Top 10 Best Rated Full Tower Cases 2022

Full tower cases are big and they are different from the common mid-tower case. You would need a full tower case if you want to load your rig with way better graphics card setups and water cooling system.

Full case towers would contain all your devices easily and even save up some space. Go through this article and discover the full tower case for your everyday needs.

Best Full Tower Case 2022

1. Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P makes the first position on our list. The full tower case includes Integrated RGB lighting system that makes its looks obvious and beautiful. Other features include;

• Equipped with aluminum handlebars
• Features E-ATX motherboard
• Features  3 x 120 mm x Fans
• The motherboard is adjustable
• Curved tempered glass panel

Price: $239

• Features an amazing RGB lighting
• The motherboard is adjustable
• It is durable

• It require PSU extension cables
• Equipped with lots of plastic

2. Corsair 1000D


Corsair 1000D is one of the best full tower cases in the market. One of the most unique things about this product is it’s amazing big space. It can conveniently contain all your devices without much stress. Other features include;

• It can contain 18 fans
• Comes with four active radiators
• Features an RGB front panel
• Equipped with built-in smart lighting
• Features tempered glass on the side doors
• Equipped with dual-system layout lets

Price: $499

• It has large space
• Features a quality RGB lighting
• Comes with a great design

• It is bulky and heavy

3. be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900


Dark Base Pro 900 is an exceptional full tower case you ought to have. It comes with incredible features and a great design that will complement the look of your devices. It has a sleek design that won’t be able to take up less space. Other features include;

• Comes with a Motherboard tray
• Features 3 silent PWM fans
• It can contain radiators up to 420mm
• The side panel is made of tempered glass
• It has RGB LED lights

Price: $252

• Features wireless QI charger
• Equipped with RGB lighting
• Comes with a great design

• It is expensive

4. Thermaltake View 71


Thermaltake View 71 is one of the most durable full tower case in the market. It comes with a whopping 4 tempered glass to protect every part of its body. The tempered glass is reliable and durable. Other features include;

• It is available in 9 colors
• It supports four types of motherboard
• Comes with 3-way radiators
• Features 140 mm White LED Fans
• Equipped with 3 years warranty

Price: $199

• Comes with 3 years warranty
• It is durable and reliable
• Features 3 RGB radiators

• The airflow is not good enough

5. Phanteks Enthoo Pro


Phanteks Enthoo Pro is one of the best full tower case in the market. It features a very affordable price, unlike its other counterparts. Despite its low price, it has some features that will give you the perfect value for your money. Other features include;

• It features an easy accessibility to fans and dust filters
• Equipped with tempered glass
• The optical drive is removable
• Features 140mm fans
• It is compatible with Phanteks RGB LED Strips

Price: $90

• Features a great cable management
• It is affordable
• Comes with tempered glass

• Comes with lots of plastic parts

6. NXZT H710i


NXZT H710i is a superb full tower case that has a great cooling system. The cooling system features are reliable with the help of Its strong 129mm fans. Other features include;

• It supports 4 types of motherboard
• Features a tempered glass side panel
• Comes with a cable routing kit
• Features a Type C USB ports

Price: $153

• Features a great design
• It has a quality and reliable airflow design
• Features some construction aids

• It is quite expensive
• Absence of NZXT extension



DIYPC Trio-GT-RGB is an amazing full tower case with great features. It features an extremely fine and quality built design that will make it stand out among all your devices. Other features include;

• It supports 3 types of motherboard
• Features a removable side panel
• Comes with 120mm Fans
• Features a reliable cooling system

Price: $95

• It is affordable
• Comes with an amazing cooling system
• It is affordable

• It has no Type-C USB ports
• Comes with only one dust filter

8. Cooler Master Silencio S400

Cooler Master Silencio S400 is a high-performance full tower case. It has the ability to work in a quiet and silent manner. It’s radiators work quietly with less noise. Other features include;

• The top cover panel is removable
• Comes with reversible steel front door
• Features 120mm PWM silent fans
• Comes with an SD card reader
• Features 5.25-inch ODD slot

Price: $98

• It can work without noise
• Features a reversible door
• Comes with a sleek design

• The thermal performance isn’t good enough

9. NZXT H200i

NZXT H200i is an amazing full tower case with great features. It is equipped with a quality RGB LED lights that make it looks great. Also, it will be a great sight to behold at night or in a dark place. Other features include;

• Features a water cooling installation
• Comes with tempered glass panel
• Features a steel construction
• Comes with cable management system
• Equipped with 120mm fans

Price: $103

• Comes with a cable management
• Features a great cooling performance
• Features a durable steel construction
• A reliable tempered glass

• It is slightly noise at top speed
• Lacks USB-C ports

10. NZXT H400i



NZXT H400i is one of the best full tower case in the market. It comes with an effective cooling system with the help of it’s 3 120mm active fans, that makes it get proper ventilation to all the parts of the full tower case. Other features include;

• Features an all-steel construction
• Comes with built-in RGB lighting
• It has a digital fan controller
• Features a cable management system
• Equipped with tempered glass panel

Price: $131

• Cable management system
• A reliable tempered glass
• Features a great airflow
• It has effective RGB lighting

• It makes noise at top speed
• It has no USB-C ports

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