Top 10 Best Rated Framing Nailers 2023

When it comes to getting your projects done quickly and efficiently, having the right tools is crucial, and a framing nailer is no exception. We’ve put together this short guide on some top models on the market.

Best Framing Nailer 2023

  1.  Paslode 905600

The Paslode 902600 is hands down one of the best models available, which is powered by a 7.4V battery. Take advantage of the 2-minute quick charge mode to get up to 200 more nails without having to let the framing nailer fully charge. Once the battery is fully charged, 9000 nails can be driven in, which is the most amount amongst cordless nailers in the market. It usually takes about an hour for it to be fully charged.

Price: $348


  • Can process about 9000 nails per charge
  • 5hour battery life
  • It has a quick charge feature that permits the driving of 200 nails just under two minutes of charging the battery.


  • Not as effective with aftermarket nails
  1. Hitachi NR90AES1

This framing nailer features the latest design from the Hitachi industry. The highlight of which is the head guard. It’s designed for easy removal and replacement so it’s quick and easy to do any maintenance. The NR90AES1 permits long jobs and overhead works to be done as it is light in weight and comfortable to use.

Price: $208.95


  • It’s easy to perform maintenance on
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Tool-less adjustments


  • Most times it’s hard to get the depth to be precisely adjusted.
  • Users mentioned it jams occasionally.
  1.  NuMax SFN64 Straight Finish Nailer

This is a nailer that permits you to acquire a reliable and effective framing nailer at a very affordable price. The NuMax can easily be adjusted to avoid it from blowing in your face while you are still working, as it has a 360-degree exhaust feature.

It’s surface composition comprises a durable magnesium light in weight and has a no-mar tip to protect your work surface. It’s also important to note that when you need some grip while working, all you need to do is to remove the no-mar cover to expose the no-slip teeth.

Price: $55.68


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • The engine always enjoys protection from debris because of its dust cap and air filter feature.


– It double fires occasionally

  1. Freeman PFR2190

This is a framing nailer that is composed of a driver blade that is made of hardened steel and a durable magnesium light in weight. The Freeman nailer can handle a variety of jobs and stand up to some tough environments without getting damaged.

Price: $118.02


  • Compatible with all brands of plastic collated nails
  • There is always stability and control when using the No-mar tip.
  • Comes with plastic carrying case


  • The magazine only holds 55 nails.

The DeWALT nailer is a brushless motor and engine design that provides the power to drive 3-1/2-inch nails. It has a feature of sequential or bump operating modes. This framer has a dual speed that optimizes the motor for different nail lengths. It’s also a heavy tool weighing 7.8 lbs, as compared to some other powered nailers around. But I find intriguing as it’s easily manageable.

Price: $282.95


  • DEWALT’s has a 3 year limited warranty.
  • Two speed settings.
  • Works with the DEWALT battery range.


  • Frequent jams occur while in use.

Bostitch is a well-known name in power tools because their products are really good quality. This low profile framing nailer is no exception. With a 21-degree angle, it’s an ideal size to squeeze into smaller gaps and spaces, like between rafters. The Bostitch framing nailer is not so heavy that it will be difficult to control but, despite the over molded rubber grip handle, you will probably need to stop and take a break every so often.

Price: $229.99


  • Tool-less adjustments
  • Low profile and can fit in smaller spaces than other nailers
  • 7-year warranty
  • The engine is usually protected from damage as it has an internal air filter.


  • Heavier than the other models compared
  • Needs an air compressor

The Bostitch MCN-150 is made tough and to tackle some big jobs and is specifically designed to cope with metal strapping. The framing nailer is compact and has a design that easily fits into tight spaces, as it only weighs 4.6 pounds, which makes it very light for usage. It can easily take care of tougher building regulations as it makes use of 1.5-inch paper tape collated metal connector nails.

Price: $188.49


  • Very lightweight compared to the other models
  • Powerful
  • Compact
  • Good safety features


  • It’s only compatible with 1.5 inch nails.
  1. Makita AN923 Framing Gun

The Makita framing nailer is always reliable to work with and also brags of being powerful hence making it durable. The Makita has an internal air filter that protects the engine from dust and debris, which can easily cause serious damage to the engine if exposed. It has a back-pressure function that clears any dust from the tool.

Price: $333.16


  • Has contact, sequential, and lock options
  • 9 different depth adjustment options
  • Internal air filter
  • Back-pressure function to clear dust from tool


  • Stops shooting with 3 nails left in the chamber
  • Heavier than other models

The Porter-Cable is lightweight and portable. The built-in rafter hook is a great feature. It allows you to hang the nailer up to keep it and the compressor tubing out of the way if you’re taking a break or working on another part of your project.

It’s powerful in terms of strength and durability and has a bit of an unexpected recoil. The framing nailer makes use of a standard collated nails that are cheap and can be found easily in stores. There’s a selectable trigger and a trigger lockout so you can use either restrictive or contact actuation.

Price: $194


  • It’s lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Integrated rafter hook
  • Selectable trigger and lock out option


– There is no precision in any tool-less adjustment.

  1. WEN 61798

If you want a framing nailer for household projects or DIY crafts, then this is a durable option. It has a 1-year warranty, and the base is constructed of aluminum, which means it will be a lighter, but still heavy-duty, option.

The magazine has a large capacity and can hold up to 100 nails. Additionally, the nailer works with nails ranging from 2 inches to 3¼ inches in length. It is a dynamic tool that is great for a variety of different needs.

Price: $82.18


  • The magazine is large, almost double the capacity of some other framing nailers.
  • It can shoot at both a 30-degree and a 34-degree angle.
  • The kit comes with a carrying case and other accessories.


  • This is a framing nailer designed more for DIY and occasional use than for heavy construction.

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