Top 10 Best Rated Cat Litters 2023

Although cats may be difficult at times, they are a low-maintenance pet in the sense that you don’t have to take them outside for a walk to do their business. Cats are fastidiously clean animals that spend hours grooming themselves each day and they do their business in a litter box. It makes your job as a pet owner easier.

When it comes to your cat’s litter, there are many options to choose from and each cat has their own unique preferences for fragrance, absorbency and texture because there are so many different types of cat litter out there, it can be a challenge to make the right choice. We have done all of the research, and looked into the different kinds and types of cat litter . We’ve also tested many of them ourselves to bring you our top picks for the best cat litters on the market.

Best Cat Litter 2023

1. Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Clumping Litter

Although cats are usually very clean, the litter box can get messy if you don’t choose the right litter. The perfect cat litter forms hard clumps to make cleanup a breeze, it’s dust-free and low-tracking, and it controls odors for days at a time. The litter we are talkin about is Dr. Elsey’s precious cat ultra premium clumping litter. Other specifications Include:-

• Compostable.
• Makes smaller clumps.
• All natural odor control.
• Includes Hinoki Wood.

Price: $9.99


• Hard-clumping formula traps liquids and odor,
• It is unscented and dust-free
• It has hypoallergenic formula
• It works well for multi-cat households,
• It is inexpensive


• It is only available in large bags 18 pounds and up,
• It lacks deodorizers and may not mask smells as well as scented litters
• It is not biodegradable

2. World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula

This is made totally from renewable, whole-kernel corn, it is both environmentally-friendly and biodegradable. The hard-clumping action makes scooping the litter box a breeze, and, because the granules are made from corn and not clay, they can be flushed or composted. This litter absorbs liquid quickly and controls odors for days at a time. It is also very low in dust, which is beneficial for your cat’s respiratory health. Specifications Include:-

• Item Weight: 7 Pounds
• Brand Name: World’s Best Cat Litter
• Target Audience Keyword: House-cats
• Warranty Description: 100% Guaranteed
• Size: 7-Pound Bag
• Ingredients: Corn and other plant

Price: $14.99


• Hard-clumping formula makes cleanup easy
• Biodegradable and environmentally-friendly
• It can be flushed or composted
• It has an excellent odor control,


• It is expensive compared to other clumping litters
• Some cats dislike the scent of the litter
• The clumps may dry out and crumble after a few days

3. Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Litter

Although there are many non-clumping litters to choose from, our top pick is Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Litter which is made from 100% recycled paper materials, our testing revealed that this litter is almost completely dust-free and biodegradable. It works quickly, absorbing up to three times the liquid of clay litter by volume, and it lasts longer than non-clumping pine litters. Specifications Include:-

• 30 pounds Bag
• Effective odor control.
• No added fragrance
• Designed for low tracking

Price: $19.99


• it is three times more absorbent than clay litter by volume
• It lasts longer than pine pellets
• It is completely biodegradable


• Paper pellets may start to dissolve after absorbing liquid
• The odor control is limited

4. Ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter

This Cat Litter is made from 100% sustainable and natural wood fibers, making this litter eco-friendly, biodegradable, and all-natural. Specifications Include:-

• Package Weight: 21.1 Pounds
• Item Weight: 19.8 Pounds
• Brand Name: ÖKOCAT
• Target Audience Keyword: House-cats

Price: $10.19


• Made from 100% sustainable natural wood fibers
• It absorbs up to 500% its weight in liquid
• It provides up to 7 days of odor control


• It may track more than natural litters with larger granule

5. World’s Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

This is made from all-natural, whole-kernel corn, World’s Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Clumping Formula is one of the safest and most effective multi-cat litters on the market. The corn materials which is natural, absorb liquid quickly and form hard clumps that are easy to scoop away. Other Specifications Include:

• Outstanding odor control
• Quick clumping
• Easy scooping

Price: $14.99


• It is made from all-natural whole-kernel corn
• It is also renewable and environmentally friendly


• It is expensive
• The litter may need to be changed regularly

6. Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter

One thing about this cat litter is that it is scent-free. The users who are concerned that the odor produced by cat litter might be becoming too much to handle should know that this cat litter will catch all odors. Other Specifications include:-

• SKU: 3061212
• Days to Ship: Ships Next Business Day
• Primary Brand: Ever Clean
• Weight: 42 LBS

Price: $26.89


• Unscented formula is easy on sensitive noses
• It is effective at clumping
• It locks in almost all cat odors.


• It has a sticky dust

7. Feline Pine Original Litt

Due to the naturality of this cat litter, it is free of chemicals that could bring any harm to your pet and yourself as well. In addition, this cat litter does not have any dust, and it will not be tracked all over your house by your cat. Other Specifications Include:

• Net quantity of 40 pounds
• It is free form chemical and safe for your cat and 100 percent natural
• Designed for multiple cat homes
• No dust and no tracking

Price: $16.99


• It is made from all-natural pine materials, biodegradable and sustainable
• Quickly soaks up liquid to control ammonia odors
• Clay-free with no added fragrance or dyes


• Clumps aren’t as hard as with clay litter
• Litter may stick to the bottom of the litter box

8. Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter

Purchasing this particular cat litter will give you value because this cat litter is so absorbent that a single bag should take on the role of three regular bags. Other Specifications Include:

• Dust free
• Highly absorbent material
• Neutralizing odors

Price: $12.99


• The litter does not stick to the cat’s paws
• You will not have to deal with silica dust


• Some cats dislike the scent of the litter

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