Top 10 Best Rated Diaper Bags 2019


Diaper bags as we all know are the burden bearers during parents and kids day out, as it helps to curtail angry outbursts and hungry cries because they help to carry all that is required to keep the child warm, happy, fed and dry during such day out.

To help you determine the most suitable and affordable diaper bags for you, we have compiled this list for you that will help you enjoy your time out with the kids without having a meltdown or possibly packing up to go Bach home.

Whilst regular backpacks and tote bags can be used to carry around all that your child needs, a diaper bag, designed specifically to take your child’s basic needs with its spill-proof lining, several pockets and a changing pad is often times a more convenient option.

The diaper bags making up this list are not arranged in any particular order.

1. Skip Hop Duo Signature

Skip Hop Duo Signature

This diaper bag is also known as the “Stroller’s best friend. With its plenty pockets which ensures that all your odds and ends are organized. It efficiently switches from an over the shoulder tote to a Stroller’s clip on in a matter of seconds. Listed are its features:

-Four inner pockets

-Six outer pockets

-Fast access cell phone pockets

-Over the shoulder tote

-Clips to a stroller


-Plenty rooms to keep necessary stuff


-Transformational abilities.


-Side bottle pockets not insulated

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2. Ju-Ju-Be BFF Convertible

Ju Ju-Be BFF Convertible

Also known as the “everything bag”. This diaper bag has the incredible ability to transform from a messenger bag into an over the shoulder tote or to a backpack in minutes. Apart from being an easy to carry bag, its features are:

-Several storage pockets

-Wide main compartment

-Insulated bottle storage

-Changing pads

-Memory foam in the shoulder straps

-Transformational abilities; from over the shoulder tote to a backpack and to a messenger bag.

-Dirt-repellant with its Teflon coat

-Machine washable


-Wide opening

-Plenty rooms to keep stuff


-Insulated bottle pocket storage

-Machine washable


-Difficult to open with one hand

-Shallow main compartment

-Small for twins

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3. JJ Cole Satchel

JJ Cole Satchel

The JJ Cole diaper bag can conveniently double as an oversized purse. It has enough space to accommodate all necessary carry-ons. Its features are:

-It is big

-It has plenty of room


-It can accommodate must-haves for mother, toddler and baby at once

-It is spacious



-No insulation at all

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4. Abundance Boxy Backpack

Abundance Boxy Backpack

This diaper bag has made our list of the best diaper bags with its ability to transform from a backpack to a shoulder tote and then, a crossbody. It features are:

-Built-in changing pad

-Transforms from a backpack to a shoulder tote and into a crossbody

-Enough storage space


-Enough storage space

-Built-in changing pads

-Transformational abilities



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5. Skip Hop Forma Pack

Skip Hop Forma Pack

This diaper bag with its excellent organizational abilities has made our list of diaper bags. It has storage cubes that keep stuff properly arranged inside the Forma. It features include the following:

-Insulated cubes, suitable for food and bottles

-Mesh cube, suitable for clothing, snacks, and sunscreen

-Insulated side pocket

-Enough room within the main compartment for other additional items.


-Lots of room


-Excellent organizational abilities

-Insulated cubes and pockets


-Straps not padded

-Straps might run too short for tall people

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6. Freshly Picked Everyday Tote

Freshly Picked Everyday Tote

This chic diaper bag designed to looks like a bag fit for the office functions excellently well as a diaper bag. Its features are:

-Six interior storage pockets

-Insulated snack storage pocket

-Nylon changing pad

-Vegan leather detail

-Luxe metal hardware

-Can accommodate a 15-inch laptop or tablet

-Water resistant interior and exterior

-It is wipeable


-Could serve as a work bag

-Water resistant

-Enough room

-Insulated snack storage



-Does not transform

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7.  Vera Bradley Baby Bag

Vera Bradley Baby Bag

It has made it to our list with its roomy space which can accommodate all the necessities for two little ones while carrying cloth diapers and a breast pump at the same time. It features are:

-It is spacious, suitable for twins

-Made of either cotton or microfiber

-Washable by machine

-Pockets for wipes and diapers

-A deep main compartment

-Changing pad


-It is also very roomy

-Suitable for twins

-Machine washable



-The main compartment is too deep making finding things in there, a bit difficult.

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8. Skip Hop Grab and Go

Skin Hop Grab and Go

This amazingly compact clutch has all it takes for a quick and easy diaper change. It is most suitable for those times when you don’t want to go out with your entire diaper bag but need a change of diaper and wipes. Its features include:

-Opens into a cushioned changing station

-Zippered pockets to keep small items like keys safe.

-Compartments that accommodates up to 4 diapers and wipes


-Compact, beautiful clutch design


-Removable changing pad, to make more room for other gears.


-Small and limited space

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9. Eddie Bauer Backpack

Eddie Bauer Backpack

The Eddie Bauer diaper bag has made our 2019 best diaper bag list with its gender-neutral design and excellent functional features which are:

-Insulated bottle pocket

-Wipes dispensing side pockets

-Outside storage pockets for diaper and wipes

-It is roomy



-Roomy and spacious


-It is also not heavy

-Gender neutral design


-It is not very durable.

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So, these are the best diaper bags for 2019 from which we believe you can make the right buying decision.