Top 10 Best Rated Budget Paper Shredders 2023

The predilection of thieves is to steal your information, and there are no better means of doing that than by discarded papers. A proper electric shredder is the best means to settle this vulnerability by turning them into tiny chunks. An excellent paper shredder will shred not only paper but also a wide range of materials like CDs, Credit cards, DVDs, and more.

The disappointing truth is that most shredders only cut into long strips that maybe eventually recovered. For this reason, shredding 101 is to cross shred again and again till only chunks are left. The smaller a paper shredder can make your documents, the better it is.

Our review looks beyond shred size to things like prices, material quality, operation speed and more to pick out top ten.

Best Budget Paper Shredder 2023

1. Sentinel Pro FS3150P 30-Sheet Strip-Cut

FS3150P is widely available across the net and is thus one of the most convenient to purchase. While it can’t handle hundreds of papers at a time like some premium models, it does a passable job for a shredder its price. It comes packaged with the capacity for manual revise in the event of a jam.

Weighing out at about 35-pounds, it can shred paper as easily as it can DVDs, credit cards, and CDs. Pro FS3150P from sentinel has a small profile and a warranty to improve its value.


  • Durable
  • Efficient and fast
  • 2-minute shred capabilities
  • Short cooldown
  • Has a high-capacity bin
  • Footprint is small
  • Cheap


  • Too weak for large offices
  • Heavy

2. AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Cross-Cut

While Amazon got its fame by selling other people’s things, they have recently been venturing into making their own stuff to sell. Their 8-Sheet cross-cut shredder may be the best of the bunch, but they have been making more than just a few. Like all products from amazon, it is energy-efficient and very effective in its task.

Compared to the most competition, it is tiny and weighs almost nothing (9-pounds) with an ability to continuously for 3-minutes. Its shredding ability is to P3 levels and is ideal for small companies and SMEs. It also works on CDs, credit cards, DVDs, and has micro-cutting technology.


  • Lightweight but durable
  • Cross-cutting capabilities
  • Quality build
  • Can shred numerous materials
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Cuts are P3 level


  • 3-minute is a short runtime
  • For small offices

3. Fellowes Powershred 99Ci Cross-Cut

Its selling quality is the fast operating speeds, not to mention the rarity of a jam occurring. Despite its cheap price, Powershred can easily handle large shredding volumes for a fairly long time. It works on optical discs, staples, and credit cards with the same effectiveness as others.


  • Fast and quiet operation with SilentShred
  • Durable
  • Long runtime of up to 30-minutes
  • Works on a variety of media
  • Up to 20-sheets at once
  • Incredible 9-gallon waste bin
  • Short cooldown of 40-minutes
  • ChildSafe feature


  • Shred is not up to P3 in security
  • Expensive with a large footprint

4. AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Micro-Cut High-Security Shredder

It weighs significantly more than its 8-sheet cousin at 22.3-pounds but can handle heavier tasks and possesses more features. Shredded materials are easily stored and removed thanks to its 6.7-gallon bin and micro-cutting capability. It is high-security by cutting into the smallest of pieces and includes a 9.1-inch feeder that can handle 12-sheets at once.

Like most new generation shredders, its capabilities are not limited to destroying just paper.


  • High-security shreds
  • Works on most media
  • Large removable bin
  • Can run continuously for eight-minutes
  • Short 45-minutes cooldown
  • Compact and efficient


  • Heavy
  • Too powerful for small offices

5. Bonsaii EverShred C149-C Paper Shredder

It is one of the most powerful shredders on this list. C149-C makes of DVDs, credit cards, and documents wastes that will pass security protocols of up to C3. The only issue with running this machine for over an hour is a need to watch the waste bin more carefully. It makes very little noise while running and weighs just 23+ pounds. Despite its long runtime, it rarely jams and is internally cooled.


  • Insane runtime
  • Suitable for big offices
  • Unbelievably quiet
  • Remarkable weight and footprint
  • 18-sheet capacity
  • Does not jam nor does it get hot
  • Worthy price


  • Lacks portability

6. Fellowes AutoMax 130C Auto Feed Shredder

AutoMax 130C is so popular for its surprising 130-sheet capacity auto feeder and the capacity for a 260-sheet manual stack. It runs for a remarkable time and handles most forms of documents.


  • Remarkable feeding capacity
  • Has an auto feeder
  • An excellent choice for big companies
  • Handles most document forms
  • Incredible shredding speeds


  • Large footprint
  • Pricy
  • Can’t handle CDs
  • Noisy

7. Swingline Stack and Shred 230X

Much like 130C, 230X is remarkable in that it’s auto feeder can handle up to 200-paper stack at a time. While it does weigh around 42-pounds, its 9-gallon bin, SelfClean feature, pin lock, and energy-saving makes it worth the price.


  • Auto shut-off
  • Excellent for medium-sized companies
  • Two-year warranty
  • Remarkable price
  • Automated


  • Expensive
  • Large and heavy

8. TRU RED 16-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder

It combines tastefully a large bin, excellent price and value, 20-sheet shredding capacity, with a brilliant runtime. TRU RED can shred most document types with the same ease as it does with paper securely.


  • Micro-cut function
  • Secure shredding
  • Can handle all office document types
  • Large waste bin included


  • Heavy, large, and slow
  • Expensive

9. Fellowes Powershred 79Ci

Not only will it shred most office material types but it is also easy to use and durable. Powershred 79Ci is suitable only for small offices at most but its speed is just crazy.


  • Easy operation
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Incredible speed
  • Moderate stacking ability
  • Can handle most media


  • Not jam proof
  • Hard to attach casters
  • Lid is heavy

10. Boxis 650-Sheet Micro-Cut Auto-Shred shredder

This shredder has an insane 650-sheet auto-shred capacity with dual feed capacity and impressive security ratings. Boxis is a premium paper shredder that is ideal for large companies since it comes with pin locks and manual feed ability.


  • Secure lock
  • Incredible shredding media range
  • Dual feeders
  • Auto feeders
  • Durable
  • Suitable for premium companies
  • Crazy stack capacity


  • Insane price
  • Heavy and large

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