Top 10 Best Rated Budget Iron Sets 2020


Basically, an Iron is a type of club used in the sport of golf to propel the ball towards the hole. Typically, irons have shorter shafts and smaller clubheads than woods, the head is made of iron or steel, and the head’s primary specification is a large, flat, angled face, usually scored with grooves. Irons are used in variety of situations, typically from the teeing ground on shorter holes, from the fairway or offensive as the player approaches the green, and to extract the ball from hazards.

Irons are mostly common type of club; standard set of 14 golf clubs will usually contain between 7 and 11 irons, with wedges. Irons are customarily distinguished by a number from 1 to 10 (most commonly 3 to 9) that shows the relative angle of loft on the clubface, even though a set of irons will also vary in clubhead size, shaft length, and as a result lie angle as the loft (and number) increase.

Irons with increasing loft than the numbered irons are called wedges, which are typically marked with a letter showing their name, and are used for a variety of “utility” shots requiring short distances or high launch angles.

Best Budget Iron Set 2020

1. Callaway Apex Pro


Callaway is a powerful iron with a more palatable look. The first thing was adding a cupface through the 7-iron to help boost distance. The low and middle irons have internal tungsten encased in urethane with microscopic air bubbles for a lower center of gravity (CG) and just the right sound. Approximately 25 grams of tungsten were positioned high on the 9-iron through gap wedge to bring the CG up for a more controlled flight. Specifications include:-

  • 7-iron: 33 degrees;
  • PW: 45 degrees.

Price: $1,400


  • It is powerful
  • The look is palatable
  • Appropriately long enough and bound to add a few yards to your current dated set.


  • Effort or force is needed in order to hit them with low trajectory when required
  • Callaway iron usually take a tiny bit of time to get used to being slightly ‘chunkier’ than average.

2. Cobra MB/CB

This set of iron has forgiving cavity-backs through the 6-iron and traditional muscle-backs the rest of the way. In other to focus more weight in the center and less on the periphery, tungsten weights are used in the toe and sole to lower the center of gravity and hasten ball speed. Some nice touches are the milled face and grooves(the same grooves Cobra uses on its wedges). Specifications include

  • Muscle back
  • Cavity back
  • a Standard flow
  • :Lofts 7-iron: 34 degrees; PW: 46 degrees

Price: $1,100


  • ​Premium feel
  • Unparalleled consistency
  • Workability


  • Lack of distance
  • Hasa week loft

3. Callaway X Forged


The Callaway X Forged iron might strike knowledgeable golfers as similar to a Callaway forged iron from earlier this decade. This was born out of elite players saying they hit modern players irons too far, the Callaway X Forged focuses on subtle betterments instead of raw distance. The single piece forging features a weight pad in the rear cavity that moves progressively through the set to optimize trajectory. It’s has an old-school look with modern thinking. Specifications include

  • Lofts: it has 7-iron: 33 degrees; PW: 45 degrees



  • Exceptional Feel and Control
  • Precision Grooves and CG Progression
  • Classic shaping


  • Lack of distance

4. Mizuno JPX 919 Tour

The original version of the JPX Tour iron was special in that it was designed by Mizuno for a player that they didn’t have on their staff.
The head is still forged but Mizuno has used their HD forging using 1025 Elite Steel

  • Lofts: 7-iron: 34 degrees; PW: 46 degrees
  • Length (Inches): 36.5



  • Unique feel that moves from powerful in the Hot
  • Metalto soft in the Tour.
  • Consistent distances and a pleasing look across all three models.


  • High levels of spin across all three irons may be that you don’t get the distance you want

5. Mizuno MP-18 MMC

The most technological and sophisticated member of Mizuno’s MP family is the MP-18 MMC. Titanium forged without welding into the carbon-steel clubhead works with tungsten, weighting in the toe of the middle and long irons for extra forgiveness. 20-gram tungsten plug fits in an internal cavity that permits it to rest deeper as lofts get lower to increase forgiveness progressively. Plus, the look will be the envy of your playing. Specifications include

  • Dexterity: Right Hand only:
  • Lofts7-iron: 32 degrees; PW: 46 degrees

Price: $1,050


  • It has muscleback iron
  • The compact design looks unpleasant behind the ball so there is no distraction.


  • The short irons especially 7-PW are very small and might make some golfers uncomfortable.

6. Mizuno MP-18 SC

This forged iron is sure to appeal to the traditionalist ready to graduate from muscle-back blades. This design features a low muscle back with an upper cavity through the set but with a topline and head shape that let you mix and match with the MP-18 muscle-back blade. Specifications include

  • Loft:7-iron: 34 degrees; PW: 46 degrees

Price: $1,200


  • Ability to blend between three and half sets,
  • Controlfeel and ability to work the ball is the best


  • Kept only for the finest iron players

7. PXG 0311 T GEN2

It is called GEN2, but these irons are more than a sequel to the original 0311. it is a important advancement. The company weights in the back remain, but there are two fewer in the toe area than in the previous versions. specifications include

  • Lofts: 7-iron: 32 degrees; PW: 46 degrees

Price: $3,200


  • Easy for high swing speed player
  • Itis light in weight


  • The iron is short in distance/ height.
  • It is expensive

8. Ping i210

The i210 is the latest in the tradition of Ping irons designed to produce reliable results for different ability levels. There is now a bigger elastomer port in the back that increases feel and perimeter weighting. Features include

  • Lofts: 7-iron: 33 degrees; PW: 45 degrees

Price: : $875


  • Delivers exceptional performance across the board over i200
  • Higher flight and a softer feel.


  • It’s too long.

9. TaylorMade P760

Irons in this category can sometimes push golfers beyond what they want to accept in terms of gam advancement features or looks. The P760 addresses those concerns by creating a set that nearly everything is progressive in form. Topline width ,blade length, offset and even the amount of foam injected into the 3- through 7-irons is done to varying degrees specific to each club. Features

  • Lofts:7-iron: 33 degrees; PW: 46 degrees

Price: $1,400


  • Nice Irons with a beveled leading edge


  • It is small in height

10. Ping iBlade

The Ping iBlade’s classic shape creates a host of sophisticated technology.The high density tungsten weight averaging 23 grams is positioned in the low toe to help stability. Features include

  • Lofts: 7-iron: 34 degrees; PW: 46 degrees



  • It have a lot of forgiveness into a small clubhead design.
  • Excellentfeel and distance control.


  • The sound doesn’t quite match up with the soft feel.