Top 10 Best Rated Front Load Washer Dryers 2020


Gradually, front load washer dryers are taking over the market, replacing top load washer dryers. And there are a number of reasons for this. If you are trying to get a new washer dryer and would like to get a front load product, you are reading the right article. This article presents some very good washer dryers. Read through the article and select a product that suits you best.

Best Front Load Washer and Dryer 2020

1. Samsung WF45R6300AV

The Samsung WF45R6300AV is a front load washer dryer from the popular electronics company, Samsung. This product does a very good washing and drying job while being affordable. The washer dryer is somewhat smart. It has the ability to clean itself, and it also has a mobile app which could be used to control the machine and receive notifications. The product is furthermore fast, durable, and to a good extent, energy-efficient.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Durable
  • Fast
  • Wi-Fi

Price: $989.99


  • Self-cleaning capability
  • Considerably quiet
  • Minimal water Usage
  • Mobile app


  • App’s poor user experience

2. Bosch WAT28402UC 800


Designed for people who care a lot about energy-efficient machines, is the Bosch WAT28402UC 800. The washer-dryer is among the highly-rated products rated by users of front load washer dryers. The product is equipped with all the features you would expect in a good front load washer dryer. There is another nice thing about this machine that is worthy of being stated, the product is very quiet during operation.

  • Interior light
  • Large door

Price: $1449.00


  • Extra-protection against water damage
  • Fast (1400 rpm)
  • Energy-efficient
  • Very quiet


  • Leaks

3. LG WM3997HWA

The LG WM3997HWA is a heavy-duty front load washer dryer. This electronic machine was designed for people who would often be doing a lot of washing. It is pretty large and comes with a 10-year warranty. The LG WM3997HWA has a feature which allows you to time the drying of clothes. However, this product does not give a warning when the clothes are over-drying, making this device not ideal to be operated by kids.

  • Easy-to-read digital displays
  • Timed drying
  • 10 years warranty
  • Large in size

Price: $1735.00


  • Wide-array of drying choices
  • Great control over water temperature
  • Heavy duty


  • Little control over drying temperature
  • Energy-consuming
  • Not quiet

4. Whirlpool WFC8090GX

Here comes another product, the Whirlpool WFC8090GX. The Whirlpool WFC8090GX is also a very good front load washer dryer capable of doing excellent laundry work. The machine is somewhat smart, having an app which could be used to interact with it. The product also has a touchscreen, and it could be seen that this washer dryer is a product of great engineering design.

  • Flexible installation
  • Easy-to-use
  • Touchscreen
  • Lots of cycles

Price: $1524.10


  • Great engineering design
  • Mobile app


  • Requires more attention
  • Energy-consuming
  • Slow drying

5. Kenmore Elite 41002

The Kenmore Elite 41002 is another product to be presented. The front load washer dryer is designed for families, and it takes a smaller space, compared to other products in its category. The Kenmore Elite 41002 comes with a technology which allows clothes to stay fresh even after forgetting them in the washer dryer for hours. Even though this product does a good laundry job, it is affordable.

  • Family-sized washer dryer
  • Durable

Price: $724.15


  • Great customer support
  • Takes lesser space
  • Stay Fresh technology
  • Great smell


  • Over-drying possibility
  • Learning curve

6. Magic Chef MCSCWD27W5

With the help of 16 wash cycles and some other things, the Magic Chef MCSCWD27W5 does outstanding laundry works. The product not only excels in terms of operational quality but also excels when it comes to how easy it is to use. The Magic Chef MCSCWD27W5 which is energy-efficient, is also capable of auto-adjusting its water level. In a house where children are, this electronic may be a safer choice, as it has a child lock. Ordinarily, this product is great, but there are users who complained about it lacking advanced technologies.

  • 16 wash cycle
  • Stainless steel drum

Price: $899.00


  • De-wrinkle cycle
  • Energy efficient
  • Child lock


  • Water level auto-adjustment unavailable
  • Vibration reduction unavailable
  • Lacks advanced technology

7. Electrolux EFDE317TIW

The Electrolux EFDE317TIW is a relatively cheap front load washer dryer, and it does good laundry work. This machine is a medium-sized washer dryer, and it is energy-efficient. While the product may not have Wi-Fi support, it has a sensor which could help sense moisture. Furthermore, the washer dryer is capable of giving end-of-cycle signal.

  • Electronic touchpads
  • 90-degree door
  • Front loading
  • Stylish

Price: $643.00


  • End-of-cycle signal
  • Moisture sensor
  • Energy-efficient


  • Inefficient drying
  • Lint problem
  • Delicate

8. Samsung WF50K7500AV

The Samsung WF50K7500AV is also a front load washer dryer that turned out to be greatly loved by people using it. This product which is about 27 inches wide, comes with 14 wash cycles. It is capable of spinning as fast as 1300 rpm, a speed which is totally not bad. As this product is capable of doing a lot of washing in only one load, the washer-dryer takes up more space.

  • Stainless steel drum
  • 1300 rpm
  • Stackable

Price: $1255.10


  • Larger washing capacity


  • Occupies more space

9. Splendide WD2100XC

The Splendide WD2100XC is a small front load washer dryer. In addition, this product is also rugged, making it a good choice if the washer dryer would be used in a mobile environment. It comes with only 10 wash cycles, but it can do a lot of washing for a very long period. If you happen to appreciate machines which are quiet during operation, then this product is another machine you should take into consideration.

  • 10 wash cycles
  • Small-sized
  • Durable

Price: $1318.00


  • Automatic load sense
  • Quiet
  • Rugged


  • Small loads
  • No delay option
  • Overheating possible

10. Splendide WDC7100X

Here comes another front load dryer washer from Splendide, The Splendide WDC7100X, just like the Splendide WD2100XC, is a very good product. This machine also features 10 wash cycles, and it is capable of going as fast as 1200 rpm. The quietness of the Splendide WDC7100X is also great. Managing water level has always been one of the challenges in using washing machines, but with this product, you do not need to bother about that, as this product would help you manage that.

  • 1200 rpm
  • 10 wash cycles

Price: $1291.00


  • Super-silent
  • Automatic water-level control


  • Heavy