Top 10 Best Rated Hearing Aids 2023

Hearing aids areĀ built for helping people with hearing loss live a healthy life. Hearing loss comes in many forms and for varying reasons. Hearing healthcare has a lot of hearing aids that look and sound good, so making a choice on which one works best for you can prove challenging.

Believing what companies say about their products will probably prove to be self-defeating, which is why we have put together a list of the best hearing aids here.

Based on the analysis of customer reports, we have listed hearing aids according to their quality scores.

Note: all the listed products share similar ratings in the number of microphones (mostly 3), noise cancellation, functionality, design, volume level, and technology. Their scores in these categories determine their positions.

Best Hearing Aids 2023

1. Eargo (Max, Neo, Plus)

Eargo is a cutting-edge brand in design and function. The sleeker designs in their arsenal so slick that they are almost invisible in use. Eargo devices are built with comfort in mind, being composed of silicone Flexis.

Most Eargo designs are also rechargeable. The Eargo Max is a mid-level model while the Eargo Neo is for mild to moderate hearing loss. All Eargo models use the Eago App and have excellent noise reduction features.


  • Their design won awards
  • Has unlimited, lifetime support
  • They are Rechargeable
  • Cheap


  • Only available in pairs
  • Not great for severe hearing loss
  • Only three models are available

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2. Signia

While Signia is new in the market, their acquisition by the siemens giant in 2015 means they have a lot of experience to draw on. Siemens built a reputation for innovation and products with high-end features.

Come 2023, and Signia controlled about 25% of the worldwide hearing aid market. Their Cellion Primax was the first hearing aid with inductive-charging.

Their products are excellent, enough said.


  • They have a broad range of products
  • Abundant features are available
  • They provide an online hearing test
  • Innovative designs


  • Too new
  • Their website is fairly clustered
  • No published product supports

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3. MDHearingAid

MDHearingAid offers easily customized models for their customers, so it’s pricing largely depends on what features you want to add. They offer a 45 days trial period, and their products have very advanced features.

The hearing aids come in 3 distinct models, and they are the only hearing aids that can be purchased on a website.


  • Cheap
  • Can be purchased on their website
  • 45 days of a free trial


  • Warranty is short
  • Few models
  • You handle adjustments yourself

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4. Widex

The Widex company is based in Denmark, and they are famous for making devices that last. These hearing aids can easily distinguish between background noise and conversations. They are one of the largest ear aid manufacturers.

Widex devices connect through WidexLink instead of Bluetooth. This they claim, is what makes their Audiology devices the best.

They are famous for pioneering a lot of hearing aid features, including real-time use, AI, and machine learning. One of the most recent is Evoke, but any Widex device you purchase is, without doubt, the best you can get for your money.


  • Free trial
  • Most widely available
  • Water-resistant
  • Highly advanced features are available
  • A well-respected brand with very transparent warranty procedure


  • Variable prices
  • Can’t be purchased from their website

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5. Phonak

Phonak is a Swiss-owned company famous for developing the Roger Pen and in-classroom FM technology. Phonak specializes in providing ear aids for children and is a leader at providing technological solutions to hearing loss.

BBB gave them an A+ rating, and you can’t do better than that.


  • Over 20 models available
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Some models have 30 day’s free trial


  • Expensive
  • No pricing on their website
  • Most models have no trial period

6. Starkey

Starkey like all the already listed brands is famous for innovating the first in-canal hearing aid and custom digital invisible hearing aid. Their Halo model was the first hearing aid for iPhone.

You honestly don’t get better at building hearing aids than Starkey. Their models all include Bluetooth, internet connectivity, digital feedback reduction, directional microphones, and many others.


  • There is a 30 day’s trial
  • They provide an online hearing test
  • They have a lot of features
  • They have a lot of models available


  • They don’t include exotic technology
  • They give no warranty details
  • The price is not listed on their website

7. Miracle Ear

Being one of the oldest in the market, Miracle-Ear is a steady hand in hearing aid designs. They pioneered several innovations in hearing aid technology and are available globally.

Their Genius technology is revolutionary.


  • Over 70 years of service
  • A lot of hearing aid models
  • Online hearing test
  • Lifetime customer service
  • They have a foundation to help the needy


  • Expensive
  • Not available everywhere
  • Prices are not listed on their website

8. Resound

Their Enya line is one of the best low budget hearing aids on the market. They also provide pediatric ear aids for with custom features for kids, teens, and extra powerful ones for severe hearing loss.

With Resound, you always get your money’s worth.


  • Over 70 years of Innovation
  • Best at severe hearing loss aid
  • They provide online hearing tests
  • Slick design
  • Very cheap


  • No pricing on their website
  • Ease of use is not the best
  • The technology is average

9. Unitron

While not very popular by specific standards, they have a reputation of outstanding customer service. Based out of Ontario, Unitron provides very flexible ear aids with a reasonable trial period.

They may be relatively new to the scene, but they have established their brand as one of the best. Their designs are very modern and come with a lot of extra features.


  • It is Bluetooth compatible, with iPhone connectivity
  • It can run on tinnitus App
  • You’ll get your money’s worth
  • It is reliable
  • Cheap


  • Not the best sound quality
  • Battery life is average

10. Oticon

Oticon is an old company, with over 100 years of history in this market. They pioneered wireless ear aid, and their devices come with rechargeable packs.

Oticon models have the best sound quality, aesthetics, and are well represented across the board in other features.


  • Brilliant aesthetic
  • Long battery life
  • Easily rechargeable
  • Excellent sound quality


  • They make bold claims that may sometimes be false
  • Recent group
  • Pricy

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