Top 10 Best Rated Golf Drivers 2020


The driver, which is golf’s most personalized club has evolved over the years. It ranges from varying degrees of adjustability to none at all. There are also drivers for those who notice the tiniest change in loft and face angle and the center of gravity.

In this list, we have compiled the best golf drivers for 2020, without arranging them in any particular order. This is done so that we can help you reduce the stress of choosing the best golf driver suitable for your needs and demands.

Best Golf Driver 2020

1. Callaway GBB Epic/Sub Zero

Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero

This is the most successful launch from Callaway since the 1990s. It is designed to change how drivers flex with its two titanium bars behind the face which connects the crown to the sole, keeping the flex at impact to the face. Its features are:

– Two titanium bars

– Maximum ball speed

– Lightweight composite in the crown and sole

– Front and back weights in the lower spinning Sub Zero

– Adjustable hosel

– Loft: 9, 10.5


-Excellent performance

-Good innovation

-Looks and feels great

-Maximum ball speed

Cons: None Known

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2. Callaway Rogue

Callaway Rogue

This driver with its jumbo look has Callaway’s largest triaxial carbon crown which screams forgiveness. Its features are listed below:

– Lighter internal structure

– Two titanium bars running from the crown to the sole behind the face to stabilize the head

– Saved weight

– Loft: 9, 10.5

– Adjustable Hosel


– Forgiveness

– Powerful

– Stabilized head

– Saved weight

– Looks and feels great

– High performance


– Ball speed barely noticeable

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3. Cobra King F8

Cobra King F8

This excellent golf driver with its perfect weight saving tolerance that is aimed at a better performance is an innovative form of science from Cobra. Its features are:

-Automated computer milling to form titanium face inserts

-Subtle curvature

-High launch

-Lightweight carbon-composite crown

-Movable sole weight

-3-degree range hosel adjustability

-Loft: adjustable hosel from 9-12 degrees



-Saves weight

-More ball speed

-Higher launch on mishits

-Muted sound

-Responsive and soft


-Feel is not so great

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4. Ping G400

Ping G400

This golf driver with its great forgiveness which pushes to make the worst of our mis-hits more playable has made our list of the best golf drivers with its great features which are listed below:

– Front to back crown shape

-Thin crown

-Tungsten weight deep in the sole

-Drag-reducing ridges on the crown

-Adjustable hosel from +1/-1 degree



-Forgiving head


-It is easy to hit

-An excellent frame


– A tad small

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5. TaylorMade M3/440

TaylorMade M3 440

This excellent golf driver has remarkable features which are:

-About 13,000 adjustable settings

-An epic stability

-Carbon-composite panels in the crown and sole

-Thin and light sole and crown

-Twisted face design

-Subtle contrasting face curve

-Loft: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 12; 440: 9,10

-Adjustable hosel from +2/-2 degrees


-Firm, powerful sound

-Various adjustable options

-Gentle sound

-Looks, feels and sounds great


-Low forgiveness

-A tad complex

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6. TaylorMade M4

TaylorMade M4

This golf driver whose priorities are forgiveness and improved ball speed has features which are listed below:

– Carbon composite in crown

– It has a light, thin face

– A pair of struts

– Long sole slot

– A contrasting face curve

– Loft: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 12

– Adjustable hosel +2/-2 degrees


-It is easy to draw

-Great forgiveness

-An excellent ball speed

-Has a stable off-center hits

-It offers a higher launch

-It is affordable

-Compact design

-Great shape

-It is powerful

-Great look


-It has less movable screws

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7. Titleist 917D2

Titleist 917D2

This classy and techy golf driver has 16 independent loft and lie hosel setting. It also has excellent features which distinguishes it from other drivers as follow:

-16 independent loft and lie hosel settings

-The drive has 112 ball flight options

-It has two heads

-It comes with seven lofts

-There is an adjustable sole weight

-An angled shape

-An improved sole channel

-Selective thinning in the heel and toe potions

-Loft: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 12

-An adjustable hosel +1.5/-75 degrees


-It is stable

-It has good forgiveness

-It has a comfortable sound and feel


-It has an old school design

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8. Cleveland Launcher HB

Cleveland Launcher HB

This simple and basic golf driver offers great forgiveness on mis-hits and a higher launch.  It features are:


-A higher launch

-There is a stepped crown and sole


-Loft: 9, 10.5, 12


-It is affordable

-Great forgiveness for off-center hits

-It has great flex for better distance

-It sounds great


-There is no adjustable hosel

-There are no movable weight

-It is too basic

-The design is old

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9. Mizuno GT180

Mizuno GT180

This very changeable golf driver from Mizuno is a powerful driver with specially designed high-strength titanium alloy in the face. Its features are:

-There are 2 movable weights

-It has 3 weight tracks

-There is a sliding chip on sole

-There are adjustable hosel up to 4 degrees

-It has a high-strength titanium face alloy

-It has varied face thickness

-Loft: adjustable hosel 7.5-11.5 degrees


-It is powerful

-It is very easy to control

-It has a pleasant sound

-There is great adjustability


-It is not so curvable

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10. Mizuno ST180

Mizuno ST180

This driver with its great forgiveness is rated highly by golfers and top reviewers and it possesses these features which are:

-There is a deep weight pad in the back

-It has a thin crown with an internal waffle pattern

-The drive has a wave sole

-It has a superplastic titanium alloy made selectively thinner

-Loft: two models with adjustable hosel (7.5-11.5 degrees and 10.5-14.5 degrees)


-It offers a good distance

-Its spin is easy to control

-It has a smooth impact

-It is calm and has a great look


-A large driver

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We believe you won’t find it difficult to buy a good golf driver now, this list should help you make the right decision!