Top 10 Best Rated Epilators 2023

Making use of epilators are considered a great idea which appears to be recommended especially for those with bad skin reaction after shaving, epilators would help get your skin right back on track, but if it appears you are making use of the wrong epilator on your skin, then you have to decide on one of the best we have for you today. Let’s quickly embark on the journey to list out the best epilators for you this year.

Best Epilator 2023

1. Braun Silk Epil Series 9

Coming up first on the list is the best epilator recommended for all, if you are looking to get the very best features of an epilator, then it is recommended you opt-in for this epilator. Braun happens to be a world’s famous producers or manufacturers of female products, and now they are here with the best epilator you can get.

This epilator offers you smooth and clean skin for not less than a month. One great feature of this epilator is that it can either be used wet or dry, which means you are provided with two choices of either choosing to shave dry or used while in the shower for a smoother and mild experience. However, making use of this epilator while wet gives you the best experience, meanwhile, it is highly recommended for those that are new to epilators and also for those with a bad skin reaction after shaving.


  • It is Rechargeable and can also be used in a shower or bath
  • It is capable of extracting very small hairs
  • It provides soothe experience
  • Equipped with High Frequency messaging that gives relief
  • Equipped with a Pivoting head that helps to removes hairs from contours areas of the body
  • It is a complete all in one epilator with lots of caps
  • 40 % wider with 40 tweezers performs efficiently
  • Designed with a decent shape, made easy to hold in hand when epilating


  • Expensive, but fair a bit
  • Can’t be used while charging because of the wet and dry feature

2. Braun Silk-épil series 7 – 7681

Making the runner up on the list is the Braun silk-epil series 7 – 7681. This epilator appears to be a great and well-designed epilator with a sleek design and also a cordless epilator considered great for men. This epilator offers you great flexibility, however, this epilator can also be made use of in water (while bathing) without being damaged as it is equipped with waterproof of which it can withstand water for about 40 minutes which is considered enough duration for the epilation of the whole body.


  • Cordless epilator with wet and dry feature
  • Features a Maximum gripping that is capable of grabbing 5mm tiny hairs
  • A Built-in massaging, exfoliation, and pivoting header
  • Great speed Variations and also Built-in light
  • Ideal for face and body
  • Can be washed
  • Provided One year warranty


  • Expensive
  • Can’t be used while charging because of the wet and dry feature

3. Philips Satinelle HP6401

Looking for an affordable epilator considered one of the best to use? Here you have one. Philips has made buying epilators easier by making her epilator an affordable one with great features for better satisfaction. This epilator is a compact device that works best on larger areas of the body like the legs.

However, it appears to be a corded device that is directly connected to the wall socket. Meanwhile, the speed of this corded device remains constant as it is being connected to an energy source of the constant and same amount of energy, but with this, the device can’t be used underwater which means there is no wet feature for this device.


  • Affordable
  • Features a two-speed settings
  • Flexibility and Compact design
  • Provided with an efficiency cap which is a helpful accessory
  • Washable head
  • Provided 2-year warranty


  • Can only be used on dry skin
  • No Spotlight
  • Noisy
  • Painful without a massaging cap
  • Not appropriate for facial hairs and sensitive spots

4. Emjoi Emagine AP-18



Looking for an epilator with the most tweezers in the market? Here you have one, it is an epilator made quick for epilating. Making use of this epilator allows you to go over a spot just once and would be made smooth. This epilator has got lots of features to offer such as offering mild and gentle experience while epilating and lots more.


  • A Cost-effective hair remover way out
  • Equipped with Dual opposed heads that helps to taut the skin
  • 72 tweezers to get you ahead of time
  • Corded – of which recharging is of no use.
  • Easy to control
  • Results are visible for almost 4-6 weeks
  • Provided 1-year Warranty


  • No smart light
  • No facial, trimmer, and shaver attachments
  • Can’t be used underwater
  • A large number of tweezers makes it uncomfortable for facial epilating

5. Panasonic ES-ED90-P

Coming up next is a wonderful epilating product from Panasonic. This device gives an amazing result which therefore makes your skin smooth and great. A device coming with 48 tweezers can also get the job done quickly.


  • A Cost-effective hair remover result
  • Equipped with Dual disc and gives gentle epilation
  • A LED light made available to spot areas
  • A great number of tweezers
  • Dual speed settings
  • Less noise
  • Provided 2-year warranty


  • Lack of dedicated Facial Cap
  • Can’t be started while charging
  • Small battery capacity

6. Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator

Here we have another great device that helps to get rid of unwanted hairs in the body. This device is provided with a rechargeable battery that is fully charged within an hour of which it can be used after a charge for about 40 minutes. It is a cordless device as well, suitable for dry skins alone.


  • Great Massaging system for a tranquil experience
  • Provided with a separate tweezer with a bright light at the center
  • An optical-light on the epilator to help reveal body areas
  • Equipped with Ceramic discs for excellent gripping and removing hairs
  • Available Dual speed settings
  • Fast charging and can be used while charging
  • Provided 2-year Warranty


  • A smaller number of tweezers
  • Only for dry epilating
  • Noisy

7. Braun Silk-épil 5 5-280

With this brand coming up again means they have the best to offer when it comes to epilators as their products are considered great and rich in features. Meanwhile, this time around, Braun is coming up with a corded epilator which still does a great job.


  • Equipped with a High-frequency massaging system that helps to reduce pain
  • Provided with Cooling Glove for soothing after epilation
  • High-efficiency rate and affordable
  • Designed with close gripping technology
  • Built with Dual speed settings
  • Washable head
  • 1-year Warranty


  • Only corded
  • No facial Cap
  • Not for use underwater

8. Epilady Legend 4th Generation EP-810-33

Epilady is known as the first-ever company to produce an epilator also makes the list. This device is a well-featured and great device for epilating. Just like the majority on this list, this epilator is a dual-speed setting epilator which makes it easier to use on every area of the body.


  • Affordable
  • Features both corded and cordless
  • Perfect angle Cap is handy for new users
  • Dual speed setting
  • 1-year Warranty


  • No LED light
  • Built for dry skin alone
  • Not easy to clean as the head is not detachable

9. Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator

This epilator is a lightweight and compact epilator that makes use of 2 – AA batteries to get the job done for you. it is considered an ideal choice for you to take along while traveling and probably you could take it along when you run late as It is easy to carry around.


  • Affordable
  • Perfect for small areas like face area, and bikini line
  • Ideal for touch-ups
  • Provided Safety lock that saves energy in case it is turned on accidentally
  • Portable
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not ideal for larger areas such as legs
  • Absence of built-in light
  • Built for dry skin alone
  • No dual speed settings

10. Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator – AP 10R

Coming last on our list as one of the best epilators is the Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator – AP 10R, even though it comes last on the list, it is still provided with great features that can get you going. This epilator is greatly affordable and worth its price tag.


  • Built as a corded and cordless device
  • Ideal for smaller areas but can also be used for legs and arms
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Portable
  • Features vibrating system
  • 1-year warranty


  • Absence of built-in light
  • Absence of waterproof
  • Noisy
  • No Trimmer and Shaver caps
  • Requires multiple passes to get give a smooth result on curvy areas.

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