Top 10 Best Rated CPU Air Coolers 2023


The everyday tasks CPUs carry out make them hot. The heat can become unbearable for the CPU and that could make it faulty. You need to get a CPU air Cooler if you don’t want your processor to give you unexpected annoying problems. You most especially need it if you overclock.

With a CPU Air Cooler you don’t have to worry about the excessive heat because the CPU cooler is there to do it’s work Which is; keeping it cool always. we know that you might be searching in the market for the best CPU Air Cooler and you have no idea which is the best. That is why we have compiled the list of the  best CPU air Coolers. we are good at what we do best and that is making sure you make a good decision buying the best product.

Best CPU Air Cooler 2023

1. Corsair H115i RGB Platinum


Corsair H115i RGB Platinum comes with a superb liquid cooling system. being the first to bring in the innovative all-in-one liquid Coolers to the market. Corsair H115i RGB platinum truly deserve the first position for it’s amazing features. It reamains the best CPU air cooler. It other features include;

• Equipped with RGB lightening on fans and CPU block.
• an amazing cooling performance.
• it possess a  280mm radiator.
• Equipped with softwares that allows you to control your RGB lightening, monitor CPU and coolant temperature.
• Optimized cold plate and low noise pump design.

Price: 169.99

• A software that Allows easy control of the CPU air cooler.
• Available in white and black.
• A low noise pump design.
• A superb cooling performance.

•Not compatible with all cases.

2. Noctua NH-D15

Noctua NH-D15 is another amazing CPU air cooler. It is one of the best  CPU air Coolers you should have. It comes with an amazing Dual high airflow 140mm fans that works at 100% great speed. Other features include;

• Ability to work quitely.
• Dual tower design.
• equipped with 6 heat pipes to provide excellent cooling system.
• Design and made to be easy to install.
• 6 years warranty.

Price: $79.90

•It has a noise adaptor to make it work without noise.
• 6 years warranty
• easy to install.

• CPU air cooler is bulky and heavy.

3. EVGA CLC 240

EVGA CLC 240 earns the spot to be in the top rated. the EVGA CLC 240
is endowed with a liquid cooling system to give you a top notch service. other features include;

• A 240mm Dual action fan radiator.
• A superb EVGA fan design to reduce noise.
• Equipped with a sophisticated. software to monitor and manage performance.
• The RGB LED can be synchronised with other parts of the EVGA CLC 240.

Price: $104.23

• Equipped with a 240mm Dual fan radiator.
• RGB LED can sychronise with other components of the CPU air cooler.
• Sophisticated software to monitor the CPU air cooler.

• It tends to make noise when working at high speed.

4 Cooler Master MA410M

Perhaps, you are trying to get a CPU air cooler on budget. The Cooler Master MA410M is an air cooler you should consider. It gives you the real value and functions of a CPU air cooler without breaking the bank. It other features include;

• Comes with  four heat pipe cooler.
• thermal detection sensor to monitor temperature.
• 28 addressable RGB LEDs
• equipped with an air-guide.
• It comes with a halo hologram aluminum fin.
• Dual MF120R fans for maximum cooling.

Price: $59

• Equipped with four heat pipe cooler.
• Equipped with an air guide.
• Thermal detection to monitor temperature.
• it is not expensive.

• It is bulky and heavy.

5. Corsair H60 (2018)

Corsair as one of the best leading manufacturers of CPU air coolers. they never relent in producing various wonderful CPU coolers. Here is another CPU air coolers from Corsair. the Corsair H60 (2018) is an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler with a 120mm radiator made for silent operations. Other features include;

•  Equipped with a LED illuminated pump head.
• A thermally optimized cold plate.
• Low noise pump design.
• Made to be easy to install.
• PMW control designed to adjust fan speed from 600RPM to 1700RPM.

Price: $79.99

• easy to install.
• Can work quitely without much noises.
• PMW control to adjust fan speed.

• The pump LED comes only in one colour.

6. Cooler Master MasterAir Maker 8


Innovations are worthy of appreciations. Cooler Master MasterAir Maker 8 is an innovative CPU air cooler. It has a 3D vapour chamber technology the first of it’s kind. other features include;

Price: $114

• 8 heat pipes
• Equipped with a quality silenco FP fans.
• Designed with interchangeable top covers.
• The fan can be replaced, adjusted and changed.

• Adjustable fans
• Equiped with 8 heat pipes.
• Interchangeable top covers.

• it is too bulky.

7. Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

As the name of the brand implies; Be quiet! Dark Rock pro 4 is quiet. the CPU works greatly with absolute silence to the extent that you would forget you have a CPU cooler running currently. Other features include;

• Dual tower design.
• Equipped with fluid-dynamic bearings.
• superb air-flow fan blades.
• Equipped with 135mm and 120mm silent fans.
• It has 7 corper heat pipes.

Price: $89.90

• silent and inaudible operations.
• Amazing air-flow fan blades.
• 7 corper heat pipes.
• A wonderful design.

• lacks RGB LED lights.
• It is quite bulky.

8. Cryorig R1 Ultimate

The Cyroig R1 Ultimate is another innovative CPU air cooler. It comes with the innovative direct compress full contact soldering process that allows 10% more contact surface. Other features include;

• Equipped with heatpipe convex-align system that allows for more accommodation of heatpipes.
• Dual low noise 140mm PMW fans.
• Jet fin acceleration process.
• Created to displace heatpipe for more distribution of heat.

Price: $124

• Jet fin acceleration process.
• A superb cooling system.
• Can work without much noise.
• 6 years warranty.

• It is bulky and heavy.
• Absence of LGB LED lights.

9. MasterAir G100M

Master Air G100M is a superb CPU cooler to keep your processor cool on a budget. The MasterAir G100M features an amazing design that will receive compliments from friends. Other features include;

• 74.55mm CPU cooler.
• It has a heat column technology.
• It is equipped with wired RGB controller.
• Aluminum stack fins for heat dissipation.

Price: $40

• A great CPU air cooler design.
• Equipped with a heat column technology.
• Aluminum stack fins that allows easy heat dissipation.
• It is not expensive

• a low profile cooling system.

10. Noctua NH-L9i 92mm SSO2 CPU Cooler

The Noctua NH-L9i 92mm SSO2 CPU Cooler works exceptionally well! the unique thing about the CPU air cooler is the incredible small size. don’t worry about that large size most  CPU coolers have the Noctua NH-L9i 92mm is different. Other features include;

• Equipped with 92mm fan with PMW support.
• It has a low noise adaptor.
• made to be easy to install.
• multi-socket mounting system.
• 6 years warranty.
• It is only 39mm in height.

Price: $40.95

• A low noise adaptor.
• It features an amazing small size
• It is easy to install.
• Very affordable.

• The cooling system is not high.
• It lacks RGB LED lights.

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