Top 10 Best Rated Instant Read Thermometers 2023

An instant read thermometer comprises of a stainless steel stem that serves as a temperature probe, and either a dial or a digital readout. One of the advantages of the analog type (the kind with the dial) is that they can be calibrated relatively easily, so you will be sure of always getting a true reading.

Best Instant Read Thermometer 2023

1. ThermoPop


The ThermoPop is a fast and accurate read thermometer. It is user-friendly, and designed at a budget price point.

The producers of the ThermoPop, “Thermoworks” are all about thermometers and have a large range of temperature measuring tools available. Alot of Years of experience in designing thermometers for professional pitmasters and the food services industry shines through in the clever and thoughtful design of the ThermoPop.Speculations Include:

  • A rotating screen
  • A backlit screen
  • Abilityto switch between °C and °F.


  • Clever design touches
  • Long battery life
  • Splash-proof design


  • Uses thermistor technology
  • Probe housing

2. Lavatools Javelin Pro


The Lavatools Javelin Pro has a great accuracy at ± 0.9°F. You don’t have to worry about overcooking your steaks or serving under-cooked poultry with this unit.
In addition to being super accurate, the Lavatools Javelin Pro is able to read the temperature of food in as little as 2 – 3 seconds. Specification include:

  • Intelligent Stabilization Alert
  • Backbit Display
  • Abilityto Display in °C and °F.


  • It has a simple design
  • It is easy to use
  • Low end price


  • The unit  is large and bulky.
  • The hinge can be stiff to open.

3. Mister Chefer Instant Read Thermometer


The Mister Chefer thermometer is another low priced option that comes with some nice extras. It has the necessary functions you would need in an instant-read thermometer.
The Mister Chefer is accurate to ±1°F, which is very respectable. It has an average reading time of 3 – 4 seconds it is not the quickest of thermometers, but fast enough not to be a hindrance to effective regular use.

Unlike any other thermometers on this list, the Mister Chefer has a wide temperature range from -58℉ to 572℉, which means you can do a lot more than cook on the grill or smoker with this thing.Speculations include:

  • Backlit display.
  • Calibration of unit
  • Ability to Display in °C and °F.


  • It is cheap and affordable
  • It is reliable


  • It would be easier to use if the display rotated
  • It doesn’t have a long battery life.

4. Thermoworks Thermapen 4


This   is considered by many to be the Gold Standard when it comes to digital instant-read thermometers and the unit that is arguably most copied on the market. It is the most accurate one on our list, coming in at ±0.7°F of the exact temperature. It is also one of the fastest thermometers on our list, with a rate of 2 – 3 seconds reading time.

With one of the most extensive ranges in this list the thermoworks thermapen 4 has a temperature range of -58.0 to 572.0°F. features include

  • Rotating display
  • Automatic backlit display
  • Automatic probe


  • Incredible fast and accurate reading
  • It is easy to use


  • It is very expensive

5. Lavatools PT12 Javelin Digital

This is a lower version of Lavatools Javelin Pro thermometer discussed above,it’s unit is basically the bare bones equivalent with fewer features. Just like the Pro model above, the PT12 is accurate to within ±0.9°F, making it a very capable thermometer. It can read the internal temperature of meat in 3 – 4 seconds, just a tiny bit longer than the Pro. Just like the Pr model above this can read temperatures between -40°F to 482°F. Specifications include:

  • Auto-off function when you open and close the probe.


  • The compact unit is great.
  • Itis fast and accurate.
  • It is cheap.


  • No backlit display for night time grilling.
  • A rotating display would make it easier to read.

6. Taylor Precision Infrared/Thermocouple Thermometer


This unit is an interesting piece of kit that is different from others on this list. It is a dual function unit, that is able to read the internal temp of the meat by a probe, but can also read surface temperatures.

In other words, you will be able to read the temp of surfaces to determine their temperature, making sure it’s hot enough before you start searing meat.
The unit accuracy varies depending on the temperature: 14°F – ±2°F; 14°F to 149°F ±1°F; Above 149°F ±1% of the temperature being read.

The temperature range differs. The infrared temperature ranges from -67° to 482°F. While the thermocouple temperature ranges from -67°F to 626°F. Features include:

  • Infrared thermometer
  • LED lights


  • Measure both internal and surface temperatures


  • Lack of a backlit screen
  • Smallscreen
  • Difficultto read.

7. Surround Point Digital Instant Read Thermometer


The Surround Point Digital instant Read Thermometer is a nice thermometer at a lower price point. It does have a neat feature where it will actually speak out or readl the temperature reading, so is good for those who are visually impaired. Just like most all the thermometers we’re looking at, it has a fast reading time of approx. 4 seconds. This unit has a wide temperature range of -58℉ to 572℉. Specifications include:

  • Automatic temperature readings.
  • Ability to Display in °C and °F.
  • Backlit display


  • Low price point
  • Youcan hear the temperature at the push of a button


  • It would be nice if the display could have rotated

8. DILISS Instant Read Meat Thermometer


This thermometer is definitely one of the best for your buck, being one of the cheaper units on this list. It makes it very basic in what it offers with no frills or fuss.The folding probe can come within ±0.9°F accuracy making this thermometer capable. Specifications include:

  • A built-in magnet
  • Automatic temperature readings


  •  The temperature chart is printed on the thermometer.


  • No backlit display

9. ThermoPro TP19 Digital Meat Thermometer


ThermoPro produce a wide range of budget priced digital thermometers.TP-19 is a solid upgrade over the popular TP-15 instant read digital meat thermometer.
The main specs are impressive, with 2-3 second read time and accuracy of ±0.9°F. Specifications include:

  • Automatic temperature readings


  • Bang for buck
  • 100% Waterproof


  • Read time is slow

10 ThermoPro Remote Wireless Digital Thermometer


Would it not be nice to be able to check the temperature from across the room? One can do that with this wireless meat thermometer. It has a 300 foot range, so you can’t move to the neighbor’s house, but far enough to keep you away from the heat.
It reads temperature from 32 to 572 degrees with an accuracy of +/- 1.5 degrees. Specifications include

  • Backlit display
  • Automatictemperature readings
  • Bluetooth


  • It is reliable and accurate


  • it’s not quite as fast as digital models

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