Top 10 Best Rated Flat Irons 2020

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If you want to get the best flat iron for 2020, then you are in the right place. This review is a product of incisive research and scrutiny by these reviewers. They are not arranged in any order of preference or based on how well we think each of them performs in comparison with others on the list.

1. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline

This is one flat iron that is sure to transform your frizzy or even dull hair into a straight and smooth one with a nice texture. It comes with these features:

  • 1-inch solid ceramic plate
  • Sensors on plates to even heat
  • A two-in-one with curling and straightening
  • It has a heat glove, heat proof storage pouch
  • A travel size argan oil leave
  • Price: $109.99


  • It comes with some extra features
  • It transforms the hair pretty fast


  • It can go off on its own

2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated

It gives you professional performance and is also very light, thus quite easy to handle. These are the features of this flat iron below:

  • It is very thin
  • Also, it is long
  • It has three plate sizes
  • Price: $139.95


  • It is lightweight
  • It can withstand high temperatures
  • Capable of making your hair straightened in one time
  • It can protect the hair from heat damage
  • It can heat fast


  • The grip is not good
  • Your hair might slip from between the plates
  • It is pricey

3. Remington S5500

When it comes to quality and getting the best value for any electronic item, then you can trust the Remington brand. This digital flat iron is also when compared to the value it brings to the table.

These are some of its features:

  • Long ceramic plates
  • Salon high heat
  • Price: $17.96


  • A nice design
  • It is cheap
  • Makes styling comfortable
  • It heats very fast


  • It can emit smell like electric burning

4. Vera Professional Diamond Infused

With a diamond infused ceramic technology, this professional iron helps shield the hair from heat damage.  These are the features of the flat iron below:

  • It has a diamond infused ceramic technology
  • The tourmaline technology gives the hair protection
  • Price: $30


  • It prevents the hair from getting damaged by heat
  • You can do various hair styles with it
  • It does not take much time to heat
  • It curls up the hair smoothly and fast
  • Creates even heat distribution


  • It is seen as too cheap

5. KIPOZI Professional Titanium

It has a 1.75-inch wide plate which means it can take a great amount of hair once. The flat iron also distributes heat evenly and makes for a smooth, silky hair every time.

The features are:

  • Nano titanium plates
  • 75 inch plate size
  • Auto shutoff
  • Price: $39.06


  • It offers smooth and silky curl
  • It heats up fast and thus does not waste time
  • The heat is distributed evenly
  • It takes a good amount of hair at once
  • It is durable


  • It is heavier than most flat irons
  • It can cause hand fatigue during usage

6. RUSK Engineering CTC

When you want an easy and timely work on your hair, this flat iron is what you need to get the job done.  It will leave your hair smooth and silk with these features:

  • Titanium infused wide plates
  • Fast heating
  • Sol-gel technology
  • Price: $100


  • It spreads heat fast and evenly
  • It offers maximum heat performance
  • Shields the hair from heat damage


  • It does not have a good handle grip

7. Xtava Pro Satin Infrared

This flat iron comes with a digital control which lets you alter its setting without much difficulty. Also, you will get professional styling and performance with loads of features that the flat iron offers like:

  • It has an infrared technology
  • It has digital controls
  • There are also other smart features
  • Price: $37


  • The settings are easy to alter
  • It spreads the heat evenly on the hair
  • Straightens the hair well
  • Helps in protecting the hair from heat damage


  • It is heavier than most flat irons

 8. KIPOZI Pro 1.5 Inch

It has a digital LED screen which is built to make it simple to read the correct temperatures as well as make changes to it when needed.

The flat iron has smooth and durable nano titanium plates that are 1.5 inch to allow for easy handling of the hair.

These are the features of the flat iron below:

  • Titanium infused wide plates
  • Digital LED display
  • Price: $43.25


  • It is easy to read the temperatures with the LED screen
  • It allows for optimum styling as temperatures go as high as 450
  • A professional heat performance
  • Good value for money


  • Your hair might get stuck in the bottom panel
  • The body is not that great

9. BaBylissPRO Porcelain

The porcelain ceramic flat iron is guaranteed to offer you an even distribution of heat. It also shields your hair from heat damage and leaves it smooth and silk. These are the features of the flat iron:

  • A porcelain ceramic technology
  • A1-inch plate size
  • An infrared technology
  • Price: $49.90


  • It is lightweight
  • Leaves the hair smooth and silky
  • Protects hair from heat damage
  • Ideal for travelling
  • It distributes heat evenly
  • The iron is easy to handle
  • It does not take much time to heat


  • It can make your hair get stuck while using it

10. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini

This iron and the Babyliss iron function similarly. However, one of the things that makes it different is that is has a small size and made for travelers who need a flat iron that is compact.

These are the features of this flat iron listed below:

  • Titanium infused
  • Compact size
  • Price: $29.99


  • It is light
  • A very beautiful design
  • The heat spreads evenly on the hair
  • It makes the hair silk and smooth


  • It can become too hot outside
  • It takes a little time to heat