Top 10 Best Rated Camping Lanterns 2023

Camping lanterns are accustomed to illuminate the night for hundreds of years. Originally created to surround a visible light, lanterns have evolved to be battery-powered by gas, batteries, USB ports and solar panels.

Whether or not you’re trying to illuminate a dark encampment close to your automotive or deep within the backcountry, lanterns supply a reliable source of illumination to assist your originated camp, cook and relax well where off the grid. Lanterns are a valuable addition to any emergency preparation kit. In this article we would be discussing about the best camping lanterns in 2023.

Best Camping Lantern 2023


The Biolite base lantern is the most techno of all camping lights. While others may simply introduce smartphone charging, the Biolite has its own application, so you can program the button light settings,as well as set the colours. Specifications include:-

• Best for: Luxury lighting
• Power type: Battery rechargeable
• Weight: 1kg
• Lumens: 500
• Run time: depends on usage


• App controlled smart lighting
• Programmable settings
• Custom light colours
• USB charger


• Loud fan. Ash cleanout door could be bigge
• It is expensive.


The Goal Zero Lighthouse is a local or traditional camping lantern that knocks out a decent number of lumens for its weight. It is a little on the heavier side, though far away from being as beefy as the Biolite, and it takes up little standing space on a camping table. Features include:-

• Best for: Off-grid flexibility
• Power type: Rechargeable lithium battery
• Weight: 753g
• Lumens: 400Burn/run time: 48 hours (low), 6 hours (high)


• Infinite power
• Off grid expert
• USB charger


• On and Off button is difficult to find.
• Turning on button is hard to press.

3. OutXE 3-in-1 Camping Lantern and Flashlight

Unlike some other stylish model in our best camping lanterns round-up, this waterproof, 200-lumen light from OutXE isperfectly fine if you’re on a tight budget or want something very small, streamlined and light in weight.
It can also be used as a compact handheld light or sat on a flat surfac which is used as a more traditional camping lantern.

• Best for: When you need to pack light
• Type: Battery (rechargeable)
• Weight: 187g
• Lumens: 200
• Burn/run time: 30 hours


• Compact and light in weight
• Built in LED flashlight
• It is waterproof


• There is no separate button to check the battery

4. Outwell Opal Lantern and Wireless Speaker

Anytime one is car camping, you can take as much camping gear as you can into your car, van or trailer. If one is travelling by foot or wild camping, you might be looking for more versatile pieces of camping kit that pull double duty on certain functions. Specifications include:-

• Best for: Ambient lighting and sound
• Power type: rechargeable
• Weight: 370g
• Lumens: 50
• Run time: 8-16 hours per charge


• Soft, ambient light
• Doubles as a wireless speaker


• It would have been nice if it was developed to be collapsible


Black diamond apollo lantern is on of the best camping lantern contender which is ideal for stowing in a backpack for long camping trips. Further more, it’s so compact and lightweighted, it pumps out an impressive 225 lumens (max setting), projecting light through a diffuser globe to create an ambient vibe. Features include:

• Best for: Compact setups
• Power type: 3 x AA or rechargeable batteries
• Weight: 220gLumens: 225
• Run time: 90 hours


• It is lightweighted
• It is a bright and glare-free light
• USB charger


• There is no separate button to check the battery


Coleman twist lantern comes with a USB cable that both recharges its own integral battery and offers you a means of lighting up your phone. The unique characteristic here is BatteryLock, which helps to preserve power. By twisting the base of the lantern, you can disengage the batteries from their connectors. This action prevents the batteries from draining when the light is off, and keeps the lantern safe from acid leak erosion. Specifications include:-

• Best for: Preserving batteries
• Type: Battery (rechargeable)
• Weight: 1.05kg
• Lumens: 300
• Burn/run time: 75 hours


• Suitable as a main camping light, thanks to ultra-bright LEDs
• Doubles up as a USB powerpack and can be recharged in the car
• Has a useful compartment for storing charging leads


• It is expensive
• The twist function is a little bit noisy.

7. Vango Galaxy Eco Rechargeable 60 Lantern

This is an eco friendly solar power camping lantern for your tent’s bedroom The 60 lumens output is a little lower compared to the other models featured in our best camping lanterns buyer’s guide, but it creates the perfect amount of light and soft glow for bedroom areas. It also makes a good gentle nightlight for nervous campers. The Galaxy Eco Rechargeable has an integrated solar panel, so you can charge it by sunlight. No need for batteries. Specifications include:

• Best for: Eco-friendly camping
• Power type: Solar and car charger rechargeable
• Weight: 769g
• Lumens: 60
• Run time: 4 hours depending on use


• It has a solar panel
• It can also recharge from your car


  • It is lower than other models

8. Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact Hand Lantern

The Streamlight is a unique lantern for those who value compact size and portability, without sacrificing brightness. It produces up to 540 lumens and runs on alkaline batteries. It has water-resistant abilities and can float when dropped in water.
One can hang this lantern right side up or upside down, allowing you to get maximum usage out of it. Specifications include:-

• Power: 540 Lumens
• Run Time: 7 Hours
• Waterproof


• Excellent brightness
• Water-resistant
• The design is very nice


• Short run time

9. Vont Portable/Collapsible LED Camping Lantern

This lantern stand out from larger ones because they are portable, lightweight, and collapsible. They serve well in smaller tents or campsites. Their collapsibility enables you to use them anywhere, which increases their durability. You can also control the brightness with adjusting the height of this collapsible lantern. Specifications include.

• Power: 60 Lumens
• Run Time: 295 Hours
• Collapsible


• Portability and lightweighted
• It has adjustable brightness.
• Easy to use and also convenient


• Depends on regular maintenance for performance.

10. Tough Light, LED Camping Lantern

As the name implies it is a strong, durable lantern designed with electrical versatility in mind. It can shine for up to 200 hours on a single charge, giving it some of the greatest longevity of any lanterns in our reviews. Specifications include:-

• Power: 400 Lumens
• Run Time: 200 Hours


• Strong and durable design,
• It has powerful brightness,
• Long runtime.


• It is expensive.

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