Best IP Scanner Software 2023

It may not seem that way, but IP scanners are some of the most complex parts of the vast internet machinery. These simple identification codes must be unique within a network of sometimes millions of users.

Admittedly, a vast majority of administrators use one or another form of IP address management tool. However, these simple files have nothing on a dedicated IP Scanner software when monitoring who plugs into your network. Many of these tools are available for free, but the best IP scanner software will often hide behind a paywall.

1. Advanced IP Scanner

Despite what the name suggests, Advanced IP Scanner software is very easy to use and is exceptionally popular. The network tool is also one of the few high-performing network software that is 100% free. However, Advanced IP Scanner is only compatible with Windows OS at the moment. So, Mac users will have to consider one of our other options here. Among the many things the software allows you to do is remotely control devices and CSV report exporting.


  • Intuitive use
  • Scanning speed is one of the best
  • Completely free
  • Comprehensive scanability
  • Can also list network shares
  • Supplies report as a text


  • No platform cross-compatibility
  • Not sophisticated enough for big companies

2. SolarWinds IP Tracker

The company has made itself a name for designing many free tools that address network issues across the internet. However, SolarWinds IP Scanner software isn’t one of these free tools, although it does have a 30-day free trial. It excels at resolving network conflict issues and also allows you extensive control over those connected to your network. You can even directly edit the MAC address, hostname, and more of associated devices.


  • Intuitive operation
  • Offers a free trial
  • Can track up to 254 IP addresses
  • Best for small-scale managements
  • Well-known company
  • Can automatically detect network issues


  • Doesn’t fix issues automatically
  • Not the best compatibility with other software
  • Limited language options

3. SolarWinds IP Address Manager

Unlike the more popular SolarWinds IP tracker, this software allows for a massive two-million IP address management. It’s an ideal choice for big companies with millions of associated devices and a need for thorough IP scanners. Unlike the small-business-friendly option, this tool also interacts with your existing DHCP and DNS servers.


  • Handles a massive IP address list
  • Offers a free trial
  • Integrates some DHCP servers from Microsoft and others
  • Automatic subnet monitoring
  • A true DDI solution
  • Can alert you of network conflicts


  • Pricy subscription
  • No built-in DNS/DHCP capabilities

4. Angry IP Scanner

Getting an IP Scanner that works on both Mac and Windows is rare, but Angry scanner does that and more. The network tool also works on Linux and is 100% open-source. It scans your subnets or networks and can automatically resolve hosts and MAC.


  • Provides NetBIOS to compatible hosts
  • Wide scanning ability
  • Can handle text IP address range
  • Exports scan reports
  • 100% free tool
  • Doubles as a port scanner


  • Not as extensive a support as paid scanners
  • Complicated command structure

5. BlueCat Address Manager

It also includes an automated DDI management tool like Angry IP scanner software but offers fewer data. However, the subscription isn’t cheap, and it uses a web-based interface instead of the traditional system-based UI.


  • Supports Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Can scale massively
  • Can handle IPv6 networks
  • Include integrated modelling tools


  • Scanning range isn’t extensive
  • High subscription

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