Best Budget Gaming Desktops 2022

When it comes to enjoying great gaming, it is important to have a gaming desktop that will not only guarantee smooth gaming but will also save from the stress of always troubleshooting. While there is no perfect gaming desktop, as they all come with different specifications and features, there is always an average requirement.

The market today is flooded with several gaming desktop models all claiming to be ideal for gaming. This has made choosing the best gaming desktop difficult. In this post, we have reviewed the best gaming desktops to make choosing the right choice easier.

  1. Corsair One i160 Gaming PC

The new Corsair One i160 packs a bigger wallop, winding up more power inside the same compact case. It runs on a 32GB of RAM

The beautifully crafted Corsair One i160 Gaming PC delivers outrageous RTX 2080 Ti grunt and blistering CPU speed in an attractive, super-compact chassis.

Price: $2,999


  • Compact case with small footprint.
  • Sleek look. RTX 2080Ti ensures superior gaming performance even at 4k.
  • Advanced cooling system
  • Accessible RAM and storage for upgrades


  • Expensive
  • Custom design limits core component upgrade.
  1. Corsair Vengeance Gaming PC 5180

The Vengeance 5180 is a sleekly designed, upgrade-friendly gaming desktop packed with the power to play any title smoothly. This gaming desktop is relatively compact, is much larger than Corsair’s first effort. The One Pro gaming desktop was a small, cylindrical desktop, while the Vengeance is built into Corsair’s Crystal series280X, a midsize cube-like chassis. This powerful gaming desktop comes equipped with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080, ready for whatever games you throw its way across the spectrum of resolutions.

Price: $2,399


  • Great gaming performance.
  • Plenty of speedy SSD storage.
  • It comes with an attractive customizable lighting.
  • Spacious interior.


  • Its etched glass is a bit tacky.
  • Bulkier form factor compared with some microATX PCs.
  1. Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop 5680

This Gaming Desktop features 60fps 1080p gaming and Core i7 pep for an affordable price, making it an attractive bargain for gamers on a budget. The Dell Inspiron delivers that experience at a price palatable to most PC gamers in the market for a new rig. This gaming desktop comes with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card and a fresh Intel processor that offers a smooth HD gaming experience and proficiency for general tasks with little fuss.

Price: $699.00


  • Affordable price.
  • Appealing low-key case lighting.
  • Smooth HD gaming performance.
  • Speedy new Intel “Coffee Lake” processor.
  • Large storage


  • Messy interior.
  • Only 8GB memory in test model.
  1. Digital Storm Lynx

This gaming desktop aims to provide the benefits of both worlds with its Lynx mid-tower. Designed for serious gaming, it’s offered in four prebuilt configurations (dubbed Levels 1 to 4) to meet most budgets, maxing out with eight-core Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 CPUs and Nvidia GeForce RTX 20-class graphics cards. Other top-quality features include liquid cooling and full LED case lighting.

Price: $799.00


  • Well-priced given the parts inside.
  • Impeccable attention to detail.
  • Remote-controlled LED bling system.
  • Ample cooling.


  • Could be quieter under load.
  • No flash-card reader.
  1. Maingear Vybe

The maingear vybe is a perfectly designed gaming desktop, this 2022 revision of the Maingear Vybe packs the heat for 4K gaming for a reasonable price versus the build-it-yourself route.

The Maingear Vybe is a custom mid-tower gaming desktop. Hand-crafted at the company’s headquarters in Kenilworth, New Jersey, the Vybe can be tailored to meet a wide range of budgets. Maingear even offers custom painting and hard-line liquid-cooling if you want to go the extra mile

Price: $649.00


  • Stellar performance, as tested.
  • Good case airflow.
  • Neatly wired insides.
  • Highly customizable from the factory.


  • Audible fan noise under full load.
  • No flash-card reader.
  1. HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop 690

HP’s Pavilion Gaming Desktop 690-0020 offers high-fps 1080p gaming action in a compact design. This Desktop, which makes use of AMD silicon on both scores, a Ryzen CPU and a Radeon GPU packs some impressive value.

Price: $499.99


  • Well priced.
  • Plenty of power for 1080p gaming.
  • Compact size.
  • Good front port selection.


  • The fact that it does not come with an SSD for this price point is a sore point.
  • Not designed for tool-less upgrades.
  1. Velocity Micro Raptor Z55

Velocity Micro is a performance-first boutique PC maker that tends to forgo the flash of its competitors. The Velocity Micro’s Raptor Z55 is a straightforward, cleanly assembled power desktop that posts excellent all-around performance. Its GeForce RTX 2080 Ti in our test configuration is ready for high-refresh 1440p gaming and capable of 60fps 4K gaming.

Price: $1,499.00


  • Exceptional performance.
  • No-fuss case design that fits professional settings.
  • Clean installation and cable management.
  • Good customer-support offerings.


  • Minimalist aesthetic
  • May not please all shoppers at this price.
  1. Alienware Aurora R8

Alienware is a bit of a household name when it comes to desktops that share a unique aesthetic. The Alienware AuroraR8 is considered the best overall gaming Desktop. It features a CPU of intel Core I5-94000-i0-99000, storage of 512GB, and a DDR4 RAM of 16GB.

Price: $1499.99


  • Tool less access
  • Upgradeable


  • Cheap design
  1. iBuyPower RDY ELIBG207

For control freaks, this is definitely the best gaming desktop. It performs incredibly, thanks to the mighty 2080 Ti and i9-9900k that are its beating heart. It has a storage capacity of 1TB SATA SSD and RAM of 16GB

Price: $2,649


  • Built around powerful components
  • It is quite cheaper than it would to build it yourself


  • Tool less case access
  1. CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme

For now, this is the best budget desktop in the market. If you want fantastic value for prebuilt gaming desktop, look no further than the Cyberpower’s Gamer Xtreme. It features a CPU of Intel Core i5-9400F, a GPU of GTX 1660 6GB and a DDR4 RAM of 8GB. More so, it features a storage of 1TB HDD with 7200RPM as well as an SSD of 128GB.

Price: $ 799.99


  • Fantastic performance per dollar
  • Runs very cool out of the box


  • Limited SSD storage.

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