Best Champagne 2023

There are many reasons to celebrate this year, and when it comes to celebrations, nothing beats a bottle of champagne. Champagnes may all boast of that name, but there are a great many variations between one brand of the bottle to another.

Some have a sweet and elegant taste, while others are a subtle blend of mouth-watering acidity and flowers. It isn’t just about the price either, because most of the best champagne out there are rarely the priciest ones. Here are some of the best champagne of 2023 with recommendations from the best wine-tasters across the world.

1. Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut

The champagne has a smoothness you’ll only often find in premium-priced options, which is a testament to its quality. Imperial Brut’s bottle also follows a similarly elegant design with its subtle gold and red accents. However, while the wine is an ideal fit for weddings and dinners, it doesn’t go well for parties.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Honey and apple aftertaste
  • Lime/lemon flavors
  • Ideal for balls and solemn celebrations
  • Goes well with roast


  • Not a party wine

2. G.H. Mumm Grand Cordon

The drink is a superb gift for your family and friends with its citrus taste and a toasty bread aftertaste. As a collaboration project with the ever-famous Ross Lovegrove, it doesn’t lack in elegance and richness. It generally pairs well with fresh foods like salads and certain baked goodies. However, the palette isn’t as rich as we find in high-priced wines.


  • A superb gift
  • Rich and toasty aftertaste
  • Slender neck bottle
  • Best champagne for the morning
  • Citrus juice and tart taste
  • Laser-cut slash


  • Taste isn’t the richest

3. Gruet Brut Rose

The face of this sparkling drink is its premium rose flavor and crisp dry sweetness. It’s the best rose-flavored wine on the market at any given time of the year and is exceedingly rare. Since only 5,000 casks of the champagne leave the vineyard a year, its value doesn’t need telling. Gruet Brut Rose is also one of the few non-golden champagnes you’ll find.


  • Healthy pink drink
  • Crisp and dry flavor
  • Exceedingly sweet
  • A rare sight in most celebrations
  • Ideal for weddings and dinners


  • Pricy

4. Louis Perdrier Brut

The wine makes a great toast, and while not the most expensive wine out there, it’s no substandard drink either. Louis Perdrier Brut offers a rich taste and aftertaste that comprises green apple, floral, and mango flavors. It’s excessively bubbly and goes well with most foods, especially pork and barbeque.


  • Best for partying
  • Rich, delicious, and smooth
  • Budget-friendly price-tag
  • Plenty of aromatic floral elements
  • Wide range of flavors
  • Goes with most foods


  • Too fruity for balls and dinners
  • The bottle design is somewhat bare

5. Drappier Brut

If you’re looking for a drink whose taste will give you a hard time, look no further than Drappier Brut. The flavors and aftertaste are exceedingly complex and difficult to make out, which adds to the champagne’s charms. It combines spiciness with aromatic juices and peach, among other flavors that we can’t parse.


  • Spicy, sour, and sweet
  • Complex formation and elements
  • Rich and smooth on the tongue
  • Fits most occasion


  • Pricy
  • Too complex

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