Top 10 Best Rated Mountain Bike Helmets 2023

Deciding the best mountain bike helmet to spend your money on can become overwhelming, but to clear off the confusion about the types of helmet for bikers we have researched and compiled the perfect hit of helmet to use in 2023.

Speeding over rocks, dodging with speedy bikes under the tree is enough reason to spend a few bucks for safety measures. However, with advanced coverage in tech equipment, recent mountain bike helmets are more protective than ever.

Read through for a breakdown of these overprotective mountain bike helmets in 2023.

Best Mountain Bike Helmet 2023


While speeding off the mountain the next thing to worry about is if your helmet will protect you from a crash. Then again you won’t want to stick your head with heavyweight helmet and that is why the specialized ambush was created with ANGI. The helmet is lightweight with ventilated extended coverage.

The lightweight helmet comes with a sensor that detects a crash and text a message to users with their specialized numbers. Other important features of the helmet include:

  • Integrated ANGI sensor
  • A lifetime subscription to the ride app
  • MIPS ventilated protection
  • Quick-drying
  • Tri-Fix web splitter
  • More coverage for added protection


Giro chronicle is all round perfect as the safety device is affordable to get, comfortable, safe and lightweight. The helmet features an MIPS liner, good padding with decent ventilation for long days. Giro visor is large to shield the sun and the fit system is perfect and easy to use with gloves.

The chronicle device is perfect all round with a discount rate and that is why we recommend it for bikers in 2023. Other features of the helmet include:

  • Lightweight design with 14 vents
  • One handed adjustments
  • MIPS technology
  • Plush coolmax padding
  • Visor and extended coverage


Talking about fit helmet, we researched and found out that the A2 is deep, wide and easy to adjust among testers. The model number A2 troy lee ventilation has been upgraded compared to its predecessor A1 model. Also, its safety suite has been redesigned making it the best safety helmet for bikers.

It comes with an innovative 2 types of foam: EPS and MIPS: the two foam works simultaneously as the foam helps bikers to absorb speed along with MIPS linear that works with the breakaway hardware on the visor. Other features of the helmet include:

  • Premium build
  • All mountain/XC
  • MIPS linear
  • Adjustable interior


Giro fixture is one of the modernized mountain helmets that feature an MIPS technology at an affordable price. For just a staggering price of $55 the device gives users a slip plane liner, good ventilation from 18 openings and its well respected twist fit adjuster.

Also the helmet gives users good coverage along the back of the head with its lightweight in-mold construction. Other features of the helmet include:

  • Integrated MIPS technology
  • Synthetic
  • Removable visor
  • Quick drying
  • Compact design
  • XC/all-mountain


Getting a lightweight and well ventilating helmet is important and that is why we have included the POC among the best mountain helmet in 2023. The device features a perfect sized 21 vents, 9.1 weights.

It also comes with a SPIN technology in terms of safety and includes Aramid reinforcements on the EPS liner for good protection. Other important features of the device include:

  • Excellent ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Storage glasses

6. RIDE 100%

Ride 100% may not be too popular like the other big giants in the bikers industry but their recent background check about their products has given them an edge in the market. Ride launched their 100% model helmets with good weight, stylish design, with a much affordable price for users. The device supportive padding provides perfect all round comfort.

The 100% model is our recommended top choice helmet for downhill riding due to its modern look and wide range of colour looks. Other important features of the helmet include:

  • Light shell impressive durability
  • Adjustable visor
  • Good with energy release system
  • Good venting system
  • Soft liner with removable cheek pads


Bell 4Forty is mid range and works perfectly on all mountain adventures. The device comes with simple ventilation coverage and also features an MIPS liner, a modern look with a perfect adjustable visor. Also it is distinguished with a light weight option and is boasted with MIPS technology.

If you are the type that loves something simple with a good design then opt for the Bell 4forty MIPS option. Other features of the helmet include:

  • 11.9 Oz weight
  • 15 vents
  • XC/all-mountain
  • MIPS liner
  • Inspired design


The South African based company that launched the Leatt DBX 3.0 all mountain helmets has earned praises for their modernized full face and neck braces helmets. The device is an alternative to an MIPS technology device as the new DBX from leatt covers a small and flexible turbines that are distributed through out the liner.

Also, the aim of the company is to reduce the risk of concussion and strengthen the rotational energy around the brain. Other key features of the helmet include:

  • Fidlock magnetic closure system
  • 1.95 oz weight
  • All mountain helmet
  • Turbine technology


One of the major reasons why Bontrager launched the Quantum MIPS model was to make it comfortable and affordable for bikers. However, the helmet depicts the aim of the company with its overall best MIPS liner that is a nod to their priority on safety. The device retention system is perfect and the padding yields good cushion to perfectly fit in into your head.

Also, it comes with a good stylish design and colours that gives users the option to choose different variety of their choice. Other important features of the helmet include:

  • All mountain category
  • 12.7 oz weight
  • 14 vents
  • Good balance and comfort
  • MIPS technology


Troy lee design is known for its perfect comfortable lids. The device comes with a lightweight full face option and it’s very much impressive. Also it’s 25 well balanced vents provide good airflow and it’s MIPS liner increases protection with a magnetic fidlock system.

If you are a pro biker or a first timer, we recommend the TLSs model for easy experience. Other important features of the helmet include:

  • All mountain category
  • 25 vents
  • Lightweight and well ventilated
  • 24 oz weight
  • MIPS technology

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