Top 10 Best Rated Car Subwoofers 2023

In modern times, loud and clear music is not only enjoyed while you are in a building, but it is appreciated everywhere you go, including while driving. However, for many music lovers, the bass sound is an essential aspect of any car stereo.

There are car speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers designed for cars that offer clear audio quality and the better audio response of tighter, better-sounding bass. If you are interested in buying one, we have outlined the best car subwoofers for 2023 from which you can make your pick.

Best Car Subwoofer 2023

1. Alpine SWR-12D2 Type-Rz

This car subwoofer produced by alpine comes in 12 inches in diameter, and it is bare, which means you need to construct a box that will severely rattle your ride. The cone of the subwoofer is made from a treated pulp with Kevlar for extra stiffness and durability. To produce the perfect bass sound you need, this subwoofer has a low-frequency response of between 24 and 200 kHz.


  • 1000 watts RMS power.
  • Robust and rugged system design.
  • Beastly bass.

2. MTX TNE212D

The MTX TNE121D is an enclosed subwoofer that will fill your car with the intense bass sound. This car subwoofer is a perfect blend of high performance and value, and it comes with a capable mono amplifier and installation kit. These kits make it easy to mount the subwoofer in your car, and you enjoy the bass effect produced from the 800-watt peak sound production. For safety, it has a dust cap, and it is lightweight.


  • Dust caps for protection and durability
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to mount
  • Full kit
  • Comes with cooling incorporated
  • Dual 12

3. BL CT-Bass Pro 12

This subwoofer comes in a simple enclosure which means it is optional to build a box for it. It produces clear sounds and has been rated for efficient sound production too. It comes with a 12-inch diameter polypropylene cone which are controlled by the patent GT Bass progressive spider enabling high excursion listening. Interestingly, it comes with an in-built amplifier.


  • In-built cooling solution
  • In-built amplifier
  • 450 watts RMS peak
  • Remote control
  • Quality sound output

4. MTX Audio 5512-44 5500

This MTX audio subwoofer is bare and warrants that you design and custom build a box for it. The speaker is a 4-ohm woofer packed with incredible features, especially the MTX Spider plateau venting, which ensures the exceptional bass frequency is produced.


  • Comes with a dual 4-ohm
  • Thermal management and spider plateau venting system
  • Use 400-watt RMS power


  • Inefficient sensitivity

5. Kicker 12-inch 300W

The Kicker subwoofer is a high-end quality subwoofer that is known to produce proficient and noiseless sound. It also comes bare and in pairs, made of suitable quality components. It has advanced cooling solutions as well as spiraled tinsel-lead, which enhances its durability. The size is 12-inch with 4-ohms with a versatile sealed enclosure or vented enclosure not forgetting that it is inexpensive. The subwoofer comes in a stiff injected cone and has a highly resilient steel basket with double stitched surrounds to overcome the impact of the bass lines


  • Comes in pair
  • Quality sound and highly responsive
  • It is durable
  • Each pair produce 300W RMS power


  • Single voice coil
  • Not a three-way speaker

6. Pioneer TS-SW2002D2

This subwoofer provided by Pioneer is an incredible sound beast that fills your car with heavy sound from its 10.5-inch bare speaker. The subwoofer is shallow and makes use of the pioneer plastic MICA injection-molded resin for adequate production and re-production of the quaking bass sound. This inexpensive subwoofer has a frequency range of 20-200 kHz and a sensitivity of 86 decibels.


  • It is not expensive
  • Comes with oversized cone
  • Has a top-mount depth 2 and 5/8 in


  • Not suitable for use with the amplifier

7. Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact

This car subwoofer is the ideal and decent bass boost that is good enough for your car producing. It is compact and can be placed anywhere in the vehicle. It is not bare as it comes in a constructed durable subwoofer enclosure and has an in-built amplifier. More so, it is powered with a maximum of 150 Watts and comes with a remote bass level control.


  • In-built amplifier
  • Already cased
  • Compact and fit anywhere in the car
  • Quality construction
  • Make use of car battery, grounding and wiring to head units
  • Not expensive


  • Less bass output compared to other products

8. Dual Electronics BP1204

This is an incredible car subwoofer that produces equivalent studio accurate bass sound. It comes with an in-built crossover making it a natural inclusion to an already mounted sound system. The subwoofer sounds excellent just as it looks.


  • Comes with a dual 12 band subwoofer
  • In-built crossover for simple and easy installation
  • Carpeted subwoofer enclosure


  • Its loud bass sometimes cover the vocal output

9. Pioneer TS-W254R

This is another incredible product from Pioneer that produces a mega bass sound. It comes in a single 10-inch size. It has a 6-layer copper voice coil and a composite cone that is designed with injection molded for seamless parts. To get the best bass production from this subwoofer, you should construct a 1.23 cubic foot box with a port or vent. The bass production is superb as it produces 1100watts RMS.


  • Compact
  • Comes with a seamless cone
  • Quality sound output
  • Produce up to 1100W peak RMS

10. Kicker DCWR122

This 12-inch dual subwoofer enclosure sound system from Kicker is also an excellent choice to make. This means you don’t have to construct any enclosure for it, and thereby it is easy to mount and connect. The ring has a pair of subwoofer that produces 2000W peak RMS.


  • Produce up to 2000W
  • Easy to mount and install
  • Increased output capabilities


  • Complex enclosure design
  • Vented enclosure reduces the speed of the sound output
  • The vented enclosure is sensitive to changes like temperature and humidity

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