Top 10 Best Rated Forward Facing Car Seat 2023

Nobody wants to be involved in an accident. Albeit, we prepare for the worst, while expecting the best. Children, unlike adults, are less likely to survive impacts from accidents. Even more, the built-in safety features in your car does not support them. In fact, it is a threat to them.

However, there are safety features you will need to integrate into your vehicle to make them safe for kids. Specifically, this article reviews one of them: the toddler Car seat.

Car seats come in different orientations. Some are front-facing others rear-facing. Likewise, you can get a back booster or a backless booster. Above all, there are some that combine all four orientations, whereas, others combine three or two orientations.

Precisely, this article focuses on the front-facing car seats. Yet, some of our picks have all the four orientations.

We have selected and appraised the best front-facing car seats in the market. Also, we are confident that it will help in your search for one. Below is our selection.

Best Forward Facing Car Seat 2023

  1. Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

The Graco is designed to fit any growing child as it comes with multiple positions for the headrest. Even more, your child can easily be strapped in with the in-right latch system and you are ready to go. Also, it is an award warning child safety device.


– A Simply Safe Adjust Hardness System with 10 positions

– Side impact tested for enhanced security of your child

– Designed to keep your child comfortable with plush inserts

Price: $310.91


– Easy seat and belt installation

– Excellent crash safety record and wide weight range

– LATCH available for booster mode

– 3-part cover for easy removal and washing


– Headrest rattles

– Bulky, especially in rear-facing mode

– Fabric not breathable and difficult-to-remove harness

– No lock-off device for seat belt install

  1. Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

The Chicco features a RideRight bubble indicator that allows you to easily install it accurately. Even so, a lot of factors were put in place to ensure your baby can ride safely tucked in with the feature of a 5 point harness.


– A stay-in-base that makes it easy for transport

– Built with SuperCinch LATCH tightener for a strong fit

– Removable canopy protects your baby from the elements

Price: $199.99


– Longevity—fits babies 4 to 30 pounds

-Easy to install

– Comfortable padding

– Easy to wash


– On the heavy side

  1. Britax Convertible Car Seat

The car seat is crafted by the number one brand in safety technology. In addition, it comes with multiple layers an anti-rebound bar and side protection, to reduce impact. It also has a clicktight technology. Hence, it is very easy to install the device.


– Designed with 3 layers of impact protection

– Easy and simple installation with ClickTight technology

– Made for your child’s growth with a 14 position harness

Price: $384.99


– Easy installation

– Rear-facing mode can be used till your baby reaches 40 pounds

– The steel-reinforced frame, shock-absorbing base, and the side impact protection make it rank high in terms of safety and security

– A rear LATCH installation is not needed

– 14 harness positions are available

– Adjustable to 7 recline positions


– Might not fit in every type of vehicle

– The ClickTight release button may get clogged with food crumbs and dirt

– You may not be able to tighten the harness strap equally

– Handle tends to jam up

  1. Graco SlimFit 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

The Graco Slimfit 3 in 1 converted car seat is crash tested to meet the US FMVSS 213 standard. Also, it comes with the Inright LATCH system for easy installment.


– Designed to save space in your back seat

– Built with a steel-reinforced frame for greater durability

– Made for your growing child and can be positioned both rear and front-facing

Price: $172.49


– Excellent safety features

– Easy to latch and lock

– Adjustable harness and Headrest

– Has 5 recline positions


– Crotch strap

– Heavy

  1. Evenflo Nurture Infant Car Seat

This car seat features a stylish ergonomic handle that makes it easy to carry. It also comes with a foam liner to protect your baby from accident occurrences. Lastly, it has a canopy that shields your baby from elements.


– Designed with a canopy to protect your little one from the elements

– Equipped with a foam liner for absorbing energy

– Made with an ergonomic handle for carrying comfort

Price: $565.31


– The cheapest amongst car seats available

– Has all the safety features you need.


– This infant car seat does not support a child of over 22 pounds or 29 inches,

– Lacks a reclining seat or base.

  1. Diono Radian 3RXT All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

For a start, this car seat comes with a designed of aluminum that enhances protection. Even so, it can be used for growing families by fitting 3 seats together in most vehicles. Additionally, it has also extendable to adapt to your child’s growth.


– Slim design allows you to seat 3 in a row in most family cars

– Features extended rear-facing for your child’s growth

– Engineered with aluminum reinforcement

Price: $569.00


– Proven safety record

– Easy SuperLATCH connectors

– One-pull harness tightening

– Low profile sides

– 13 colors with a cover for the back

– Folds flat for easy storage & transport


– Installation is not intuitive

– Seatback cover obscures adjustments

– May limit front passenger legroom

– Heavy

– Harness straps must be rethreaded to change height

– Not a good fit for newborns

  1. CYBEX Sirona M SensorSafe 2.0 Car Seat

The car seat comes with SensorSafe2.0 technology to enhance your child’s safety. Hence, anytime your child’s seat is unbuckled, it notifies you with an alert. Even more, it protects your child for accident occurrences with it’s feature of an energy-absorbing shell.


– Won the 2018 Best of Baby Tech Award

– Comes with SensorSafe 2.0 technology that monitors your child

– Has an adjustable headrest with 12 positions

Price: $398.96


– Smart SensorSafe technology

– You can know if your car is too hot or cold

– Impact protection


– Bulky and expensive

– Can’t be used in cars older than 2007

  1. Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

The Graco car seat allows quick and easy installation with the features of an Inright Latch system. Also, it has a simple and safe adjust harness system to easily fit your child.


– Designed with the Simply Safe Adjust™ Harness System

– Crash tested to meet or go beyond U.S. safety standards

– Easy installation with the InRight™ LATCH system

Price: $265.00


– Rear-facing up to 50 pounds

– Adjustable leg extension for 5 inches of extra legroom

– Ball level indicator for correct recline

– Easy LATCH installation

– Machine-washable cover

– 6 recline positions and 10 headrest positions


– Hard to remove or replace the cover

– Seat belt installation is tricky

– Might be too big for preemies

  1. Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Car Seat

The car seat has a removable back and a foam liner and two cup holders on the sides. It also boasts of integrity in design and ensures your child’s safety.


– Crash and side-impact tested for design integrity

– Has a removable back, for enhanced comfort

– Comes with two cup holders on the sides

Price: $198.99


– Inexpensive

– The presence of six different headrest positions

– Can be easily converted to backless position

– Comes with a machine-washable pad


– The lack of lower anchors

– Doesn’t have enough head/torso support

  1. Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat

This car seat is best suitable for smaller cars although it can still function in larger vehicles. It also comes with a 5-point harness and a side impact protection which enhances protection.


– Three can be seated side-by-side in most vehicles

– Built with Side Impact Protection to keep your child secure

– Crafted with a 5-point harness for security

Price: $130.87


– It’s compact for a convertible car seat, so it can fit comfortably in small cars.


– Seat does not recline. Even more, it is difficult to angle the seat correctly

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