Top 10 Best Rated Massage Chairs 2023

The benefits of having a massage chair is something so many people overlook, due to the cost of acquiring one. However, having one is very good; words can not describe the value you could derive from having one. If you happen to be the kind who comes back home very stressed, having one is even more important.

Massage chairs are not only used for relaxing the body, people also use it when they would just love to read a book or think. If what has been driving you away from massage chairs, is the cost, you might just be lucky, as this article presents some very good massage chairs, some of which are very affordable.

Best Massage Chair 2023

1. Kahuna LM6800

The Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair is a very good massage chair, and also a very popular product. This massage chair comes with L-track technology. In case you have little idea of what this means, an L-track technology is a tech that helps you get as close to a full body massage as possible.

The Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair comes with a good number of cool features. If you care a lot about zero-gravity, do not bother as the chair has just that.

  • High quality
  • Durable

Price: $3500.00


  • L-track technology
  • Zero gravity


  • Foot roller too thin

2. Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7

Some people do not mind spending some serious amount of money on very useful things, and if you are one of such people, the Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 Massage Chair is for someone like you. While we have a lot of expensive massage chairs, not all of them are as good as this product.

The product comes with a touchscreen remote control, which you could use to control the chair. In addition, this chair features some advance technologies. To name a few of these advance technologies, the chair comes with the 5-user memory storage, and the full-body scan.

  • Produced in the US

Price: $8990.00


  • 9 automated programs
  • Advance technologies


  • Expensive

3. Relaxon Chair MK-II Plus

Knowing that there are people who would love to get a massage chair, but are concerned about the cost, we decided to shortlist this product. The Relaxon Chair MK-II Plus Massage Chair is an affordable massage chair which does a pretty good job.

This product comes with 4 automated programs. In addition, it is also pretty good at correcting body posture. With the Relaxon Chair MK-II Plus Massage Chair, you get to enjoy 3 different zero-gravity positions.

  • Multiple zero-gravity positions

Price: $1699.00


  • 4 automated programs
  • Lumbar back heating
  • Affordable


  • Foot roller intense for some people

4. Real Relax Full-Body Shiatsu

Here comes another great affordable product that could be tried out, for people with low budget. The Real Relax Full-Body Shiatsu is a massage chair with a limited number of features, but does its jobs really well.

As you would expect, it features zero gravity, which is very soothing. Unlike most chairs in its category, this massage chair is compact and portable. Being a little more specific, the product has a mass of about 200 pounds. HD display screen is not something you would often see in products in its category, but this massage chair comes with it.

  • 200 pounds
  • Compact
  • Portable

Price: $1499.00


  • 4 automatic programs
  • Zero-gravity
  • Affordable


  • Limited features

5. BestMassage EC-06

Costing a little above $1000 is the BestMassage EC-06 Massage Chair. The BestMassage EC-06 Massage Chair is another affordable massage chair, which is capable of giving you pretty good massages even without breaking the bank.

The product is often praised for the effectiveness of its massage rollers. Using it makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. In addition to being a great product, the product also has an intelligent and pragmatic design.

  • Intelligent and pragmatic design

Price: $1069.21


  • Very efficient massage rollers
  • Conforms to body shape
  • Affordable


  • Air bags for foot massage

6. Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair

The Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair is a popular product, and when we tried it out, it turned out to be a good massage chair. The chair is affordable and comes with features you would expect from good massage chairs that sell withing its price range. The Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair is a full-body zero-gravity product. If you prefer product with more than one zero-gravity positions, this chair is a product you could look into.

  • Best selling
  • High rating

Price: $1279.95


  • 3 zero-gravity positions
  • Affordable


  • Inadequate control over recline function

7. BestMassage Zero Gravity Shiatsu Chair

Here comes the cheapest massage chair on our list. It is very affordable, and does good massage jobs. Of course, this product would not come with all the features of an high-end product, but it excellently handles the basic needs of a massage chair user.

Products which are as cheap as this, hardly feature a foot roller, but this product does. In addition, its foot roller are really good at improving blood flow, relaxing the user a lot more.

  • Good quality material

Price: $799.99


  • Good smooth and all-black design
  • Foot roller
  • Cheap


  • None

8. Kahuna SM7300

If you want something a little bit nicer than all the affordable massage chairs we have listed so far, the Kahuna SM7300 Massage Chair is a product we recommend. The Kahuna SM7300 Massage Chair comes with a 6-wheel roller system and an SL-track technology, making it possible for the chair to give outstanding massages.

  • Advanced massage chair
  • Coffee-colored design

Price: $2599.99


  • 6-wheel roller system
  • SL-track technology
  • Cool LED light


  • No user memory storage settings

9. Ogawa Smart 3D

Here is a product for people who have no problem spending a lot on getting a good massage chair. The Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair is an expensive massage chair, and also a good investment. This product comes with a total of 17 programs. Furthermore, it has a total of 12 massage techniques, 6 basic ones, and 6 advanced ones.

  • Advanced massage chair

Price: $6999.00


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Smart technologies
  • Great quality


  • Expensive

10. Inada Dreamwave

Here comes another expensive massage chair. The Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair is a popular one. For people new to this product, it could be complicated at first, but when you get used to it, you fall in love with the product. The Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair comes with a total of 16 automatic programs.

  • Advanced massage chair
  • Gold standard

Price: $8999.99


  • 16-automatic programs
  • Advance heat therapy
  • Wider coverage


  • Complicated at first
  • Expensive

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