning entire rooms
• The tank needs to be emptied frequently

2. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe

This is perfect for anyone looking for a budget-friendly carpet cleaner that still works efficiently. This machine includes several attachments to clean floors, upholstery, and stairs. This carpet cleaner from Hoover has powerful brushes to thoroughly clean your carpets. Specifications Include:-

• Heat force speeds up dry time
• Machine weighs less than 19 pounds
• Sample bottle of cleaning product


• Powerful suction speeds up the dry time and removes stains
• It has a large dirty water tank
• It includes a water/solution trigger on the handle


• The clean water tank isn’t as large as some other carpet cleaner’s tanks
• It doesn’t include an automatic cleaning mode

3. The Bissell ProHeat 2X

This is constructed to remove the toughest stains and odors. It also works well on removing buildup from everyday use of your carpets. Features include:-

• 12 rows of rotating brushes
• Pre-treating option
• Machine weighs less than 18 pounds


• It has a low profile foot
• It includes an upholstery tool


• The machine is pricier than many other carpet cleaners
• Suction is so powerful that you need to empty the dirty water tank frequently

4. McCulloch MC1275

This carpet cleaner provides you with all natural method of cleaning carpets and other surfaces around your home. This unit cleans with steam so you don’t have to use harsh chemicals. Other specifications Include:-

• It includes 18 accessories
• Handheld design
• 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


• The steam pressure removes dirt and grime without chemicals
• The water tank is easy to fill
• The water heats up quickly for efficient cleaning


• It doesn’t remove water from carpets
• It is not ideal for cleaning large areas

5. The SpotBot Pet Hands

This carpet cleaner has a hands free option to allow you to walk away while the machine does the work of removing tough stains. This machine is compact and lightweight so you can move it around easily. Specifications Include:-

• An automatic option
• A handle on the top for portability


• It can be used to clean rugs, carpet, upholstery, and car upholstery
• It is lightweight and requires little space for storage
• Spiral brush action removes tough stains with little effort


• It is not designed for cleaning entire carpeted rooms
• The tank capacity is smaller than upright machines

6. Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10

This is designed and constructed for heavy duty use in a commercial or residential setting. This option would be ideal for those with lots of carpeted rooms that need deep cleaning and stain removal. Specifications Include:-

• Flow indicator
• Large capacity water tank
• A powerful suction


• The handle is adjustable
• It holds more water than other cleaning machines
• Includes a 25′ power cord


• It doesn’t include a hose
• The machine is larger and heavier than many others

7. BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush

This carpet cleaner is budget friendly and powerful to clean your carpets efficiently. This machine is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Product specifications Include:-

• Machine weighs only 12 pounds
• Tank capacity: 1/2 gallon
• The machine cleaning path is 9.5″ wide


• It is light in weight and easy to move around
• Dirty water tank is easy to remove and empty


• It doesn’t have a hose or attachments for cleaning tight spaces or upholstery
• The water tank is smaller than most others

8. The BISSELL DeepClean Lift-Off Deluxe

This carpet cleaner works efficiently to clean up pet messes and other types of dirt and stains on your carpets. It has a powerful suction to help your carpets dry quickly. Specifications Include:-

• Heat technology
• 4 foot hose for cleaner upholstery
• Removable nozzle


• It has a removable spot cleaner to clean the toughest stains
• It has a large capacity tanks
• It is easy to clean hard to reach areas


• Unit is pricier than many other options.
• The cleaner is heavy when the tank is full.

9. The BISSELL ProHeat 2X

This Carpet Cleaner works well in homes with pet messes. It is light in weight when compared to commercial rental machines but still cleans just as well.

This carpet cleaner from BISSELL features a max clean mode that’s designed to clean up even the messiest carpets and removes set-in stains. This machine also removes odors to help your home smell fresh. Specifications Include:-

• 7 foot hose
• Attachments to clean pet beds, stairs, and upholstery
• Express Clean Mode


• It weighs less than 18 pounds
• It is easy to use
• The 12 rows of brushes help lift deep down dirt


• doesn’t have a removable brush roll cover
• not ideal for pre-treating stains

10. BISSELL DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner

This was designed with the pet owner in mind. It allows you to clean upholstery and stairs with the included attachment and hose. It has a unit with large capacity water and cleaner tank so you don’t have to refill as often. Specifications Include:-

• Heatwave technology
• Long hose
• 12 rows of rotating brushes


• It includes a 3-year limited warranty
• It comes with a trial size bottle of cleaner


• It can be heavy to push when filled with cleaning solution
• When emptying the dirty water you can also lose some of your cleaning solution.

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