Top 10 Best Rated Personal Blenders 2023

A good personal blender gives you the liberty to blend any of your beverages without any hassles. The beauty of these blenders is that the container you blend your ingredients in also serves as your drinking cup.

However, while shopping for these personal appliances, you should put into consideration the types of blenders you want, its size and shape, the type of lids each product comes with and any other top-notch features like non-slip sleeves and handles.

Also, depending on what you will blend with the device, you need to pay more attention to its power feature while shopping. Some of the cheap blenders in the market can’t handle large chunks of frozen produce, meaning you would have to use the cheap ones for simple recipes and ingredients. Whereas the ones that come with top-notch features works best for smoothies and shakes.

Best Personal Blender 2023

1. Nutri Ninja Auto IQ

Even thou the Nutri Ninja blender comes with small equipment, it works perfectly and it can handle any types of fruits, veggies and ice. Nutri Ninja blades rotate with a high speed to crush ingredients into purees and smoothies. The machine comes with smart technology to give users a good experience and it also features a digital timer that counts downtime for each blending process. Other features of the device include:

  • Two blending cups
  • 1,000 watts power
  • Digital timer
  • 18 ounce and 24-ounce cup size


  • Handles different fruits and veggies
  • It comes with two smart cups
  • It features preset smart programs


  • It is loud

2. Nutri Ninja with Freshvac Technology

If you want to get the best nutrients and perfect flavours from your ingredients, Nutri ninja will give you the smooth experience on the go. The blender comes with a freshvac technology pump that is designed to preserve flavours, vitamins and colours. It is also designed to give ingredients smoother texture, richer taste and to produce less foam while blending. Other features include:

  • Digital timer
  • Smart programs
  • 1,100 watts power
  • Two 24 ounces cup size


  • It preserves vitamins, colours and flavours
  • It comes with preset smart programs


  • It is loud

3. Nutribullet

Nutribullet shreds off tough seeds, pulp and skin from fruits and vegetables into smooth juice. Thou the blender comes with lower watts but its powerful blades still work on high speed and give users easy experience with their ingredients. It comes with a nutrition guide and recipe book to get most out of it. Other important features of the blender include:

  • Two cup sizes
  • Two blades
  • 600 watts
  • Two 18 ounce and 24-ounce cup size


  • It works perfectly with any ingredients


  • Its rubber seal is not strong enough

4. Magic Bullet

Not every blender needs to be super fancy and stylish. If you are searching for a simple and inexpensive blender for your smoohies, the magic bullet is a good choice to watch out for. This blender also works perfectly for sauces, omelettes and dips. Other important specs of the device include:

  • 250 watts
  • One 12 ounce and two 18 ounce cup size
  • A recipe book guideline


  • It includes multiple cups and lids


  • It does not work perfectly with ice

5. Vitamix s55

Vitamix E55 is one of the heavy-duty appliances in the market for kitchen users and it has proven to be one through its high-end specifications. It can be used to blend soups and baby foods, then bringing them out into smaller jars. Vitamix e55 comes with four programmed settings and speed control, giving your ingredients a smooth run. Other features of the blender include:

  • 790 watts
  • One 20 ounce and one 40 ounce size cup
  • Speed button


  • It is durable and powerful
  • It comes with programmed settings
  • It includes a large container


  • It is expensive

6. Cuisinart Compact Portable Blending System

Cuisinart compact blender works perfectly for those who are into meal planning and prepping. The blender features a single 32 ounce, 8 ounces, and four 16 ounce blending and chopping cups so that users can store some of their smoothies for later use. Cuisinart is relatively small and it saves some spaces in your kitchen. Other features of the device include:

  • LED indicator light
  • Three touchpad controls
  • 350 watts
  • One ounce, four 16 ounces and one 32 ounce cup size


  • It comes with six blending cups
  • It comes with multiple speed settings


  • Not too powerful

7. Cosori

Cosori Personal blender crushes seeds, ice, nuts and slashes fruits and vegetables through its different blade edges. The blender also comes with an overheating protection function that makes it works perfectly without any damages. Other important features of the blender include:

  • 800 watts
  • One 12 ounce and two 24 ounce cup size
  • Blender manual
  • Control speed


  • It comes with different types of blade edges
  • It features multiple lids and cups


  • It is difficult to separate cups from blender

8. Hamilton Beach Single Serve

Hamilton beach single serve is ultra-portable and it is available to buy in five different colours. The blender is more compact and lightweight, it is designed for mostly protein shakes and smoothies, also Hamilton beach can’t handle large chunks of ice or hard ingredients like seeds. Other specs of the device include:

  • 175 watts
  • One 14 ounce cup size
  • 5 colours


  • It is lightweight and compact
  • It comes in different colours


  • It comes with one 14 ounce cup size
  • Not powerful for large ingredients

9. Bella Rocket Extract Pro

Bella rocket extract pro can handle large chunks of coffee beans and nuts with its high end powerful blades. The blender comes with five tumblers and two blades that are efficient for grinding and blending. Also, the tumblers come with different types of lids including shaker tops, solid and travel. Other important specs of the device include:

  • 700 watts
  • Two 12 ounce, three 24 ounce cup size
  • Two blades


  • It comes with two strong blade
  • It features five blending cups


  • It is loud

10. Oster Myblend Pro Series

Oster Myblend Pro series comes with a double-walled sports bottle with a flip cap and a carabiner clip. The blender bottle is double-walled, so it can keep your beverages cold up to 30 percent longer than standard cups. Other features of the Oster blender include:

  • 500 watts
  • One ounce cup size
  • Flip cap


  • It comes with a reusable silicone straw


  • It has one blending cup

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