Top 10 Best Rated Hair Dryers 2023

Hair dryers are one of the most used hair styling tools. And if you are also looking forward to getting a new one, this article is meant to help you with that. There are so many hair dryers available out there, but getting a great one can be very challenging. To save you from the troubles of looking for a good hairdryer, we cooked up this article, to present you some great hairdryers available in the market.

Best Hair Dryers 2023

1. Revlon One-Step

The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer is arguably one of the best hair dryers you could possible find out there. This product is not only a hair dryer but also a styling tool. Furthermore, the dryer is capable of creating volume, and could be used with nearly all hair textures. The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer has a somewhat unique shape which helps it greatly reduce frizz and also helps it create smooth styles. The dryer is great, but when it comes to curly styles, it does not perform so well.

  • Oval brush shape
  • Tufted bristles
  • Nylon pin

Price: $53.99


  • Saves time when styling
  • Easy to use


  • Not dual voltage

2. Revlon 1875W

The Revlon 1875W Hair Dryer is another of the Revlon products we shortlisted. It takes the form of traditional hair dryers and happens to be very affordable. This product would be ideal for someone who just need a basic hair dryer they could use at home. The Revlon 1875W Hair Dryer is small and light, making it possible to be carried around. One of things some users complained about this dryer, is that it is not a dual voltage product.

  • 1875 watts

Price: $9.94


  • Lightweight and small
  • Easy to use


  • Not dual voltage

3. Conair 1875W

Here comes another product on our shortlist. The hairdryer was designed for people who need a product that is not just meant for basic hair styling. Just like the two dryers that have been listed so far, the Revlon 1875W Hair Dryer is also not a dual voltage product. It is furthermore also a 1875 watts tool. The hair dryer is available in two colors, so if you end up not liking one color, you could always go for the other color.

  • Frizz reduction technology
  • 5 foot power cord

Price: $14.45


  • Smooth styles with extra shines
  • Two colors


  • Does not come with diffuser
  • Not dual voltage

4. Revlon 1875W

Here comes another cool hair dryer from Revlon. The Revlon 1875W Hair Dryer is an affordable hair dryer that takes safety of its users very serious. The product is an infrared hair dryer, making it fast and safer to use. If you happen to be the kind who carries hair dryer around, this dryer should not get in your way. The product has a light weight, meaning you could easily carry it around with you. However, this does not mean the product is small. In fact, it is bulky, but that should not be a problem if your bag is a little large.

  • Infrared drying
  • 1875 watts

Price: $21.99


  • Styling accessories
  • Faster and safer


  • Somewhat bulky

5. Remington D3190

Another budget-friendly product, is the Remington D3190 Hair Dryer. This product is budget-friendly, but yet, features advanced technologies and has a good number of features. The dryer comes with styling accessories which enable the styling of so many types and textures of hair. The Remington D3190 Hair Dryer is good at protecting hairs from damage, thanks to its damage protection technology. While this product is pretty good, it may not be easy to carry around, as the product is somewhat large.

  • Hair damage protection

Price: $19.84


  • Ceramic, Ionic, and Tourmaline technology
  • Damage protection


  • Somewhat large


The INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875W Hair Dryer is also a great product and also a very common product. This hair dryer is a lightweight product, making it possible to use it for a long period without stressing your hands. The product is furthermore better at reducing frizz, than a lot of other products other there. Even though this hair dryer is a budget-friendly dryer, it features a powerful and professional motor. The INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875W Hair Dryer can not be folded up, making it a little bulky for storage.

  • Diffuser and concentrator
  • Cold shot button
  • 1875 watts

Price: $24.94


  • Powerful and professional motor


  • Does not fold up

7. Conair 1600W

Most dryers presented in this article are not dual voltage products. However, if a dual voltage product is of great importance to you, you should consider this Conair 1600W Hair Dryer. The Conair 1600W Hair Dryer is a dual voltage hair dryer and also a lightweight dryer. The product is small, weighs only about 1 pound, and it is foldable. All these make it an ideal dryer for people who carry dryers with them, when travelling.

  • 1600 watts

Price: $14.99


  • 1 pound weight
  • Dual voltage


  • Does not come with accessories

8. BaByliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme

The BaByliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Dryer is a powerful hair dryer. It is a 2000-watt product, making it capable of drying hair faster than so many other dryers. The product furthermore uses infrared for its drying, making it a safer dryer. The BaByliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Dryer is no doubt a product of high quality, but it does not score well in the aspect of weight. The product is heavy, and it may also get hot when used for a long period.

  • 2000 watts

Price: $59.95


  • 6 speed/heat settings
  • Cold shot buttons
  • Very powerful


  • Gets hot after some time
  • Heavy

9. BaByliss Pro BABNT053T

The BaByliss Pro BABNT053T is another product for those interested in a small product capable of being carried around. The dryer is a 1000-watt dryer and it has a light weight. Another nice thing about the BaByliss Pro BABNT053T is that it is a dual voltage product.

  • Removable filter/stand
  • 1000 watts

Price: $32.99


  • Dual voltage
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable


  • Less powerful

10. Conair 1875W

Last on our shortlist, is the Conair 1875W Hair Dryer. The Conair 1875W Hair Dryer is also a very good product and it is pretty common. The dryer is a 1875-watt product and furthermore a lightweight tool. With the help of its tourmaline technology, your hair is protected from dangerous heating effects. The Conair 1875W Hair Dryer also does a pretty good job when it comes to removing frizz.

  • 1875 watts

Price: $30.46


  • Includes accessories
  • Budget-friendly
  • Cool shot


  • Attachments may fall when dryer gets hot

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