Top 10 Best Rated NFL Wide Receivers 2019


    The draft strategy has been shifting in recent years. Player importance has since changed from favouring running backs to top-tier wide receivers, and it is more important than ever to know who is the best in the game. Comparing player statistics for last season and the present season can well show who the best players are.

    Using some simple five statistics and in collaboration with last season performance, we have constructed an accurate list of the best NFL wide receivers for the 2019 season.

    Best NFL Wide Receivers 2019

    1. DeAndre Hopkins

    DeAndre Hopkins is an NFL wide receiver for the Houston Texans, and he is a freakishly talented player. They drafted Hopkins twenty-seventh overall to the Texans in 2013. His almost telepathic connection with a quarterback has ensured a fantastic new season for him so far. He may not be the fastest player on the field, but his body positioning is an artwork. His stats so far;
    • 22.28 DK/Gm
    • 2.19 DK/Tgt
    • 16 GP
    • 13.67 Yds/Rec
    • 11 Rec TDs

    2. Julio Jones

    Julio Jones’ real name is Quintorris Lopez Julio Jones plays for the Atlanta Falcons of the American Football League. He was drafted 6th overall in 2011 and has made it to one Super-Bowl. He has led the league in receiving yards per game for three of the last four seasons, and it almost guarantees his position as number two for this season. Jones has the most of his best catches against triple- and double-teams. His impressive stats are;
    • 22.37 DK/Gm
    • 2.11 DK/Tgt
    • 16 GP
    • 14.84 Yds/Rec
    • 8 Rec TDs

    3. Michael Thomas

    Michael Thomas is a player for the New Orleans Saints in the American Football League. Michael’s greatest claim to best so far was leading the NFL with 125 receptions last year. His brilliant performance currently has him looking at a potential raise in salary. He also happens to be well known for his big yardage, which makes him the possession mismatch you never want to encounter. His stats so far;
    • 20.59 DK/Gm
    • 2.24 DK/Tgt
    • 16 GP
    • 11.24 Yds/Rec
    • 9 Rec TDs

    4. Odell Beckham Jr.

    Beckham is a player for the New York Giants in the American Football League. His greatest claim to fame is his famous one-handed catch against the Dallas Cowboys. Odell Beckham Jr. was drafted to the Browns as 12th overall. He was also the first to get 1,800 receiving yards in each of his first three seasons. However, he has recently declined in form. His stats;
    • 20.53 DK/Gm
    • 1.99 DK/Tgt
    • 12 GP
    • 13.66 Yds/Rec
    • 6 Rec TDs

    5. Antonio Brown

    Brown plays in the NFL as a wide receiver and punt returner for the Raiders. He was drafted 195th overall to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 6th round. He has endured a tremendous deterioration in his form after six year of brilliance for the Raiders due to a strain from last season. With a league-high 15 TDs last year, there is still hope that he will rise to the top again. His stats;
    • 22.58 DK/Gm
    • 2.02 DK/Tgt
    • 15 GP
    • 12.49 Yds/Rec
    • 15 Rec TDs

    6. Keenan Allen

    Allen is perhaps one of the most underrated players in the NFL. He plays for the San Diego Chargers and acts as an efficient route-runner and is just a notch below Michael Thomas when it comes to possession reliability. Allen’s recent recovery from injuries did nothing to stop him last season, and he is widely regarded as the most resilient receiver in the business. His stats so far;
    • 16.88 DK/Gm
    • 1.99 DK/Tgt
    • 16 GP
    • 12.33 Yds/Rec
    • 6 Rec TDs

    7. Davante Adams

    Adams playing for the Green Bay Packers is perhaps one of the rapidly rising players in the NFL. Davante Adams is coming off a career-high 111 catches for 1,386 yards cementing his position on this list. Wearing the No. 10 shirt, he could still improve his position on the list of the best wide receivers for the NFL. A career 35 TD passes for the last three seasons means Adams has the sky within his reach. He is however often overlooked because he has one of the best quarterbacks in his team. His stats look like this;
    • 22.97 DK/Gm
    • 2.04 DK/Tgt
    • 15 GP
    • 12.49 Yds/Rec
    • 13 Rec TDs

    8. Adam Thielen

    A former undrafted player, Thielen has managed to make this list with his precision routes allowing him to win most mid-field battles. Playing for the Minnesota Vikings, he has maintained a demanding top coverage down the stretch. His stats so far;
    • 20.96 DK/Gm
    • 2.16 DK/Tgt
    • 16 GP
    • 12.15 Yds/Rec
    • 9 Rec TDs

    9. Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster

    With a brilliant 111 catches for 1,426 yards and 7 TDs over two spectacular seasons, Smith-Schuster has dominated both routes of the slot. Playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL, Smith-Schuster has a fantastic career in front of him with the recent departure of Antonio Brown. He is often underappreciated because he played with the likes of Antonio Brown, and this new season is all he needs to improve his NFL standing. His Stats are;
    • 20.12 DK/Gm
    • 1.94 DK/Tgt
    • 16 GP
    • 12.85 Yds/Rec
    • 7 Rec TDs

    10. A. J. Green

    A.J. Greene pics

    Drafted 4th overall for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2011, Andriel Jeremiah Green has had two of his last three seasons marred by injuries. But, with a talent like his, he still has enough speed and skill to get into a passing offence and make this list. His stats so far;
    • 17.38 DK/Gm
    • 2.03 DK/Tgt
    • 9 GP
    • 15.09 Yds/Rec
    • 6 Rec TDs