Top 10 Best Rated Latex Mattresses 2023

Thinking of buying a Latex mattress? Then we have good news for you as we have reviewed the best Latex mattresses to help you in making the right choice that will suit your taste and needs. Latex mattresses are very important because they help in preventing, and reducing pain while you sleep as well as relieve pressure points.

Additionally, the latex mattress offers motion isolation, and is ideal for those who sweat a lot when sleeping as they have less heat retention. Making a choice of the best latex mattress to buy can sometimes be a difficult task, here are the best ten latex mattresses in 2023.

Best Latex Mattress 2023

  1. Eco Terra Natural Latex Mattress

The Eco Terra Natural Mattress is a latex mattress made from 100 percent natural latex material having no added additives or fillers. This mattress has a medium firmness rating and comes with a suitable size for side sleepers.

Its organic cotton fabric soft foam provides added comfort while you sleep. It is also a perfect substitute to memory foam.

Price: $780


  • The mattress is extremely comfortable without feeling like you are sinking into it.


  • The king size mattress may fit too narrow for most bed frames.
  • Contains polyurethane which can emit a strong odor for sensitive noses.
  1. LCH 10 Inch Queen Latex Hybrid Mattress

This LCH 10 Inch Queen Latex Hybrid Mattress is an innerspring enclosed coil firm mattress that also contains memory foam. In order to provide a comfortable sleep as well as provide comfort, this mattress comes with 5 layers of foam. Additionally, it is odorless and does not contain flame retardant chemicals.

Furthermore, it has a medium firmness level and is suitable for those who are suffering from neck, shoulder, and back pains. Also, its 900 coils surrounded by individual pockets help to provide a localized bounce in separate areas.

Price: $780


  • They offer a 20-year warranty
  • You have 120 days to return the mattress free of charge.
  • Helps in the reduction of back pain was reported after a few weeks of use.


  • Some consumers have had to purchase a mattress pad to go with it.
  • It is on the pricier side compared to its competitors.
  1. Latex for Less 9-inch Natural Latex Mattress

The Latex for Less 9-inch Natural Latex Mattress is a twin size mattress having 8 inches of pure, natural latex. Also its uses organic wool as a fire barrier as an alternative to harsh chemical retardants. In addition, it has a two-sided design to provide alternating levels of comfort as may be needed time to time.

Price: $663.09


  • Made from certified organic cotton.
  • Comes with a 20-year warranty.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Some consumers have complained the mattress has a musty odor.
  • There have been complaints that the medium side of the mattress feels the same as the medium firm side.
  1. Swiss Ortho Sleep Latex Mattress

The Swiss Ortho Sleep Latex Mattress is a 3 layered latex mattress that is reversible with a bamboo cover. This latex mattress is designed to be temperature sensitive and forms to your own body.

This latex mattress can be gotten in the king, queen, full or twin sizes. Also, it is equipped with a 3-inch layer that helps to guarantee a comfortable sleep. These layers include 4 inches of comfort foam, latex and memory foam all covered in a white breathable bamboo cover.

Price: $269.99


  • The mattress comes in all sizes.
  • One of the most affordable mattresses compared to its competitors.
  • This company offers a 10-year warranty on all of their mattresses.


  • Consumers have complained about poor customer service.
  • The mattress can be too soft for customers with back problems.
  1. Best 2 Rest 10 Inch Natural Latex Foam Mattress

This latex mattress is composed of 1 inch of gel-infused foam, 2 inches of natural latex and 7 inches of high-density foam thereby providing the needed contour to the body for a deep and restful sleep. In addition, the Best 2 Rest latex mattress is made of 100% organic cotton, is easy to set up and does not contain harsh chemicals.

Price: $501.28


  • It comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • It is made with organic, hypoallergenic cotton.
  • Fits comfortably on any king size bed frame.


  • The mattress takes time to return to its plush shape after setup.
  • It contains some synthetic, polyurethane material.
  1. Lucid 16-Inch Plush Latex Mattress

This latex mattress comes with four layers made of infused bamboo charcoal, certified foam and natural latex. As a result, the user experiences pressure relief while sleeping.

Additionally, the bamboo charcoal memory foam comes covered in a breathable Tencel blend cover. It also comes with the open cell technology which helps to prevent body impressions.

Price: $699.99


  • Comes with a 25-year warranty.
  • Its body indents fill quickly as you roll over or get up.
  • The softness of this mattress is wonderful for sleeping and lounging. It should not hinder any activities, or make noise.


  • This mattress can be a lot hotter to sleep on over its competitors.
  • It comes with a plastic-like smell that should subside after 24 hours.
  1. Sunrising Bedding 8 Inch Hybrid Natural Latex Mattress

This latex mattress makes use of Talalay technology which is a latex layer that provides pressure relief by responding immediately to every move you make on the bed. Also, its natural latex helps to fight off mold, dust mites while at the same time regulating temperature.

It Is worthy to note that Sunrising Bedding does not contain toxins, chemicals, allergens, heavy metals, formaldehyde or additives. Furthermore, this mattress fits a good number of bed frames, slats, box springs platforms, trundle beds or bunk beds.

Price: $298.33


  • This mattress comes with a 120-day free trial and a 100% money back guarantee.
  • It has a great feel and bounce this mattress has.
  • Does not sag, has no odor, no rolling off the side.


  • It’s a lot heavier than its competitors.
  • It can be hard to find mattress covers that will fit this mattress.
  1. Lucid 12 Inch Queen Latex Hybrid Mattress

The Lucid Latex Hybrid Mattress is equipped with a latex layer that is responsive, memory foam and premium steel coils thereby providing users with the best luxury experience. Furthermore, it comes with encased steel coils which are built in the foam to provide motion isolation. As a result, it ensures that its users sleep comfortably.

Price: $765.99


  • Comes with a 10-year warranty against the manufacturer defects.
  • The plush feeling of the latex mattress responds quicker when users roll over.
  • It Provides an excellent balance of cushion and support.


The length of the mattress is a little bit shorter than advertised.

  1. Linenspa 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

For back and stomach sleepers who want a medium-firm feel, then the Linenspa latex mattress is just perfect. This mattress is equipped with 4 layers of latex and foam that contours to the user’s natural body. Additionally, this mattress does not have a sinking feeling and is also designed to last for over 10 years.

Price: $299.99


  • Comes with a 10-year warranty that protects you against manufacturer defects.
  • It is affordable.


  • The mattress can tend to be warmer than its competitors.
  • It begins to sag over time.
  1. Lucid 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress

The Lucid 10-inch latex mattress is a medium plush mattress suitable for users seeking for a softer sleep. It gives a floating on the air feel while sleeping on top of the latex memory foam.

Also, it helps to provide necessary support to user’s pressure points as well as help in relieving back pain. In addition, this latex mattress is resistant to allergens and dust mites.

Price: $300.47


  • Comes with a 25-year warranty.
  • Has ventilated latex to optimize air flow.


  • The length of the mattress is a little bit shorter than advertised.
  • Has a sinking feel when you sleeping on it.

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