Top 10 Best Rated Gas Blowers 2023

The gas blower comes in different varieties, sizes and shapes, but all are targeted towards relocating leaves to a more desirable area. These devices are very important as when the leaves begin to fall, they can be blown away in quite a short while to provide you with more time to take care of other things.

At the end of this review, you would have a better understanding of the best leaf blowers you can access and the necessary features and price it comes with. Below is the list of the best gas blowers 2023.

  1. Craftsman BV245 CMXGAAMR27AV

The Craftsman features an air speed of 145mph, weight of 10.4 lb. Its engine is 27cc, 2-cycle and decibels of 98dB / 78dB. It’s unique amongst other blowers as it is very easy to start and it delivers sufficient power. The blower has several features that make it interesting. It’s capable of containing a 40:1 fuel ratio, it has a blower nozzle with two distinct raised tabs that helps you to maintain a firm grip as you lock the on and finally it features an On/Off switch which is spring loaded and is not capable of going locked while it’s still on the off position. Furthermore, it’s definitely a machine to look out for as it’s mid-price with a good performance.

Price: $159.99


– Simple start procedure

– Easy twist-lock blower tip


– Gyroscopic effect can be fatiguing

  1. DeWalt DCBL772X1

The DeWalt features an air speed of 105.9mph, weight of 9.6 lb, run time of 12 min, 30 sec and decibels of 101dB / 72dB. This tool is best suitable for small patches of leaves or for jobs like the construction site or for house garages because of its short run time. It’s well balanced and very easy to use as it helps to clean out quickly. Furthermore, it has the feature of a hefty skid below the blower housing and battery that makes the tool withstand rough and tumble use.

Price: $269


– Broad, effective airstream

– It’s well balanced


– It has a short-run time.

  1. Echo PB2520

The Echo blower features an air speed of 139.2mph, weight of 9.6 lb, its engine is 25.4cc and decibels of 99dB / 72dB. It is a well-designed tool that features the position of its offset blower tube to be in line with the handle which provides you with better aim and control over that machines recoil. Furthermore, it features a two-position stop switch that makes it easy to start the machine with the switch on Off position. Also, it has a black on black markings for the choke position, which is hard to read and contributes to hard starts.

Price: $191.98


– Powerful, effective airstream

– Off-set blower tube


– Two-position on/off switch

  1. Ego LBX6000

The Ego machine features an air speed of 146.1mph, a weight of 29.2 lb, a motor of 56 volts, a a run time of 86 min, 30 sec and decibels of 94dB / 66dB. It’s a remarkable machine with so much power due to its large battery size, thereby rendering it heavy. It’s arguably the heaviest blower as it weighs more than the gas-engine Stihl and has a handheld part of the blower that is likeable as it only weighs 6.4 pounds. Furthermore, it’s connected to a battery by an electrical cord that permits you to switch hands, which is rare amongst many blowers.

Price: $399.99


– Extremely maneuverable

– Long run time


– Expensive

  1. Makita XBU02

The Makita features an air speed of 138mph, weight of 9.2 lb, motor of 36 volts, run time of 11 min, 15 sec and decibels of 99dB / 68dB. It is a very balanced tool with comfortable trigger that allows the machine to be positioned at a perfect angle in your hand. It has a very narrow airstream that is perfect for cleaning edges without disturbing other materials elsewhere. Furthermore, the tool can take up to 18-volt battery as other Makita power tools do.

Price: $279


– It’s lightweight

– Shares 18v batteries with other tools


– Has short run time

– Not as powerful as other blowers.

  1. Greenworks Pro BPB80L00

The Greenworks features an air Speed of 132.3mph, weight of 11.6 lb, motor of 80 volts, a a run time of 19 min and decibels of 97dB / 73dB. It’s arguably the lightest amongst blowers and has a turbo setting the permits the outside edges of the airstream to appear less powerful. The machine is highly comfortable and features adjustable shoulder straps, a handle that is comfortable and the 90-degree elbow that usually connects the impeller housing the flexible blower tube. Furthermore, the elbow allows the blower tube to be positioned straight, thereby taking up less spaced when stored.

Price: $402.75


– It’s light and compact

– Has comfortable straps


– Its non-turbo mode is slow while working.

  1. Remington RM2BP

The Remington features an air speed of 139.2mph, weight of 10.4 lb, engine of 27cc, 2-cycle and decibels of 99dB / 73dB. It’s a lightweight and compacted tool that is fast to start and a shoulder strap that’s easy to use. The machine is very effective on leaves and grasses as it features an airstream that is fast. Furthermore, the tool possesses enough power for hard sweeping over moderate distances.

Price: $187


– Lightweight

– High air speed


– It’s a little loud

  1. Ryobi RY40440

The Ryobi features an air speed of 127.70 mph, weight of 17.8 lb, motor of 40 volts, run time of 47 min, 31 sec and decibels of 87dB / 67 db. It’s a unique blower as it very quiet when in use. The machine delivers a wide range of nearly perfect air pattern that is symmetrical and has a well-defined boundary that reaches out towards it’s end as it flares into consistent branches. Also, the tool has shoulder straps and handles and triggers that are highly comfortable and adjustable.

Price: $239


– Quiet

– Highly adjustable straps


– Stiff cruise control lever

– Its flexible blower is quite short.

  1. Stihl BR800 C-E Magnum


The Stihl features an air speed of 195.6mph, weight of 28.4 lb, engine of 79.9 cc, 2-cycle and decibels of 100 dB / 77 db. It’s a very large blower that is very easy to start. It features a spring loaded starting mechanism that is horizontally positioned and can be pulled while the machine is still on your back. Furthermore, the tool is capable of sweeping a very large amount of leaves or sawdust at a time.

Price: $649.95


– Powerful, high-speed airstream

– Can start while wearing backpack


– Expensive

– Loud while in use.

  1. Troy-Blit TBP4BP EC

The Troy-Blit features an airspeed of 150.7mph, weight of 18.8 lb, it engine is 32cc, 4-cycle and decibels of 99dB / 74dB. It’s a tool that has a quite fast air movement that is well defined.

Notably, it has the most comfortable back pack model as it’s shoulder straps and large lumbar support are properly padded. Also, the machine starts easily and it also has a battery powered start tool that is like a cordless drill. The moment the battery is charged, the tool is plugged into the receptacle on the blower and the engine is spin to start. Furthermore, it features nozzles that can be twisted quite easily due to a large tab that helps you get a firm grip.

Price: $249.99


– No mixing fuel

– Has high air speed


– It’s as loud as a two cycle motor

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