Top 10 Best Rated Dehumidifiers 2023

We have reviewed the best dehumidifiers for 2023 after going through reviews from top reviewers.

Dehumidifiers are a necessity if you happen to stay in a wet climate with very high humidity.

In this list, we have brought you the best dehumidifiers that will effectively keep any space in your home or office dry and comfortable while keeping the excess humidity away.

This list is not arranged in any particular order:

1. Sunpentown SD-65E

This dehumidifier is 65 pint and will work in large spaces up to 500 square feet. Its excellent features are listed below:

-Energy Star rated

-it has wheels

-it has a 10 liter removable water tank that uses a pail indicator

-built-in retractable carry handle

-comes with a soft touch technology control panel with 2 fan settings

-adjustable humidistat

-washable air filter

-continuous drainage

-comes with a full indicator



-energy saving

-works excellently for places with 35%-80% humidity

-wheels make it easy to move around

-quiet when working

-soft touch control

-continuous drainage makes removing water less frequent



-large, requires lots of space

2. Eva-Dry E-500 Renewable Wireless

This mini dehumidifier with its compact, small size is designed to work in smaller spaces such as a room of about 500 cubic feet. Its features are as follow:

-works without power

-has an indicator window that shows wetness meter crystals

-meter crystals change colour to indicate drench level

-uses state of the art crystalized silica gel which enables it absorb about 10 ounces of moisture

-needs to recharge, once, every few weeks when indicator gauge on the front turns pink instead of blue

-environmental friendly and non-toxic


-modern and fresh design

-price: $28:00


-handy and efficient

-it is durable

-it is environmentally friendly and not toxic

-very quiet


-small and compact

-needs infrequent charge


-small, not suitable for large spaces

-could fall off location if not well fitted

3. Frigidaire FAD704DWD 70 Pint

This is a large dehumidifier that can cover a space of about 1000-4000 square feet. Its features are listed below:

-includes an electronic display and controls

-suitable for places with 30%-80% humidity

-comes with a retractable handle

-comes with an antibacterial filter

-bucket full indicator lamp

-removable pail

-built in external drain connector handles

-washable filter

-comes with an humidity detector

-includes an onboard humidistat

-auto fan option

-price: $265.00


-easy to control

-less energy consumption

-full function electronic controls

-antibacterial filter

-washable filter

-easy to access collection container with level gauge



-looks good




-drainage hose not included

4. Friedrich D70BP 70 Pint

This astonishing dehumidifier can remove 70 pints of water from the atmosphere in a day. As part of its features, it has:

-built-in drain pump

-suitable for place with humidity levels between 30%-90%

-comes with a 24hour timer

– an easy to clean filter

-comes with a drain hose and a pump hose

-price; $384.09


-beautiful unit

-intuitive and easy to control

-it is very efficient

-comes with drainage pump


-fan is quite loud


5. Frigidaire FAD504DWD 50 Pint

This medium-sized dehumidifier can dehumidify up to 50 pints moisture per day in spaces up to 800 square feet. It is one of the simplest dehumidifier, which features the following:

-electronic humidistat

-precise humidity censor

-easy to set up and use

-small reservoir tank

-Energy Star certification

-washable filter

-easy to access collection container with level indicator

-price: $199.00


-easy to access collection container with level indicator

-easy to set up and control

-washable filter



-energy saving


-does not come with drainage hose

-does not defrost automatically

6. Danby DDR70B3WP

This 70 pints capacity dehumidifier, efficiently removes moisture in large areas up to 4000 square feet. It can also be easily moved around with its castor wheels. Its features are:

-Energy Star Certified

-environmentally friendly

-automatic shut off

-auto dry ability

-included 7foot drain hose

-auto dry ability

-electronic controls

-digital controls with LCD display

-remote control

-price: $224.47


-auto dry function

-energy saving

-it is efficient

-compact design


-very loud while working

7. DeLonghi DD50PE 50 Pint

This good 50 pint dehumidifier from DeLonghi has made our list of 10 best dehumidifier of 2023 with its features which are:

-patented auto emptying pump

-Energy Star compliance

-digital controls and LCD Screen

-programmable timer

-reliable and safe

-adjustable humidistat

-price: $189.99


-energy saving

-powerful and efficient

-it is reliable and durable

-auto emptying pump excellent for hands free drainage

-excellent for waterlogged areas like basement

-easy to set up


-heat up room after a long period of use

-limited to two settings only (low and high)

8. Danby Premiere DDR70A2GP

This 70 pint dehumidifier quietly dehumidifies the atmosphere in spaces between 1500-3800 while using much less energy than its counterparts. Its features include:

-automatic restart

-electronic controls

-comes with direct draining at the back

-automatic deicing which prevents ice build up

-quietly operates

-Energy Star Rated

-non-ozone depleting refrigerant

-price: $224.47


-gives several drainage options: gravity drain hose attachment, collection bucket or buy a condensate pump

-compact design

Castor wheels makes moving it around easy

-auto defrost ability

-consumes less energy


-Has no remote control

-pump needs to be bought as it is not built-in

9. Frigidaire FAD301NWD

This dehumidifier successfully removes 30 pints of humidity from your home in a day. This portable dehumidifier comes with a handle that makes moving it around easy. Its features are as follows:

-castor wheels

-washable filter

-Energy Star certified

-comes with a very long power cord

-it has an auto shut off ability when it reaches its peak

-comes with top and side handles

-price: $169.88



-it is portable

-washable filter

-easy to move around

-energy saving


-it is small

10. EdgeStar Energy Star 30 Pint Portable Dehumidifier

This compact and lightweight dehumidifier has made our list with its great features which are listed below:

-comes with castor wheels and grip handles

-it has electronic controls

-it displays electronically

-price: $189.00


-energy saving

-easy to move around



-very low capacity.

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