Top 10 Best Rated Party Board Games 2020


This review was written to end your search for a good party board game. Be it dinner party, anniversary, family night, etc. We appraise the ten best board games in 2020. From the appraised board games, you could pick the best fit for your party.

Board games are essential and could enlighten any party irrespective of the individual differences among invitees. A good board game are of simple rules, easy to learn and play. More so, laden with loads of fun, punchy twists and high spirits. Below is our list:

Best Party Board Game 2020

  1. CODENAMES Party Board Game

Codenames is the best rated party board game according to the BGG. It is a game of assassins and secret agents. The setup provides rivalry between two teams who seek to outwit the other by getting all their secret messages uncovered. Flare between both teams produces the fun of the game. Although fun-filled and simple ruled, the game will get you racking your brains.

Price: $12.99


  • Top rated by the BGG
  • Short game time, simple rules and simple to play
  • Intelligent and brain racking
  • Fun for both winners and losers


  • Would require playing twice to fully grasp
  1. CASH N’ GUNS Party Board Game

Did you love the last gangster movie you watched? Do you wish to be your famous gangster for a few minutes? If yes, with 3-7 additional players, this game grants your wish. Filled with fun, intimidation, guns and gangs, you can have your party spiced up with it. The game is easy to learn and not time consuming. It will work in any setting, to say nothing of its simplicity and brisk.

Price: $31.99


  • Maximized player interaction
  • Easy to setup, learn and play
  • Good game pieces. You cannot take your eyes away from the foam guns


  • Role cards are not perfectly balanced
  • May become boring for early eliminated players
  • Can only support a maximum of 8 players

This game has a reputation for being a party game for horrible people. It is fun, easy to play and delivers humour while ignoring ethics, respect and morals. Also, it is cheap and could be played by any number of players. Meanwhile, it is not a perfect pick if your pastor, grandma or prudish friend will be coming to your party.

Price: $25.00


  • Simple to explain game concept
  • Can accommodate any number of players
  • Game box is portable


  • Contents of this game may be offensive to some people
  • It may become predictable after repeated plays
  1. DECRYPTO Party Board Game

Decrypto is a top-rated party board game that is exclusive for its creativity, fun, collaborative and rewarding experience. This game combines your love for decrypting codes, clever puzzles and use of intuition to aggressively tests your detective skill.

Price: $25.99


  • Engaging, tense and fun-filled
  • Requires quick thinking


  • May become boring if encryptors are slow
  • Rules may be initially confusing
  1. MONIKERS Party Board Game

Monikers is the simplest party board game for you. It works with any number of players. A player selects a card with the name of a celebrity, historical figure, etc. The player makes impressions to describe the person on the card, while others try to guess the name.

Price: $30.95


  • Easy to learn and play
  • Fit for any number of players
  • Portable board game


  • It requires knowledge of history or celebrities
  1. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Party Board Game

We all have that friend or group of friends who wanted to become a detective. If they are coming for your party, this board game is your perfect pick. Although players remain meticulous and witty in solving or concealing a murder case. This game offers excitement, suspense and fun. It is an accommodating game and players could take different roles to keep the fun going.

Price: $34.50


  • Witty and full of fun
  • Excellent art and thematic feel
  • Will not become boring after repeated play


  • It can run a bit long
  1. DIXIT ODYSSEY Party Board Game

Odyssey is a unique and creative board game. It offers story as well as a fun-filled gaming experience. Known for wining many awards, including the most prestigious game of the year award. This game triggers player’s imagination and deductive skills alongside being flexible enough for any setting.

Price: $54.64


  • Beautiful artwork
  • The game play is creative
  • Will still be fun after repeated plays


  • Low quality game board and token
  • Can only support a maximum of 6 players
  1. LOVE LETTER PREMIUM Party Board Game

This is a quick, simple and abstract board game suitable for 3 – 8 players. Love letters are sent to a princess and a player wins if he delivers the most letters. This games offers deduction, intrigue and fun. It may just be the right board game for your party.

Price: $29.89


  • Easy to teach
  • Portable
  • Great for all age


  • Game may seem shallow to some
  • It’s a game of luck
  1. BLOOD BOUND Party Board Game

This game is filled with deduction, bluffing and deception for six to twelve players. It offers fun, quick social experience and a dynamic play scenario. The play offers an intriguing experience as two gangs flare to eliminate the opponent’s leader. For odd number of players, an inquisitor could be added as a variation.

Price: $17.97


  • Large enough for 12 players
  • Very compact and portable game box
  • Fast, exciting rounds
  • Good game pieces e.g. the cardboard knife


  • Requires a minimum of 6 players
  • May need to be played twice to be completely figured out
  1. WHEN I DREAM Party Board Game

This is an easy to play game that can accommodate up to 10 players of all ages and abilities. A player assumes a dreamer while others could either be good or bad spirits or a trickster. Both spirits draw dream cards and try to describe the vision of the dreamer in one word. Whereas the dreamer tries to guess the elements at any time.

WHEN I DREAM offers a balanced participation for all players. It is easy to learn, full of laughs and requires a good sense of imagination.

Price: $31.91


  • The game is thematic
  • Triggers your imagination
  • Easy to play


  • Not deeply strategic