Top 10 Best Rated Commercial Backpack Blowers 2020


Is your surrounding clean or dirty? If it’s dirty and you are craving for a cleaner surrounding then the solution is to purchase the best backpack blower. These products provide you with swiftness and convenience.

Things you need to look out for when purchasing a backpack blower are the engine, performance, noise, weight, structure and fuel efficiency to enable you get a quality machine that suits your taste. We present to you the best backpack blower that could keep your surrounding clean, tidy and appealing.

Best Commercial Backpack Blower 2020

1. Husqvarna 350BT

If you want to purchase a backpack blower that will provide you a convenient and clear possibility to maintain your lawn then you should choose the Husqvarna 350BT. The design is user-friendly. It contains both durable and sturdy materials that will stand the test of time. Specifications include:

• 2.1 HP X-Torq engine
• Different speed settings
• Cruise control
• CARB compliant

Price: $249.95


• You get powerful X-Torq engine for more power and fewer emissions
• You get three cans of pre-mix fuel in the package
• It contains 22.5 pounds which makes it the lightest backpack blower in the market
• It comes with shoulder straps for additional comfort


• You will have to empty the engine before you store it away
• The user manual is strict

2. Husqvarna 150BT

If you need a blower that could stand the test of time, we recommend the Husqvarna 150BT. It contains 50cc engine that generates air blow up to 250mph. it has the capability to blow large leaves, debris and small brunch on your lawn. Specifications include:

• Latest X-Torq engine
• Ergonomic belts

Price: $249.95


• It has an amazing blowing power
• It is environment friendly
• It can be used for both home and commercial purpose
• It has an efficient engine
• It can blow heavy debris


• It is noisy
• It is heavy
• Vibration
• It requires lots of force to pull out the chain

3. Poulan Pro PR48BT

This blower contains 48cc engine that runs on gas. It has a fantastic functionality and lightweight design weighing about 22 pounds that makes it one of the lightest backpack blowers in the market. It’s actually one of the best among people who make landscape. Specifications include:

• Cruise control
• Variable throttle control system

Price: $189.00


• It contains screwed hose
• Instant trigger response
• It has a compact size
• It’s simple to store
• Lighter in weight
• It has large fuel tank


• It’s very noisy
• It’s not that good for commercial purpose

4. Echo PB-580T

If you looking for a blower that is both user friendly and fuel efficient with convenient blowing operation then the Echo PB-580T is perfect choice. It creates sound only 34dB which is lower than any other machines on the list. Specifications include:

• EPA compliant
• Variable control system
• It comes with 2 stroke gas powered gas engine

Price: $355.81


• It has large fuel tank
• It is noiseless
• Sufficient and incredible blowing power
• It comes with engine oil


• It is too heavy

5. Husqvarna 130BT

This machine is small, lightweight and comes with ergonomic straps for stability and additional comfort which is suitable to use around the house. It’s a compact machine that is simple to use. Specifications include:

• It contains 2 stroke engine that provides X-Torq
• It contains ergonomic handle
• The airspeed can go up to 145mph

Price: $249.95


• It is light In weight
• It’s perfect for home use
• It’s simple to use
• It has a compact size


• Its user manual is strict
• It’s not meant for heavy duty work

6. Husqvarna 580BTS

The New Husqvarna 580BTS is one of the most influential machines that will provide everything you always wanted like a perfect and appealing yard. The backpack blower works with 75.6cc gas powered engine that can produce wind blows up to 208mph. specifications include:

• Engine: X-Torq power up
• CARB certification
• Commercial grade air filter
• Air injection and centrifugal air cleaning system

Price: $416.17


• It can be used both at home and commercial purposes
• It is fuel efficient
• It has commercial air filter
• It has a very large tank
• Amazing performance and power


• It is noisy
• It is heavy
• Immersive vibration

7. Makita BBX7600N

The Makita BBX7600N engine contains 75.6cc 4 stroke engine that can maintain both household and commercial chores. It produces 75dB sound which makes it noiseless machine. It comes with considerable amount of features and functionality that reduce vibration and noise. Specifications include:

• CARB certification
• Ergonomic belt

Price: $391.42


• It has CARB compliant
• It has four stroke engine
• It works without oil mixture
• Its fuel efficient
• It has large air filter
• It has ergonomic design


• The carburetor is not that good
• It can’t start on immersive cold

8. Makita EB7650TH


This machine uses only gas. It has a 4 stroke engine that prevents any kind of engine failure and produces a powerful blow. This blower can be used for household and commercial purpose. Specifications include:

• 4 stroke engines
• Weighs : 24.1 lbs.
• Back pad is well ventilated

Price: $ 649.00


• It pumps air at 200mph
• It comes with an anti-vibration mount
• It’s easy to carry around\
• 670cfm of air volume


• It may not be comfortable for some users
• It does not have a chest strap

9. Dewalt DCBL590X2 Backpack

The Dewalt DCBL590X2 backpack blower is the first battery powered blower on the list. Most people prefer to use battery powered blower to gas powered blower because they do not want to smell gas after cleaning the yard or lawn. Specifications include:

• There is a speed trigger on the blower
• Speed lock
• Battery selection

Price: $ 502.92


• It has a comfortable padding
• It is powered by batteries
• It’s very quiet compared to fuel powered blowers
• It has a speed lock


• The clips for shoulder adjustment are weak
• The batteries requires longer charging time

10. Redmax EBZ7500RH

The Redmax EBZ7500RH is known for its outstanding durability because it can last for long a time. This blower is gas operated and has 2 stroke engines that have air volume of 770cfm. If you want to clear a large area of land, the Redmax blower is an ideal choice for you. Specifications include:

• An engine with 3.9HP
• A see through fuel tank

Price: $ 599.00


• It has wide shoulder straps
• It is well made
• It provides a lot of energy
• Convenient and easy maneuvering
• You can see through fuel tank


• Its noisy
• It requires air protection