Top 10 Best Rated Outdoor Watches 2023

30 years ago, a watch would be defined as a device that tells time. Although correct, this definition would no longer be adequate today. Watches are neither for just time nor are they for looks as modern designs with their resourceful and sophisticated capacities now track locations, measure wearer’s altitude, record hikes, etc. They are more or less your assistant because they are essential and functional when you hit the trail.

In this review, we precisely appraise a list of outdoor watches we found to be the best in 2023.

Best Outdoor Watch 2023

  1. Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire

This is a rugged multisport smartwatch. The producers of this watch designed it to be the only gadget you’d need while cycling, hiking, exercising, etc. This watch tracks cycling activities, records swimming, running and other outdoor activities. Its smart features allows it to be paired with a smartphone for notifications.  Additional feature include:

  • GPS and built-in maps
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Rugged sapphire screen
  • Android and IOS companion app

Price: $479.99


  • Excellent and reliable three-axis compass
  • Smart features with notifications that can go on your smartphone, smart-TV, etc.
  • Multi sport features
  • Excellent design


  • Watch is bulky
  • Inaccurate pace calculation
  1. Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRW-2500R-1CR

This outdoor digital watch is one of the most durable and versatile watch in the market. It is of elegant design, tough and high performance. It has an easy-to-read LCD display with a one-touch function. Its sophistication would suit river crossing or rafting as it could perform excellently against strong water pressure. Further features are;

  • Barometric pressure graph feature’
  • Moon and tide graph for kayaking or fishing
  • Water resistance up to 200meters
  • Built-in thermometer

Price: $193.59


  • Easy to use
  • Bands are soft and comfortable
  • It is solar powered
  • Versatility in usage
  • Reliable compass


  • Thermometer is not reliable
  • Backlight will not work while setting the watch
  1. TomTom Adventurer GPS Hiking and Trail Running watch

The TomTom adventurer watch is a multisport pedometer. Its standout feature is its built-in music player that keeps you entertained while working out or doing any other outdoor activity. Other specifications are

  • Heart rate monitor
  • GPS, Compass and Altimeter
  • Multiple sport modes
  • Fitness age

Price: $629.10


  • Integrated music player
  • Excellent health and activity tracker
  • Easy to use


  • Product does not recharge properly
  • Straps may break easily
  1. Suunto 9 Baro

The Suunto 9 Baro is your best choice watch for hiking. This multisport watch can continuously track your hike, activity or exercise for a staggering 120hours. It gives a more accurate altitude information, provides outdoor information like seal level air pressure and has a built-in storm alarm. Other exceptional features are

  • Intelligent battery feature
  • 80plus sports mode
  • Water resistance up to 100meters
  • GPS tracking and FusedTrack algorithm

Price: $460.90


  • Long battery life
  • Excellent durability
  • Simple sleek design


  • Data recorded may be inaccurate
  • Heart rate sensor records inaccurate results

 5. Luminox Men’s Recon

The Luminox recon is a light weight, military designed, scratch resistant watch. Included in its design is a removable compass, water resistance of 200 meters and white/green hands to enhance visibility. Features asides the already mentioned include:

  • Molded soft rubber bands
  • Anti-scratch construct
  • Anti-reflective sapphire screen

Price: $396.35


  • Suitable for professional marine activities
  • Lightweight and excellent design
  • Durable and shock-resistant


  • Attractive for only big wrists
  1. Timex Expedition Rugged Digital Compass Shock

Exclusive for ruggedness and low price. The Timex expedition is a casual, digital field watch. This product has an INDIGLO backlight feature for low lighting conditions, durable resin case and strap. Key features are:

  • Shock resistance
  • Water resistance to a depth of 200meters
  • Digital compass
  • Chronograph features

Price: $57.87


  • Accurate compass
  • Excellent durability
  • Easy to use


  • Strap may be uncomfortable
  • Could be hard to take off
  1. Casio Protrek PRW-3000-1ACR Sports Watch

The Casio Company is known for attractive, inexpensive and long lasting products without any mind-blowing feature until this product. This product is renowned for her excellent altimeter. Features accompanying the altimeter are:

  • Solar powered engines
  • Water resistance of depth up to 100meters
  • Auto LED backlight with afterglow
  • Built-in pressure, direction and altitude sensors
  • Integrated thermometer, barometer, digital compass
  • Low temperature resistant (-10degree Celsius)

Price: $218.40


  • Excellent solar powered feature
  • Auto-calendar
  • Durable stainless steel chassis


  • Strap may be uncomfortable
  • Product may reboot itself after continued use
  1. Garmin Quatix 5

Designed as a next-generation marine GPS smartwatch, the Garmin Quatix 5 is your top choice for sailing. This watch comes with a sailing assistant, heart rate monitor and other advanced fitness features. Outstanding features along with the above mentioned are:

  • Navigation and tracking function
  • Compatible with Garmin chart plotters, smartphones and PCs
  • Multisport feature
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • Built-in GPS, altimeter, compass, accelerometer, thermometer and Gyroscope
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Price: $549.99


  • Easy to operate
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent durability


  • Product is heavy
  • Needs extra accessory for charging
  1. Timex Expedition Grid Shock

This bulky display digital watch, made of stainless steel top is durable, shock-resistant and crush resistant. The gadget will work up to a depth of 100meters in sea. Although without GPS, the altimeter got you covered. There are certain key features to this watch, namely:

  • Hydration alarm
  • 24-Hour countdown timer with repeat and stop feature
  • INDIGLO backlight feature
  • Dual mode alarm with vibration and audible alert

Price: $66.95


  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable straps
  • Scratch resistant


  • Watch design is not attractive
  • No GPS

 10. Garmin Fenix 3 HR

The Garmin Fenix 3 HR is the most ideal smartwatch for you if sports and outdoors activities are your routine. The gadget is an excellent and versatile activity tracker. It tracks distance hiked, calories burned, recovery periods, runners stride, cadence, time and balance. It also has an integrated heart rate wrist monitor that reads heart beat without the use of a chest strap. Other supercilious features include:

  • Integrated WiFi, and Bluetooth
  • Built in GPS, GLONASS, barometer, compass and optical HR
  • Multisport feature
  • Sapphire glass lens

Price: $599.99


  • Long battery life
  • Accurate activity tracker as well as GPS
  • Easy to use


  • May break your budget
  • Not light weight

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