Best Credit Card for Rewards and Travel in 2023

Travelling is a fun adventure that everyone loves to experience. However, the sheer cost of such a thing isn’t so fun for most people. A credit card allows you to more easily afford expenses, especially specialized credit cards for rewards and travel. These cards will give you some rewards whenever you buy something with it or hit a travel milestone. Company branded cards offer the best of this advantage. Unfortunately, not all those who provide these services help your wallet. However, the best credit cards for rewards and travels in 2023 can help you spend less money on your adventure. Here are some of them.

1. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

While its annual fee isn’t any cheaper than many other options on this list, Chase Sapphire is ideal for travel starters. The credit card’s greatest advantage is that you can transfer your points to other credit cards you may be using. Not only does it have the best intro offer on record, but its reward rate and value are also very high. However, the credit card for rewards and travel has a high regular APR.


  • Best starter choice
  • High annual credit
  • Fast earn rates
  • Transferrable points
  • Wide range of partner services


  • No intro APR offer
  • The annual fee is high

2. Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Compared to Chase Sapphire Preferred card, getting a Capital One Venture card will cost you peanuts. Its annual fee is surprisingly low despite offering better than average rates for rewards and travel. The card’s intro offer also matches what other premium choices have, and there’s no earning limit.


  • No account expiration
  • Unlimited by partner hotel chains and the likes
  • Low subscription fee
  • Includes a sign-on bonus
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No earning limits


  • Little to no domestic transfer options
  • Relatively low rate

3. The Platinum Card from American Express

While you’ll need to pay a premium for this card, there are more than a few benefits to owning one. Its travel benefits are not only numerous but also luxurious to the extreme. The credit card also affords you a VIP status among several businesses like Uber and the Global Lounge Collection.


  • Offers VIP status with some travel options
  • High earning rates
  • Impressive membership reward
  • Extensive travel benefits
  • Access to restricted events


  • Insanely high subscriptions
  • Not as widely accepted as Mastercard and Visa

4. United Club Infinite Card

It’s the best option for you if your priority is United benefits and premium travel perks. Indeed, the United club membership may be worth more than the super-high price-tag on the card. There are no better credit cards for rewards and travel if you like to travel internationally.


  • Waived foreign transactions fee
  • Massive checked bag savings
  • United Club membership
  • Waived first-year fee


  • Insane annual fee
  • No welcome bonus

5. Hilton Honors Aspire Card

If you frequent a hotel while travelling, especially high-tier ones like Hilton, then this card is ideal for you. Its price-tag is a screamer, and there’s no intro APR offer, but the perks it provides are so worth it. The card allows you to earn at an ultra-rapid rate, gives you VIP access to all Hilton properties, and much more.


  • Instant Hilton diamond status
  • Massive credit value
  • Ultra-high welcome bonus
  • 100% purchase return protection
  • Transferrable credit to multiple partners
  • Massive insurance coverage and emergency services access


  • High penalty APR and annual fee
  • No first-year waiver

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