Top 10 Best Rated Irons 2023

There are many types of Iron with some using steam while others stick with just heat for ironing. Regardless, we can all agree that wearing a cloth that isn’t properly ironed is ungentlemanly. The preference for steam irons is not without cause though, since they require less effort to use and are lighter. Advances in technology mean that even a lightweight iron has everything you need to look presentable.

With over a thousand model, the search for the best option is often tiring and filled with tragic stories. From models that didn’t meet expectations to those that are not what they claimed, there are disappointing models everywhere. Among the criteria, we looked at when making this list were weight, price, material, heating speed, and water capacity.

Best Iron 2023

1. Rowenta DW5080 Focus Iron

Rowenta is a common name for those who have much steam iron experience because, for people living in the US, Rowenta is brilliant with hard water. It is a superb combination of ergonomic controls with ease-of-use and unparalleled steam generation ability.


·         Very effective and highly efficient

·         Brilliant precision tip for difficult to reach places

·         High power

·         Stable and self-cleaning

·         Vertical Steam capable

·         Auto-off function

·         Auto-steam feature

·         Anti-calc and a self-clean system


·         Heavy

·         Requires a lot of water to keep the Steam coming

·         Expensive

2. Rowenta DW5197

It is a German design that combines high steam generation power with unparalleled performance.  Rowenta DW5197 is made especially for tailors and designers with a reliable construction model. The ergonomic thermostat control makes it’s heating precise and it performs well even after a long start.


·         Brilliant for pleating and embossing

·         High steam generation

·         Anti-drip and self-cleaning

·         Has vertical steam

·         Powerful

·         Efficient and professional performance

·         Stylish with a powerful burst


·         Low tank capacity

·         No auto-off feature

3. Philips Gc5039/30 Azur Elite

Philips’ OptimalTEMP technology is a revolutionary technology that removes the need for temperature control dials. Depending on what you are ironing, Azur Elite automatically adjusts the temperature accordingly. There are also three steam modes for Philips, the Ionic, Max, and DynamicQ.


·         High-pressure Steam

·         Fast ironing

·         Easy to use with a brilliant performance

·         Lightweight

·         Smart ironing

·         Auto-everything feature

·         The smooth, scratch-resistant soleplate


·         Expensive

·         Stops working at optimum capacity too soon

4. Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master

Another Rowenta model, the Pro Master, has an exceptionally comfortable handle, and extra-large water tanks. It is significantly cheaper than its cousin and comes with a powerful steam feature.


·         Vertical Steam capable

·         Largest water tank

·         Impressive warranty

·         Variable steam feature

·         Excellent precision tip for tracking difficult areas

·         Anti-calc and self-clean feature

·         Remarkable power and performance

·         1-year guarantee


·         Heavy

·         Short cord

·         The water level is not easily seen

5. Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 3100 W 20630

Russell Hobbs is a 3100-watts powered beast. You cannot get your ironing done quicker than with Hobbs. Its super-smooth ceramic soleplate smoothly glides through the toughest creases. Russell Hobs has abundant water tank capacity to make sure you are never out of Steam.


·         Large water tank

·         Well balanced and stylish

·         Impressive performance

·         Long-lasting model

·         Variable steam feature

·         Auto-off feature

·         Affordable


·         Heavy

·         Handle, and control are not well positioned

·         Does not handle heavy water well

6. Sunbeam Steam Master GCSBSP-201-FFP

As a china manufactured product, Sunbeam is ridiculously cheap. It is high-performance and capable of removing creases under challenging areas. While it does not feature as much technology as the other models, its large water tank and Exceptional durability make it a choice model.


·         Stainless steel soleplate

·         Nonstick soles and variable steam features

·         Light

·         Anti-calc and self-cleaning

·         Efficient anti-drip function

·         Fast steam production

·         Long cord

·         Cheap


·         Not very powerful

·         Awkward design

7. Breville Press Xpress Steam Iron

Breville is a name often associated with home appliances, although not irons but the only word that represents Xpress is reliable. Premium ceramic makes the soleplate which is wide enough for most fabrics and smooth in operation. It also sports a larger than usual water tank to go with powerful steam production. Since the tank is transparent, the water level is also easily monitored.

Press Xpress has an on/off feature for better control over the iron’s operation.


·         Makes neat and smooth presses

·         Powerful steam production

·         Lightweight and compact

·         Long cord for easier movement

·         Convenient, ergonomic handling

·         Wide soleplate


·         Expensive

·         Leaks may occur

·         No anti-stick feature for the soleplate

·         Lasts for just two-years

8. Morphy Richards 303125 Electronic Steam Iron

It supports up to 3100W of power with a small 0.4-litre tank that produces steam in both normal and burst mode. Morphy Richards is a budget iron choice with vertical steam capabilities and limescale management.


·         Fast steam production

·         Budget price

·         Durable and reliable

·         Vertical steam

·         Soleplate is stainless steel construction


·         Black and small water tank

·         Not enough features

9. Black & Decker D3030 Allure Iron

It combines with excellence dynamic steam technology with high power for the most high-quality performance. The handle offers an ergonomic comfort while maintaining a surprising ease-of-use.


·         160W power

·         Wide spout for easy refilling

·         Soleplate is stainless steel

·         Can switch off automatically

·         Dynamic steam technology for more steam

·         Separate temperature and steam controls

·         Burst function

·         Affordable


·         No on/off button

·         Poorly calibrated tank

·         No anti-calc, anti-stick, or self-clean

·         Uncoated soleplate

10. Panasonic NI-E660SR Adjustable Steam Iron

E660SR is a beautifully designed iron with a curved soleplate and a U-shaped base. The design allows for comfortable ironing by concentrating pressure on the centre of the plate. It is a hybrid steam iron and dry iron model and is famed for its low tugging design.


·         Curved, stainless steel, nonstick soleplate

·         Easily viewed water tank

·         Can act as a dry iron

·         Effective design


·         No anti-drip

·         Low power

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