Top 10 Best Rated Commercial String Trimmers 2021


Whether you are running your own landscaping company or simply want to take care of your lawn, you will need to buy the best commercial string trimmer. It is going to guarantee the result of the outcome as it will last for long.

A string trimmer is also called a weed eater or weed whacker. It is a flexible tool that uses a monofilament line to cut the plants or grass. It might be strong enough to cut off some thin woody plants as well. You need to make sure that you are buying an excellent tool that will keep your lawn tidy and clean. In this article, we would be reviewing the best commercial string trimmer that works efficiently and pocket-friendly.

Best Commercial String Trimmer 2021

1. Greenworks Pro 16-Inch Cordless String Trimmer

This machine is an incredible tool that you can use for up to 45 minutes after being charged for 30 minutes. The 80V powerful batteries will help you keep your lawn clean and organized.

This string trimmer features a brushless motor that delivers better performance and more power. It is more durable than other models so it is guaranteed to last for long. The 0.8-inch dual line is sturdy enough to cut through all plants and shrubs keeping your lawn in the best shape. Specifications include:

• Power type: Battery
• Contained Battery Type: Lithium-ion
• Manufacturer part number: st80l210
• Assembled product weight: 9.8 lbs
• Assembled product dimension(L×W×H): 35.00×9.90×7.80 inches


• Quick recharge battery that will last for long.
• Quiet and smooth operation.
• Brushless motor for more power.
• 0.8-inch dual-line for best performance.
• Front mount design for better control and ergonomics


• It is not easy to hold
• It is heavy in weight

2. Snapper XD Battery Powered Total Yard Bundle

This machine is one of the best commercial weed eaters on the market. It comes in a package that contains a hedge trimmer, leaf blower, a lithium battery and a fast charger. This bundle is great value for money as it will allow you to finish all your lawn and landscape work in the best quality. The hedge trimmer is equipped with 26-inch dual-action amazing steel blades with 180 degrees rotating handle. The string trimmer charges to 100% in just 30 minutes which saves your time and effort. Specifications include:

• Cordless: Yes
• Batteries Included: 1
• Battery Amp Hours: 2.0 Ah
• Battery Type: Li-Ion
• Number of Tools: 3
• Voltage: 82V


• High quality bundle that contains a hedge trimmer, string trimmer, leaf blower and a high-quality charging unit.
• Bump feed line advancement for better performance.
• Hedge trimmer features high-quality steel blades.
• Fast recharging.
• No noise or mess.


• The battery is not durable and you might have to change it often

3. Husqvarna 128LD

This machine is probably one of the best commercial weed trimmers out there as it is designed for users who want the best results. The gas-powered motor starts quickly with minimum effort.

The auto-return stop switch returns back to its original position so that the machine is ready to start easily. This weed trimmer is very easy to control and handle. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed so you can use it even if you are not a professional. The shaft is detachable for easy transport and storage. The removable cutting guard allows you to tackle a lot of landscaping jobs as it easily transforms into a hedge trimmer, tree pruner, brush cutter, and pole saw. Specifications include:

• Item Weight: 11 pounds
• Shipping Weight: 17.7 pounds
• Manufacturer: Husqvarna/Poulan/Weed Eater


• Reliable gas-operated weed trimmer.
• Strong motor that is easy to restart after a pause.
• Removable cutting guard for versatile jobs.
• Lightweight and ergonomic design.
• Removable shaft for easy transport and storage.


• The position of the switch can make you accidentally turn it off.

4. Tanaka TCG27EBSP

This string trimmer is one of the best to choose, if you want amazing and flawless results every single time. The string advance is quite flawless and you can easily replace the cutting cord. It even comes with a shoulder strap for maximum convenience. It doesn’t jam even when it trims long grass and doesn’t cause any muscle strain or fatigue. Specifications include:

• Solid Steel Drive Shaft
• Attachment/ blade capable
• Padded handles
• Commercial grade 2 stroke engine


• Gas powered motor for best results.
• Spindle lock to eliminate the need for extra tools.
• Padded front and rear handle and shoulder strap to minimize fatigue.
• Replacing the cord is easy.


• The debris guard is rather small.

5. Hitachi Cg23ecpsl

With less emission, you can still get a great power and excellent performance that will allow you to maintain your lawn perfectly with this string trimmer. The weight and the design aim to lessen fatigue while trimming your lawn. You can easily hold it and use it for long hours without feeling any fatigue or discomfort. You can easily adjust the power for the best performance based on your needs. Specification includes:

• Engine Type: PureFire 2-Stroke
• Displacement: 22.5 cc
• Fuel Tank Capacity: 16.2 Fl Oz
• Starting System: S-Start
• Drive Shaft: 7mm Solid Steel
• Overall Length: 69.6 Inches


• Sturdy string trimmer.
• S- Start recoil system for an easy restart.
• Weight and design that will minimize fatigue and discomfort.
• Anti-vibration system to keep the user comfortable.
• Adjustable power.


• It is loud.

6. Makita Xru09z

This string trimmer is a great option with zero emissions, low noise and flawless performance that will allow you to maintain your lawn just the way you want to. Low maintenance makes it great value for the money. The brushless motor delivers more powerful performance for a long period of time. It is also optimized for longer battery performance that will allow you to use your string trimmer for as much as you want to without worrying about recharging your battery. Specifications include:

• Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 73.3 x 8.4 inches
• Item Weight: 11.9 pounds
• Shipping Weight: 12.05 pounds
• Manufacturer: Makita


• Brushless motor with powerful performance.
• Longer battery performance with one recharge.
• Cool operation with overload and overheat protection.
• Optimized for longer battery performance.


• The string can easily jam

7. Dewalt Dcst990b

This trimmer is a durable high-performance string trimmer that you can use for long hours. It requires zero maintenance as it doesn’t involve changing air filters or spark plugs. It is the perfect choice for noise-sensitive properties and neighborhoods while still providing the best results every time you use it. All you trimming work can be done using one battery recharge. Specifications include:

• Cordless: yes
• Length: 78 in
• Height: 8.9 in
• Weight: 13lbs
• Battery system: 40V max
• Blade construction: string


• High-performance string trimmer.
• Strong power and better durability.
• Protective metal gear case.
• No noise or pollution.
• Adjustable speed.


• The guard doesn’t offer adequate protection

8. Binxin 42cc 1.68hp

This is a reliable and versatile tool that you can use for various jobs. It is a great value for the money. It is equipped with quick stopping technology which guarantees that finishing your landscape jobs is going to be extremely easier. Its ergonomic design of the handle makes this tool easy to control, balanced and comfortable to operate. Specifications include:

• Material: Uminum alloy, Iron
• Cylinder volume: 42.7CC
• Power output: 1.25kw/6500rpm
• Max speed: 10000 r/min


• Budget-friendly tool with versatile applications.
• Engine technology that reduces the consumption of fuel.
• Made of aluminum alloy and plastic.
• Durable, versatile and heat-resistant.
• Easy to set up.


• You should be careful while using this machine.

9. Dewalt Dcst970x1 Flexvolt

This is a lightweight and easy to maneuver string trimmer. Nevertheless, it is one of the most powerful models on the market. The motor is designed to deliver more power and better performance while relying on a high-quality fast-charging battery. The high-efficiency brushless motor guarantees longer runtime which will allow you to finish your landscaping mission in a fraction of the time. Specifications include:

• Battery ampere-hour: 3
• Battery voltage: 60
• Fuel type: electric
• Handle material: plastic


• Lightweight and easy to maneuver string trimmer.
• Powerful performance.
• Excellent torque.
• High-quality and fast-charging battery.
• Low and high-speed control.


• The shield is a bit tiny

10. Tanaka Commercial Grade Grass Trimmer

This is one of the best commercial string trimmer with 1.6 hp that will allow you to finish all your landscaping jobs in the best quality. The engine is designed to reduce uncomfortable emissions with efficient power transfer from the motor to the cutting head. The clean-burning allows you to trim your lawn with minimum pollution and maximum comfort. Specifications include:

• 32 cc, 1.6 h.p. PureFire low emission
• 5” semi automatic trimmer head
• Solid steel drive shaft
• Walbro carburettor with primer
• 13.2lbs. (5.9 kg) with cutting head


• Durable and sturdy design.
• Strong 1.6 hp motor.
• Easy to use and adjust.
• Less vibration, noise and gas emission.


• The position of the starter cord is close to the carburettor so you might hurt your fingers while getting it started