Top 10 Best Rated Women’s Cross Training Shoes 2023

There are various cross training shoes for women. The market is filled with training shoes from different manufacturers. The question now is; which one is the best among the various cross training shoes for women. We’ve done a thorough research to bring to you the best cross training shoes in 2023.

Best Women’s Cross Training Shoe 2023

1. PUMA Women’s Tazon FM

PUMA Women’s Tazon FM CrossTrainer Shoe is endowed with an amazing 100% synthetic leather that makes it durable. The cross trainer shoe will last longer because of It’s durability. Other features include;

• Equipped with a strong rubber sole.
• A TPU shank for stability.
• Amazing run-train performance sneakers.
• Equipped with a EcoOrthoLite sockliner for optimized comfort.
• It comes in 6 colours options.

Price: $120.90

• Available in 6 colours options.
• EcoOrthoLite sockliner for optimized comfort.
• A durable Rubber sole.
• 100% synthetic leather.

• It is not light weight.

2. NIKE Flex Supreme TR4

As always expected, Nike is here again with the superb NIKE Women’s Flex Supreme TR 4 Cross Trainer. The interesting thing about the women’s cross training shoe is the extremely light weight. It gives you a sweet sensation of going through your workout or exercise without the effects of of heavy trainer shoe. Other features include;

• A whopping 23 colours options.
• It has a foam core.
• A phylon carrier.
• The shaft is 2.5 from arc.
• Equipped with a Rubber sole.
• It has a mesh fabric.

Price: $129

• 23 colours options.
• It is lightweight.

• It does not have a midsole.
• No provisions for free flow of air to the feet.

• It is quite expensive.

3. RYKA Women’s Influence

The RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe Comes with an amazing design and interesting Colours. Other features include;

• Available in 6 different colours.
• It has a textile and synthetic leather.
• A wonderful footprint design.
• Comes with a traction outsole.
• A great design of colourful lace-up.
• A durable rubber sole.

Price: $89.95

• It has 6 different colours.
• Equipped with a textile and synthetic leather.
• Colourful lace-up
• Incredible footprint design.
• It has a Great design.

•It has a thin string.

4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Craze TR 4

The ASICS Women’s Gel-Craze TR 4 Cross Trainer Shoe is known for it’s innovative construction. It features fusion of two materials known as Cushioning technology. Other features include;

• Available in 8 Colours.
• Endowed with 100% synthetic leather.
• Equipped with a gel insole.
• It has a rubber sole.
• 1.5 heel measurement.

Price: $167.48

• It is light weight.
• Equipped with 100% synthentic leather.
• It is available in 8 different Colours.

• It is not durable enough
• Absence of an insole for traction.

5. Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer

The Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer is an amazing women’s cross training shoe that you ought to have if you are on budget. It features a superb eye catchy colours and designs, that will command attention to you.

• It features a durable synthentic sole.
• 16 Available Colours.
• It is light weight.
• Made with fabric.
• Equipped with a Memory insole.

Price: $34.99

• It has a synthentic sole.
• It is light weight.
• 16 available colours.

• It is not expensive.

• It does not have an arch support.

6. Hydro Sport Water Women’s Cross Training Shoes

The name of the cross trainer would have give you an hint of the unique features it has. Hydro Sport Water Cross Training Shoes has a unique protection against Chlorine they are mostly used to perform water workouts. It other features include;

• Durable rubber water sole.
• Sticky rubber sole.
• Equipped with removable, perforated nitracel footbed and drainage ports in sole.
• 100% synthetic and mesh leather.
• Chlorine resistant.

Price: $75

• Chlorine resistant.
• 100% synthentic and mesh leather.
• It has a Sticky rubber sole.

• the design It has could be better.
• It does not have a midsole.

7. CrazyTrain Elite Women’s Cross Trainer

CrazyTrain Elite Cross Training Shoes is one of the best women’s training shoe with a good arch support. It allows free flow air to the feet and that gives you a maximum comfort. It would make you go through your workout with easy without the feeling of unnecessary heat at the feet. Other features include;

• It is light weight.
• It features a100% synthentic leather
• Equipped with a synthetic sole for durability.
• Equipped with a Multi-surface rubber outsole
• It has a mesh upper that allows free flow of air.

Price: $139.95

• It is light weight
• It has a Synthetic sole.
• It features aMulti-surface rubber outsole.
• It allows for proper Ventilation to the feet.

• It is Available in only 2 colours.
• Absence of a midsole.

8. FuelCore NERGIZE

FuelCore NERGIZE comes with a cushioned midsole for maximum support and protection against hazardous movements that could cause harm. Other features include;

• Textile and mesh upper
• Equipped with a lace-up closure.
• It has a breathable textile linings.
• It has a rubber outsole.
• mobile memory foam insole.


• assured protection.
• It is durable.
• cushioned midsole.

• Available in only 2 Colours

9. Mode XT Hybrid

Mode XT Hybrid features a great design. The Cross Training shoe is a great sight to behold. Other features include;

• Features a midsole with Hybrid foam and profoam.
• Designed slip-on sock structure
• It features a rubber outsole for traction.
• made with textile.
• It has a unique lacing structure.

Price: $64.95

• It Features a great design.
• made with textile that makes it durable.
• It features a Dynamic lacing structure

• It has a rubber outsole for traction.

• Equipped with a midsole.

• It is quite bulky

10. Gel-Fit Tempo

Gel-fit Tempo 3 cross training shoe comes with Cushioning gel that absorbs Impact on the heels. You will go through your workout with speed and ease with Gel-fit Tempo 3. Other features include;

• It has a 100% textile and synthetic leather.
• Equipped with a rubber sole.
• It features seamless construction for additional comfort.

Price: $79

• It features a gel Cushioning system.
•  It has an amazing Design of seamless construction.
•  made with 100% textile and synthetic leather.

• Absence of a midsole.
• It lacks a good arc Support.
• Absence of rubber outsole.

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