Best Emergency Radio 2023

The emergency radios have been around for a while now and are known to be helpful tools when it comes to difficult situations. Even more, it is important that you always know when disasters are about to strike, hence it’s about time to get the best emergency radio.

With a top performance radio, you can always be in a position to connect to the various channel updates to keep you abreast with emergency information.

In this article, we highlighted and evaluated the best emergency radio models on the market right now based on its quality, performance, price and so much more. Below is the list of the best emergency radio in 2023.

  1. Eton FRX5-BT Emergency Weather Radio

This emergency radio is the best weather radio you can find and it’s best suitable for survivalists as it has significant features you would need in case of an emergency. The radio was constructed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and splash as it has a rugged body and can easily access the NOAA weather channels. It also is a portable device with decent speakers, Bluetooth and has an option of charging your phone. Although, it does not come with a compass.

Price: $54.99


– Solid construction

– Impressive power output

– Good sound


– Lacks a compass

2. Crane CCRadio

The crane is a portably designed radio that comes with the best reception range and audio clarity, hence makes it easy to listen to weak channels. It features a weather band or alert along the 2-meter ham band, five memory buttons on top of the radio, a preset feature and a full black light with three levels of brightness. In all this, the radio provides you with all the necessities for an emergency. However, it is not durable.

Price: $169.99


– Great reception

– Memory buttons

– Ease of use


– Durability could be better

3. Kaito KA500 5-Way Powered Radio

The Kaito radio is known for its great performance as it comes with comprehensive coverage of AM, FM and 7 pre-programmed NOAA weather channels, hence you can listen to a lot of things. Also, it features 5 ways to be powered, thereby keeping the radio always working with its telescopic antenna. Furthermore, the model can also help you to recharge your phone although it takes a long time to recharge batteries.

Price: $49.99


– It is affordable

– Good reception

– Quality audio


– Recharging batteries take long

4. Crane CC Pocket Radio

The crane radio is suitable for locating channels faster as compared to other models as it has five memory buttons. It comes with many features that allows you to listen to your radio and also weather channels. Even though it has small speakers, the quality of the sound is good and it comes with options of mono, stereo or speakers while in use. Furthermore, the radio is properly designed and constructed with a rubber coating for a firm grip.

Price: $64.99


– Ease of use

– Clear sound

– Memory buttons

– Long battery life


– Expensive

5. Eton Radio

This radio is suitable for persons preparing for any survival situation. It features the AM, FM band stations and NOAA weather stations, a USB for charging your phones and an option that permits toggling. Furthermore, it has diverse ways it can get powered just that it has a slow customer support team.

Price: $44.30


– Charges smartphones

– Solar power

– LED flashlight

– Can be powered through many ways


– Slow customer support team

6. Midland Consumer Radio ER310

The Midland is a relatively cheap radio that takes weather alerts seriously as compared to other models on the market. It triggers an audible siren when ever it receives an emergency announcement, hence notifies you when a critical alert comes in, sometimes with the help of a flashlight and LCD screen. Also, it can access FM, AM and NOAA weather stations and also permits private listening with the feature of an earphone jack. Furthermore, it has a large battery capacity of 2600mAh  that permits hours of listening although it tends to make the radio slightly bigger and heavier than other models in the market.

Price: $59.99


– Solar panel

– Flashlight beacon

– Impressive battery power

– Can charge smartphones


– It is bulky

7. Sangean MMR

The Sangean comes with some level of performance. It comes with various charging modes (hand crank and USB ports) that keep the radio powered at all times. Also, the radio is alert certified, hence you can always be informed when there’s severe weather. Furthermore, it has an emergency buzzer and comes with a battery capacity of 850mAh which is rechargeable and can also charge your phone even though it’s just for a short while due to its battery capacity.

Price: $47.15


– SOS LED blinking

– Affordable

– Easy to use


– Low battery capacity

8. iRonsnow Solar Emergency Radio

The iRonsnow is an affordable and compact radio that has a relaible hand crank and it’s easy to carry around. It can broadcast all the NOAA weather channels and the regular AM and FM channels, hence it’s versatile. Along with it’s hand crank, it also has a solar panel and a micro USB as available modes used to power the radio, although itssmall battery capacity can be a challenge. Furthermore, it doesn’t have a lot of buttons used to power it, hence prevents confusion.

Price: $18.90


– Compact model

– Bright LED

– Easy to use


– Lacks AAA battery option

9. Running Snail Solar Crank NOAA Weather Radio

The running snail radio is a good bargain for it’s money as it has a battery capacity of 2000mAh which is rechargeable. It features a bright light that surfaces when an alert comes in through the connection of NOAA channels and also a 1W LED flashlight used for passing dark areas. Furthermore, it can be powered through hand crank, USB port and the option of AAA batteries. However, the device is not as durable as others on the market.

Price: $29.90


– Bright LED

– Good battery life

– SOS alarm


– It is not strong

10. Esky emergency Radio

The Esky is suitable for persons finding a balance between cost and performance. It’s a compact device with a bright 140-lumen flashlight that functions for a long time as it comes with a battery capacity of 1000mAh as compared to other models. Furthermore, it’s recommended for persons working in extreme conditions to provide more information about weather and disasters. However, the battery is small but it’s definitely a good choice

Price: $16.99


– Bright flashlight

– Loud and clear

– Small and compact


– Small battery

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