Best Budget Cordless Hedge Trimmers 2023

One of the most indispensable tools in the garden is a hedge trimmer. it serves an important role in beautifying the gardens and preventing it from growing wild. it comes in handy when you need to get rid of bushes, shrubs and branches.

Are you are thinking of getting a new cordless hedge trimmer or replacing an old faulty one? and you have no idea of which is the best? now you have the information right within your reach! as we would be unveiling the top 10 best rated cordless hedge trimmers.




Black+decker LHT2436 is the cordless hedge trimmer you should have if you work long hours to get rid of bushes and shrubs. The cordless hedge trimmer comes with an enormous 40V battery. other features include;

• 24 inches cutting dual sharp blades.
• Firm grip around front handle.
• cuts up to 3/4 inches thick.
• 40V lithium-ion battery with a charger.
• it is light weight.

Price: $114

• Strong battery that can get the cordless hedge trimmer running for hours.
• 24 inches dual sharp blades.

• no rotating handle.

2. Greenworks HT40L00

Greenworks HT40L00 is another amazing hedge trimmer with amazing features. The unique thing about this cordless hedge trimmer is it’s noiseless ability. You can work with it without getting your neighbors or yourself annoyed by the irritating noise. other features include;

• rotating handle to trim at any angle with comfort.
• 24 inches sharp action blades.
• brushless edges for easy cutting.
• 3/4-inch cutting capacity to help get rid of shrubs.

Price: $129

• Ability to trim or cut easily without noise.
• Equiped with Rotating handle.

• It doesn’t have a battery.

3. Worx WG291

Here is another great cordless hedge trimmer. The Worx WG291 cordless hedge trimmer comes with a huge battery life for your needs. It possess a huge 56V max lithium charger. Other features include;

• 24 inches sharp action blades.
• It possess a battery and a charger
• A full wrap front handle to hold firmly and reduce fatigues.
• 3/4 cutting capacity that gives access to cutting with ease.
• A transparent hand guide to prevent accidents.

Price: $158

• Accident preventive measures with the transparent hand guard.
• A strong battery capacity.
•3/4 cutting capacity.

• Absence of rotating handles
• It is not light weight.
• it does not have the ability to work quietly.

4. Makita XHU02Z



The Makita XHUO2Z is a unique cordless hedge trimmer. that trims the bushes and the shrubs quietly without much noise just like the Worx WG291. Other features include;

• 18V lithium battery.
• it comes with a charger and battery.
• Anti-vibration structure to help minimize vibration.
• 22 inches dual sharp blades.
• 2,700SPM fast cutting speed.
• Battery indicator to indicate when battery is low.
• Star protection to protect over heating and over discharging.

Price: $182

• Protection against over heating and over discharging.
• Fast cutting speed.
• Anti-vibration to minimize vibration.
• works without noise.

• not too strong battery life.
• Absence of rotating handles.

5. EAST 20V Li-ion 2-in-1

One unique thing about this hedge trimmer is it’s rotating handle. Isn’t that amazing?
The East 20v Li-ion cordless hedge trimmer allow you to trim with convenience without having to move from your position at every intervals. Other features include;

• 20 inches dual sharp action blades.
• Equipped with 20-V battery.
• Comes with a battery and charger.
• 2 years warranty.

Price: $49

• Rotating handle.
• Strong battery.
• It is not expensive

•2 years warranty.

• battery capacity not too strong.

6. VonHaus Dual Action 40V

Here is another strong and durable hedge trimmer. The Vonhaus Dual Action 40V comes with 20 inches dual sharp action blades. It can surely cut through shrubs and branches without difficulties. It’s other features include;

• light weight.
• grip rubber handle that makes it comfortable to hold firmly.
• it comes with lithium-ion battery & charger Kit.
• A strong 40V lithium-ion battery.

Price: $139

• light weight.
• grip rubber handle to assure comfort while trimming.
• 2 years warranty.
• Strong battery capacity.

• Absence of rotating handles.

7. EGO Power+ HT2400 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The Unique thing about the EGO Power+ HT2400 cordless hedge trimmer is the exceptionally light weight that it has as it’s features. You don’t have to strain your muscles carrying this cordless hedge trimmer. it makes you go through your job with less fatigue. Other features include;

• A 24 inches Strong, long and durable dual blades.
• weather resistant.
• 3/4 cutting capacity.
• A brake electronic stop.
• 56V lithium battery.

Price: $119

• Electronic brake for fast action.
• 56V strong battery capacity.
• 5 year tool warranty.

• Absence of rotating handles
• The Cordless hedge trimmer can’t work without noise
• it is not light weight.

8. Greenworks Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer




The Greenworks Cordless pole Hedge Trimmer comes with an extendable shaft which makes it flexible for reaching extreme don’t have to move tirelessly because of the incredible extendable shaft allowing you to trim without any difficulties. Other features include;

• 20 inches dual sharp action blades
• Expandable shaft for greater reach.
• Electronic start and stop system.
• Durable structures.
• 5/8 inches cutting capacity.
• 40V lithium-ion battery capacity.

Price: $133

• Electronic switch system.
• great cutting capacity.
• Extendable shaft.

• Absence of rotating handle.
• It is not light weight.

9. Greenworks 22232


The Greenworks 22232 cordless hedge trimmers is like other amazing Cordless hedge trimmers that comes with 22 inches sharp action blades. It cuts through bushes and branches without much hassle. This is surely a cordless hedge trimmer you should consider getting for yourself. Other features include;

• 180° rotating handle for easy trimming and cutting.
• Equipped with 24V lithium-ion battery.
• 5/8 inches cutting capacity.
• Comes with a battery and a charger.

Price: $73

• A great cutting capacity.
• Equipped with rotating handles.

•Battery capacity is not too strong.
•The Cordless hedge trimmer is not light weight.
• It cannot operate without noise.

10. Black+Decker LHT321FF

The Black+Decker LHT321FF comes with a 22 inches dual sharp action blades which ensures minimized vibration. Other features include;

• 20V lithium-ion battery
• Ability to cut branches up to 3/4 inches diameter.
• Equipped with ergonomic and comfortable grip.

• Endowed with 3/4 inches cutting power
• Equipped with 22 inches dual sharp action blades.
• Comfortable grip.

Price: $103

• It lacks rotating handles.
• No provisions for warranty.
• Cannot operate without noise.

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