Best Cheap Lawn Mowers 2023

Do you want to get the best cheap lawn mower for 2023? Then, you are in the right place. We would be reviewing the best lawn mowers which have been used and reviewed from users.

A neat and tidy yard should be constantly maintained at all times and you can take care of this by cleaning using a lawnmower. In order to help you in your selection, we have narrowed the choice down to the best lawnmowers under $500.

In no particular order, we give you a detailed guide on the best cheap lawn mower, which shows their features, pros & cons, and what we think about the product.

  1. Husqvarna LC121FH

The Husqvarna LC121FH lawn mower is a powerful lawn mower with a soft-grip handle which allows users to cut their grasses comfortably. Some of the unique features of the Husqvarna LC121FH lawn mower are as follows;

  • Powerful 159cc drive engine
  • 21-inch steel cutting deck
  • It has rear wheels that stand at 12″ high
  • It has a soft-hold handle

Price: $329


  • The soft-hold handle creates an avenue for a comfortable lawn mowing experience
  • It is easy to set-up and user-friendly
  • It starts after the first pull


  • It’s cutting power of this mower may not be sufficient for heavy duty jobs.
  • At times, the first start may take four or five pulls.
  1. Troy-Bilt TB330

The TB330 RWD lawnmower is a cheap self-propelled Lawnmower which is powered by a 163cc Briggs and Stratton engine. Some of the key features of this mower include;

  • A 21-inch TriAction cutting system
  • An in-built premium deck wash
  • 1.9-bushel capacity bag
  • 8 by 8-inch-high performance wheels
  • An adjustable ergonomic handle

Price: $375


  • It is efficient on gas usage
  • It comes with oil.
  • It doesn’t require constant change of oil.
  • It has an integrated wash port for easy cleaning
  • It is fast and efficient.


  • Shoddy packaging
  1. Troy-Bilt TB370

This is a cheap self-propelled lawn mower with a 163cc Briggs and Stratton engine. The user-friendly mower is very easy to start up. We have highlighted some of its amazing features;

  • It has a 21-inch TriAction cutting system
  • It has a 3-in-1 side discharge and rear bag
  • The height can be adjusted
  • The blade can be removed from the adapter to test balance.

Price: $421


  • It is relatively easy to use
  • It operates smoothly on the lawn
  • It comes with a two-year limited warranty
  • One pull start-up
  • Handle steep inclines well


  • Shoddy packaging
  • The blades need to be tightened frequently
  1. Lawn-Boy 17732 21-Inch Lawn Mower

The Lawn-Boy 17732 is a 21-Inch self-propelled lawn mower which is powered by gas. The 3-in-1 discharge rear wheel drive self-propelled mower ensures better traction and control on the hills. Some of the key features of this mower are;

  • It has a 2-Point Height-of-Cut system which enables the operator to quickly adjust the cutting heights from one side of the mower.
  • It has a 149cc OHV engine

Price: $269


  • It can be easily controlled on hilly terrain.
  • It has one of the best full warranties for lawn mowers.
  • The rear wheel drive ensures a good lawn mowing experience
  • Handles corners well
  • Easy to fill gas spout


  • Assembly isn’t as easy as some other models.
  • The height adjustment feature is positioned on the side of the mower
  • This mower is not easy to use as a lever adjuster
  1. Greenworks 25022 Lawn Mower

This Greenworks 25022 produces a fast work on the lawn yard work. This powerful mower is capable of taking care of your lawn needs. It has some great features which is why it was included in our list of the best lawn mowers under $500. The features are as follows;

  • It has a 7 height adjustment
  • Its lightweight body makes it features for men and women to use it.
  • It is very easy to install
  • It is perfect for small to medium/large yards
  • 3-In-1 design (Mulching, Side Discharge, and Rear Bag)
  • Push Button Start
  • Durable 20-Inch Steel Deck
  • Powerful 12 Amp Motor

Price: $143


  • It has a budget-friendly price
  • It has no extra maintenance needs
  • It does the lawn work fast
  • Its steel blades and height cuts twigs and small branches without damaging the machine
  • It can be used in less than 1hour charging time


  • The major downside is that people with larger yards will face a bit of a hassle using it.
  1. Black & Decker CM2043C

The CM2043C is another Black & Decker mower for your consideration. Already, it is one of the luxury cordless lawn mowers which you would find on the market. Some of the features which placed this mower ahead of other lawn mowers below $500 include the following;

  • An interchangeable lithium 40v max lithium battery
  • It is easy to push
  • It was designed for close to the edge cutting.
  • It has 2 interlocks which are fitted to the handlebar
  • It weighs 47 pounds (21.3 kilos)
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • It has a 7 height adjustment
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Interchangeable battery powered lawn mower

Price: $273


  • This lawn mower can perform for 45 to 60 minutes
  • Adjustment can be made easily because of its lightweight


  • This is not a self-propelled lawn mower; users would have to push by themselves
  1. Cub Cadet SC300 HW

This cheap mower has an adjustable self-propulsion drive which makes it one of the best mobile lawnmowers. Some of the features of this mower are;

  • Washout port
  • Multiple speeds
  • Front-wheel drive
  • High rear wheels
  • Overhead valve engine
  • It is a self-propelled mower

Price: $300


  • Easy to Start
  • Adjustable Cut-Lengths
  • Automatic choke
  • Ergonomic Grips


  • Too much cheap plastic
  • It is heavy
  1. Toro Recycler 20332

The Toro Recycler 20332 is a powerful self-propelled mower made for tough grasses. Some of the features that give this mower distinguish this mower from others are;

  • Multiple speeds
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Washout port
  • Briggs & Stratton engine

Price:  $429.99


  • Adjustable Cut-Lengths
  • Ability to Push & Steer
  • Ergonomic Grips
  • Personal Pace


  • Requires constant maintenance
  • It is heavy
  • It can be Noisy
  • Cuts grasses unevenly
  1. Craftsman 37432 Push mower

This is a 21-inch cheap push mower with a premium engine and high rear wheel. Some of the top features of this mower are;

  • It has 2 years warranty
  • It has a washout port
  • Single front/single rear deck height adjustment

Price: $220


  • Easy to Push & Steer
  • Adjustable Cut-Lengths
  • It has Lightweight
  • Cuts Tough Weeds
  • Decent Mulcher


  • Requires Constant Maintenance
  • Height adjustment
  • Cuts Unevenly
  1. Yard Machines 11A-B9A9

The Yard Machines 11A-B9A9 is one of the excellent affordable mowing machines for lawns and yards. It has some key features such as;

  • High rear wheels
  • The engine was manufactured by Briggs & Stratton
  • The mower has a 2 years warranty
  • 190 engine size

Price: $240

  • It is a self-propelled mower


  • Adjustable Cut-Lengths
  • Ergonomic Grips
  • Easy to Push & Steer


  • It requires constant maintenance
  • It is heavy
  • It is noisy

This is a list of the best cheap lawn mowers for 2023, as gotten from the top reviewers from different parts of the world. We hope that this helps you in your decision making on what to buy after reading through this review from us.

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