Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers 2023

Any quality floor standing speaker can change your sound system for the better. Not only do they look good or draw focus to a sound system and make it stand out rather than blend in, they’re known for sounding spectacular. These speakers are made to easily fit into the setting of a room.

They can be next to television cabinets or next to bookcases, usually exhausting the vertical spaces of the room. The speakers happily fit into the room and produce quality sound, although quality sounds largely depend on the price of these items and it’s specification. Below is a guide on the best standing speakers you can come across.

  1. SVS Ultra Towers

The SVS Ultra towers have a very good bass. They are made up of double twin mid-range drivers and a single tweeter that does a very good job. They also have double woofers located down on both sides of the speaker that produce a thunderous sound.

For all their audio goodness, there’s no denying that their shape makes them an awkward proposition. The flared bottom end and woofer placement means that you can’t just tuck these away, as they must have a bit of space to get the full effect.

Price: $1,998


  • The design of the speaker is very creative and intriguing.
  • The bass is thunderous.
  • The shape of the speakers and the driver positioning helps put out a terrific soundstage.
  • The setup of the Ultra Towers offer versatility.


  • Their shape restricts their use, which can be quite frustrating during setup.
  • They are expensive.
  1. Klipsch RP-8000F

This stuff is too good, and the RP-8000F is a prime example of why they’re so revered. It matches the classic Klipsch design that has black cabinets with gold drivers. They have rich, deep tones and terrific harmonics, which makes these speakers a fantastic investment, especially if you have a slightly larger room.

Price: $1,200


  • Has a classic look.
  • Have deep and harmonic tones.
  • Possesses sumptuous sound and design.


  • Crossover issues, quieter than the sensitivity would suggest.
  1. Fluance Signature Series

This speaker brag of a glossy design and the signature yellow drivers, and so does the sound. Its twin 8-inch woofers does a very good passing impression of a subwoofer, with a rich and mellow bass that will fit right into any surround sound setup, whether or not you have a sub. They also come with fantastic (albeit hard to install) speaker spikes for the base, which help isolate the speakers from vibrations.

Price: $700


  • Affordable
  • Solid sound and build, huge bass.
  • Speakers are durable.
  • Ideal for bass heads.


  • The speakers a very heavy
  • Can distort at high volumes.
  1. MarkAudio-SOTA Cesti T

This speaker offers an extraordinary, nuanced design, phenomenal build quality sound that will just knock your head off with its detail and imaging, and an experience from start to finish that really justifies their place in any setup. They are among the most gorgeous pair of speakers we’ve ever tested, and we had so much fun with them.

Price: $2,995


  • Amazing design – just gorgeous to look at.
  • Solid build quality.
  • Wonderful soundstage and terrific detail.


  • Bass could use an extra push.
  1. ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2

This speaker has a simple design and effective audio quality. If you’ve got a slightly smaller room, and want to maximize the audio quality while not filling the space with awkward design, we’ve got the perfect speaker for you. The speakers come with three woofers that maximizes the bass energy.

Price: $800


  • Has a simple design and an effective audio quality.
  • Huge bang for the buck.


  • Merciless at exposing low-quality audio
  1. Bowers & Wilkins 603

The 603 floor standing speakers offer excellent sound quality that’s easily on-par with more expensive three-way models. The 603s works better for home theater audio than they do for music, although they perform well in both arenas. The smooth detail and natural response is expressed well, and with a good amplifier or receiver, the 603s can truly sing.

Price: $1,800


  • Has a gorgeous look.
  • Excellent for home theater audio.
  • Functions well with good amplifiers.


  • A bit overpriced.
  1. KLH Kendall

The KLH Kendall speakers have a powerful bass, especially when it comes to clarity and depth. It also has a bragging right of raw bass power amongst other speakers. If you’re a fan of bass-heavy music genres like EDM or hip-hop, you will love the Kendalls. They look great too, with a thick wooden body that still feels elegant. This speaker would definitely fit well in a moderately large listening room.

Price: $1,300


  • Has Stunning bass power.
  • Very gorgeous in terms of looks.


  • Probably a little too traditional
  1. Aperion Audio Verus III Grand Tower

The Verus II Grand Towers did not do much to change the design as it still very much looks alike with the old Intimus 5T and the Versus II. It’s still an upgrade to its predecessors as it has complete redesigned internals. It has a refined crossover and two more woofers than the old Verus II. This helps to produce a hard-hitting, muscular sound that is musical.

Price: $2,122


  • Unbelievable value
  • Energetic sound
  • Cheap


  • Lacks the detail and nuance of cheaper models on this list.
  1. KEF R7

It’s reasonably priced compared to some other speakers available. The design is clever, too, with neat plinth feet that help isolate your Sonics. It’s important to note that you ought to have a great amp DAC combo before going for or purchasing this speaker. While they’re very good, they work best when the other bits of the signal chain are of similar quality. Still, these are excellent.

Price: $3,800


  • Has a fine design.
  • A magnificent update to a classic line.
  • Cheap


  • Needs excellent equipment to get the best out of it.
  1. Dynaudio Xeo 30

Dynaudio is one wireless speaker that is cheap. While you will need an additional control box, and the sound quality isn’t up there with Goldenear and MarkAudio-SOTA, they’re still a beast of a set of speakers. They are an upgrade to the old Xeo 6, with an upgraded DSP and new tuning, making the sound good as compared to its former. They also have a good set-up and functionalities.

Price: $3,599


  • A high-end wireless speaker.


  • Doesn’t quite match the other high-end models on this list.

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