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Best Laptop Deals Today, Right Now & This Week

Finding the best laptop deals on any given day can be a herculean task if you don’t know exactly where to go so we’ve created this article which helps you find the most amazing deals on laptops today and every other day.

We looked at the biggest retail brands for consumer electronics and found their daily deals page for laptops where it existed and the nearest substitute page where a special deals page did not exist. Here you go:

Amazon Laptop Deals

Amazon is the largest e-tailer in the world and has an enormous inventory comprising of any laptop you’re in need of.

Amazon has a special page for the best deals on laptops and netbooks which is updated daily, all you need to do is visit the page, select the laptop deal you like, add to your cart, pay and have it delivered to you.

View Amazon’s Deals

Best Buy Laptop Deals

Best Buy is a reputable consumer electronics retailer in the US and has a good online presence as well.

Best Buy has some really great deals on laptops and netbooks updated every day, these deals consist of laptops on sale and are curated by Best Buy staff.

View Best Buy’s Deals

Walmart Laptop Deals

Walmart does not seem to have a dedicated deals page for laptops but it still curates some really good deals on a generic looking landing page. You should still be able to get a good laptop deal here too.

View Walmart’s Best Laptop Deals

eBay Laptop Deals

eBay has a dedicated landing page which features all the laptop and netbook deals each day, there are hundreds of laptop deals across several different types and brands of laptops which means you will likely get a very good deal, head over to eBay and check them out.

View eBay’s Deals

Target Laptop Deals

Target is a well-respected electronics retailer offline and has some online presence as well and should have a landing page with the best deals on laptops updated daily, unfortunately, it seems it has no special page dedicated for this.

Aliexpress Laptop Deals

Aliexpress is a popular Chinese e-tailer with an international presence, it’s website has an English version and it has a huge inventory of several products including laptops and netbooks at affordable prices.

Most people are wary of buying electronic devices on the website as it might be quite difficult to ship the item back to China if it happens to be defective however it might be worth the risk if the deal is really good.

View Aliexpress’ Deals

Costco Laptop Deals

Like many of the retailers on this list, Costco does not seem to have a dedicated landing page for the best deals on laptops daily, what they have is a category page merchandised with the best deals over a period of time. You should still be able to get some good bargains there though.

View Costco’s Deals

There you go, the best deals from the biggest retailers in the US. We hope you can get the laptop you want from one of these companies based on the recommendations we have given, good luck!

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