Top 10 Best Rated Golf Balls 2019


In this post, we will be reviewing the best golf balls in 2019. These balls were rated as the best by top reviewers after thorough testing and usage.

We have now compiled these golf balls and looked and penned down their features, and other kinds of stuff which would make you take the right buying decision.

This is not arranged according to a particular order as you will see below. So, let us take a look at the best golf balls for 2019. Note that the prices here are for a dozen!

1. Titleist ProV1/x

Titleist ProV1

One of the best golf balls you can lay your hands on, it is made to give you more distance, lower spin, and even a more consistent flight while golfing.

This ball gives you a soft feel and durability that you tee you unto victory. These are some of its features:

  • Spherically tilled 352 tetrahedral dimple design
  • 2.0 ZG core
  • Soft urethane elastomer cover
  • ionomeric casing


  • It has consistency
  • It can cover an exceptional distance
  • It is also flexible
  • This golf ball has a sublime sound and feel


  • It is not cheap
  • Designed for professionals

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2. Titleist AVX

Titleist AVX

The Titleist AVX ball gives the same top-drawer performance as the Pro V1/X and comes with a low flight and also a softer feel. It is the lowest flying, lowest spinning and softest golf ball in the Titleist series.

Some of the features are as follows:

  • GRN41 cast thermoset urethane cover
  • A low compression core
  • A high-flex casing
  • It equally comes with a 352 tetrahedral catenary aerodynamic design


  • It feels softer than many golf balls
  • Offers a more penetrating driver flight
  • It equally delivers more distance on all full shots


  • It comes with more distance with irons
  • A lower driver spin

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3. TaylorMade TP5/x

TaylorMade TP5

This is one of the best golf balls which gives you a soft feel with the scoring irons. Some of its features are as noted below:

  • Five-layers
  • Tri-fast core
  • Dual spin cover


  • Fast
  • Spins more
  • Progressive compression


  • It is expensive
  • Not for amateurs as it may be too complex for them to play

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4. TaylorMade Project (a)

TaylorMade Project (a)

Built to give more distance at the long end of the bag and control/spin at the short end, the three-layer project is a better premium option from TaylorMade.

The TaylorMade Project (a) has these as its features:

  • A dual-distance core
  • A 322LDP dimple pattern


  • Lots of spins and very grippy
  • Good value
  • A decent long game performance
  • Durability


  • A little spinny with the driver

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5. Srixon Z-Star/XV

Srixon Z-Star

It is a fifth-generation Z-star golf ball is touted to provide more distance, more spin, and even more control in the wind. However, its flight has been tweaked and thus, it gives a softer feel in 2019.

This golf ball is made to give you more spin and control on shorter and distance on the long hits.

Before you make your buying decision, do check out the features of the Srixon Z-Star/XV as follows:

  • A super-soft core
  • 338-speed dimple pattern
  • New skin
  • A 0.5mm urethane cover


  • An increased soft feel
  • Exceptional spin
  • Increased speed
  • Offers more distance

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6. Callaway Chrome Soft/X

Callaway Chrome SoftX

It is a new ball with the strongest as well as the thinnest material on earth. The ball offers the softest feeling ever among balls. This golf ball comes with these features:

  • Graphene-infused dual soft fast core
  • A dual-core construction
  • A tour urethane cover
  • A fast submantle


  • A higher swing speed
  • You can pick the colors that you want from the available ones
  • An extraordinary feel
  • The ball gives you a huge spin
  • Very soft
  • Faster balls
  • A maximum dual core compression differential
  • An optimized compression
  • Reduced spin without giving away the ball speed
  • Very durable


  • Some people do not love the softer feel

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7. Vice Pro

Vice Pro

The Vice Pro is made to last long, soft and also provide you with a pretty speed and loads of spins when you need it.

It comes at an appealing price point and is suitable for professionals. These are some of its qualities/features:

  • The golf ball has a cast urethane cover
  • Also, there is an s2TG
  • A BJ13 cover
  • In addition, there is a 318 dimple design
  • A “Keep in line” alignment aid
  • Complex 4-piece design
  • Dual casing


  • Lower launch
  • It is aggressive
  • Made for great distance
  • It has an excellent green-grabbing control
  • A great feel and spin rate
  • Highly decelerating Urethane cover


  • It might be difficult for amateurs to use

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8. Volvik Vivid

Volvik Vivid

Coming with a matte finish, other brands have since begun copying the Volvik Vivid. And if you have been lamenting about slower swing speed and thus craving for more distance, then this is just what you need to smile.

It also has a mid-high flight and an equally soft-medium feel with these other features:

  • Anti-reflective
  • A dual-core
  • Z-III spin control
  • 332 optimum flight


  • The ball offers a good speed as well as more distance
  • It gives a soft-medium feel
  • Easy to see
  • Very long off the tee and with iron
  • Penetrates through the wind
  • It is an attention-grabbing piece
  • It is easy to line up due to the arrow printed on the side
  • You have many colors to pick from: red, yellow, green, orange and pink


  • You might find it a bit on the high side in terms of the price
  • The colors are not fit for all players

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9. Mizuno MP-S

Mizuno MP-S

Tagged as the ball that loves to spin, the Mizuno MP-S gives you plenty of control and also a soft feel.

It has also been made to give you great distance with these features:

  • A urethane cover
  • A 330 dimple pattern
  • And then, a larger inner core


  • The performance, feel and control are excellent
  • It has the ability to blend between three-and-a-half sets
  • A little more cushion is available with the SCs and MMCs
  • It is sleek, slender and thus pleasing to the eye
  • Soft and buttery feeling


  • It is expensive
  • Only the top players can use it
  • You need an extra muscle to stop the clubhead from twisting

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10. Bridgestone B330-S

Bridgestone B330-S

This one has been used by Tiger Woods and is a three-layer ball made to give accuracy and distance. With the core and cover combine for heaps of stability between the club and ball. This gives more control and offers distance.

These are its features:

  • A Slipres cover
  • A tour core
  • A dual dimple
  • And also a seamless cover


  • Great Spin
  • Good speed
  • It is pretty flat on wedge shots
  • Accurate
  • Durable


  • Loud sound on chips and putts
  • You must be aware of your swing speed to get the right ball with this golf ball.

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These are the best golf balls you have around. So, do make your choice and tee off to stardom! Find reviews of the best golf bags and golf drivers on this website as well.