Top 10 Best Rated Clothes Dryer 2022

In the 21st century, the world has been advancing tremendously in all areas especially the technological industry inventing appliances that would bring efficiency and convenience to make our life easier and stress free.

These new appliances invented include our laundry appliances like clothes dryers which people can easily throw their clothes into and have fresh, smooth, clean, dry laundry within an hour or less.

When purchasing a new dryer you should be looking for the size,features,programs, design, price, cost maintenance, efficiency and energy consumption . From our thorough research we have compiled the list of the top best clothes dryers of 2022 that is suitable, efficient, easy to operate and pocket friendly.

Best Clothes Dryer 2022

1. LG DLEX3570W

You want drying options? The ‪LG DLEX3570W‬ has got 12 drying cycles which is pretty large compared to some of the dryers on the list. It can also steam clothes, reduce wrinkles and sterilize them which are useful to those with chemical sensitivity or allergies. Specification of this model include;

• ‪Size: 27 x 39 x 29.75‬
• ‪Capacity: 7.4 cu. ft‬
• ‪Type: Front Loader‬
• ‪Dryer Features: Steam Sanitary, steam fresh‬
‪ • No. of Cycles: 12‬

Price: $999


‪ • It is easy to operate‬
‪ • it doesn’t require permanent connection of water to work ‬


‪ • You can’t monitor it remotely because it has no app control‬
‪ • The timer countdown on the display is inaccurate ‬
2. Maytag MEDB835DW

‪The ‬Maytag MEDB835DW has a sterilize cycle and has a 15 minute cycle for drying small load. The sterilize cycle up’s the temperature to zap any bugs in the wash. Specifications of this model include;

• ‪Size: 29 x 43 x 32.25‬
‪ • Capacity: 8.8 cu. ft‬
‪ • Type: Front Loader‬
‪ • Dryer Features: Sanitize, Bedding‬
‪ • No. of Cycles: 7‬

Price: $724


• It dries small and large loads evenly
• It doesn’t choke while drying a comforter


• It is large and it requires a lot of space
• It has no app control so it cannot be controlled remotely

3. LG DLEX9000V

The LG DLEX9000V can handle small and very large loads like comforters and several sheets with equal ability due to the 14 dryer cycles and huge drum which makes it an incredibly flexible dryer. Specifications of this model include;

• ‪Size: 29 x 41 x 33‬
‪ • Capacity: 9.0 cu. ft‬
‪ • Type: Front Loader‬
‪ • Dryer Features: TurboSteam, SteamSanitary, Bedding, Antibacterial‬
‪ • No. of Cycles: 14‬
‪ • App Control: Yes‬

Price: $1299‬


‪ • It can hold large loads ‬
‪ • It has steam cycle‬
‪ • Ut can be controlled remotely with the use of an app control‬


‪ • It is expensive ‬
‪ • It is large and it requires a lot of space ‬

‪4. Electrolux EFME627UTT

‪The ‬Electrolux EFME627UTT has a steam cycle that can remove wrinkles in clothings stored for a long time. There is a 15 minute quick dry cycle that can quickly tumble dry a small load if you are in need of speed. It efficiently dries large loads. Specifications of this model include:

• ‪Size: 38 x 27 x 31.5‬
‪ • Capacity: 8.0 cu. ft‬
‪ • Type: Front Loader‬
‪ • Dryer Features: Steam, Gentle Tumble‬
‪ • No. of Cycles: 9‬
‪ • Stackable: Yes‬

Price: $998‬


‪ • It is easy to operate‬
‪ • Strong performance ‬


‪ • It has no app control ‬
‪ • It is pricey ‬

‪5. Maytag MEDB955FC

‪The ‬Maytag MEDB955FC can dry large loads of laundry in no time due to presence of a steam refresh cycle, power dry system and industry exclusive extra moisture sensor. Specifications of this model include:

• Size: 29″ x 33.5″ x 43.44″
• Capacity: 9.2 cu. ft
• Dryer features: steam, power dry system, moisture sensor

Price: $1098


• It comes with a sanitize cycle that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria inside the average clothe dryers
• It dries large loads fast


• It is pricey


When you looking for a cut down on your electric bill the GE GTD65EBSJWS is a good bet for that because it has a low energy consumption rate. Specifications of this model include:

• Size: 27″ x 30.5″
• Capacity: 7.4 cu. ft
• No of Cycles: 12

PRICE: $599


• Low energy consumption
• It has a speed dry option


• It has no app control

7. Bosch WTG86400UC Compact Dryer

When you have a limited space and you looking for a dryer that’s going to fit in then the Bosch WTG86400UC Compact Dryer is a good bet. It has a moisture sensor, automatic dry control, child’s lock, low vibration and 15 drying cycles. Specifications of this model include:

• Size: 23.55″ x 23.59″ x 33.15″
• Capacity: 4.0 cu. ft
• Dryer features: Condensation
• No of Cycles: 15

Price: $989.99


• It’s small in size if you pressed for space
• It’s easy to operate


• It’s pricey

8. LG DLE1501W

The LG DLE1501W is a mid range option that comes in both gas and electric. Specifications of this model include:

• Size: 27″ x 28.4″ x 40.16″
• Capacity: 7.3 cu. ft
• No of Cycles: 8

Price: $719


• It features a led touchscreen controls
• It has a aluminized-alloy steel that resists daily wear and tear
• It also features a sound reduction technology


  • It is quite expensive.

9. Samsung DV40J3000EW

For those who are on budget and are after a quality dryer machine that gets the laundry job done then the Samsung DV40J3000EW is a good choice to go for. It comes in both electric and gas. It has a four way venting and filter check indicator light. Specifications of this model include:

• Size: 27″ x 29.9″ x 44″
• Capacity: 7.2 cu. ft
• No of Cycles: 8

Price: $478


• It has a moisture sensor that automatically turns off the dryer when the clothes are dry.
• It has a safety child’s lock and settings


  • It is too large

10. Samsung Electric FlexDry

The Samsung Electric FlexDry is a two in one machine that features a separate top compartment to dry sweaters and other accessories. It dries delicate and hard to dry clothings regularly. Specifications of this model include:

• Size: 27″ x 32.5″ x 46.9″
• Capacity: 7.5 cu. ft
• App control: Yes

Price: $1447.20


• The WiFi connectivity allows you to monitor when the dry cycle is complete


• It’s pricey

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