Top 10 Best Rated Games of 2023 So Far

It has been nine months of anticipation so far, as we await the release of the next-generation console games.

While most of the exciting games are released in the December/January period, there have been some stellar additions so far. After all, they released Telling lies this month, and it is awesome.

The excellent gaming experience is not just about winning and good programming, the gaming experience is all about immersion and ease of use.

The most excellent games offer brilliant immersion to go with intuitive and uncomplicated controls. We all remember getting lost in the world of Skyrim IV and losing focus on time while playing GTA V.

We have compiled a list of the absolute belters of 2023 so far, and you will love it.

Best Games of 2023 So Far

1. Control

We did not expect this one at all. This game turns everything about Remedy games inside out and somehow makes it fantastic. Its immersion is sublime at making you feel like it has dropped you into a TV show.

It follows the setting of intriguing the player about what is around the corner of the Oldest House. With this one, there is no such thing as getting lost since it’s all about taking back control.

Control is an excellent choice of the game even for those concerned about narrative.


  • Immersion is intense
  • Brilliant narrative and excellent play
  • Compatible with Xbox One, PS4, and PC
  • Intriguing to play
  • Glitches are rare

2. Apex Legends

For most game makers 2018 is a tough year to beat, but Apex legends came close to doing it. This baby has all the bullets and even more guns than the name suggests.

Bullet storms can erupt anytime, and there’s always a fight brewing just around the corner. It uses character powers, 3 v 3s, ping systems, ridiculous weapons design, and verticality in new and exciting ways.

Apex Legends is also not one of those games that you need to spend a fortune to play since it is free.


  • All the guns
  • Free play
  • PS4, PC, Xbox One compatible
  • Battle royal has an elevated approach
  • The narrative is fantastic
  • An innovative approach to gameplay

3. Telling Lies

Sam Barlow has been creating excellent games recently, and Telling lies is one of his best works so far. Telling lies tells us a story that involves multiple characters and spans many years.

Playing this game will quickly suck you into an exciting tale of voyeuristic problems that you won’t forget for years to come. This privacy-invading game is an excellent choice to sate your appetite for the 2023 year.

With Telling lies you get to listen to hours of videos and guess who is talking and what they are saying.


  • iOS and PC compatible
  • Intriguing narrative
  • Bugs are uncommon
  • Excellent gameplay

4. A Plague Tale: Innocence

Unlike Telling Lies, Innocence is all about the middle ages. You play the role of an orphan among two running for their lives from the horrible inquisition in 14th century France.

This game tells an exciting story with a grim narrative, rat infestations, and an ominous sequence.

Every alchemy use, backdrop, maze, and companion unfold the world around you in this horrifically immersive tear-jerker.


  • PC, PS4, and Xbox One
  • Tear-jerker
  • Brilliant narrative
  • Plays excellently on 4K displays
  • Released on May 14

5. Dragon Quest Builders 2

Quest Builders is built with the foundations of Minecraft’s construction style, Zelda type exploration, and monster battles on every corner.

Dragon Quest 2 guides you on building more and more complex gold cocktail bars and castles. Despite this story guidance, it still offers you more freedom than you would expect to create your own ideas.

With this game, you can have the fun building all the weird towns you can imagine without ever getting bored.


  • Building game
  • Nintendo Switch and PS4 enabled
  • Large space to play with
  • They do not limit the gameplay to the narrative

6. A Short Hike

A Short Hike follows the story of a little bird called Claire that got wrapped up in a camping trip by her family. The story is all about her quest to locate reception because she is expecting an important call.

This story is not the walking sim you will expect from it but it pushes all the right buttons to induce a wonderful sadness in players. Short Hike is a game of simplicity and mystery.


  • Expressive storyline
  • Draws an emotional connection with the user
  • Almost a Pixar Gem
  • Short gameplay

7. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Three Houses is the latest Fire Emblem released in July, and it is awesome, brilliant, and monstrously good. It prioritizes storyline over combat.

As expected, the grid-based, challenging, and tight combat has not been removed, and its persona-like relationship sim performs wonders.

It learns your likes, ambitions, dislikes, and history to help you build an army you can care about.


  • It is a Fir Emblem Game
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Popular game
  • Beautiful narrative
  • The relationship sim is the best

8. Cadence Of Hyrule

Zelda: A link to the past made adventure games a must-play, Breath of the wild made it die for, but Candace of Hyrule makes it kill for.

It is ridiculously good and stays loyal to that same synth and classic action RPG we all love.


  • Zelda is a popular franchise
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Excellent narrative
  • Most famous adventure games

9. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fuelled

Nitro-fuelled is a game of nostalgia that reminds us of our beloved Mario Kart. It is full of intuitive details, 26 playable characters, and deep kart customization. This game is always challenging no matter how many times you play it.


  • Xbox One, PS4, and PC
  • Impressive customization options
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Colour-rich screenplay

10. Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is a victim of its own success. While you get sexy, cool, cheesy, and stylish narratives about Nero, but action games are going out of style.

Demons are still Demons, and Dante is still Dante, but Devil May Cry 5 turns what is an old game into a masterpiece.


  • Popular franchise
  • Narrative is brilliant
  • All the demons and all the swords
  • Lots of gore

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