Top 10 Best Rated Pillows 2023

In this post, we will be looking at the best pillows for 2023. This is important because we understand that waking up with sore necks and muscles has a lot to do with the type of pillow we use.

We have considered your sleeping position, whether you are a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, side sleeper or a combination sleeper in picking up these pillows.

Choosing a pillow for a specific sleeper is quite easy, unlike the combination sleeper who keeps switching all night from one position to the other. Hence, it becomes necessary to choose the pillow which suits you best and will prevent aches and pains when you wake up.

To help you on the journey of choosing the best pillows for you, we have compiled this list in no particular order,

1. Malouf Z Talalay Pillow

This natural and breathable pillow is made from zero-synthetic additive latex material with inbuilt holes in the surface. Its features are listed below:

-Made from all-natural, zero-synthetic additive latex material

-built-in holes in the surface

-Pillow cover is made of 100% cotton


-Two thickness option

-Two firmness levels

-Two sizes to choose from

-Price: $92.99

-30 day return policy

-1 year warranty


– Very unique design

-allergies chances are very slim with all natural materials used

-built-in holes aids adequate air circulation

-2 options to choose from


-it is expensive

-it flattens out quickly

2. OXA Spring Bed Pillows

This pillow with its extreme blend of fluffiness and firmness, is made of 40 individual pocket springs wrapped in polyester microfiber fill. This gives a unique spring suspension to the pillow. Its features are:

-polyester microfiber fill wrapped pocket springs

-a unique suspension system

-breathable and soft

-interactive response

-individual coil movement

-percale weave cover with silky fibers and 3D mesh

-warranty is 20 years

-90-day refund guarantee

-active contour design

-Price: $39.99


– Highly adaptive to user’s move with its unique spring suspension system

-excellent cooling abilities with 3D mesh cover

-active contour design keeps head in place always

-it is affordable and durable


-loft is lower than counterpart

3. Cushy Form Half Moon – Bolster Pillow

This is a very pillow, suitable for combination sleepers is made from two layers of hypoallergenic viscoelastic memory foam, placed on a foam core design. Its excellent features are:

-foam core design

-Two layer hypoallergenic viscoelastic memory foam

-a high loft

-cover is made from an organic cotton material

-machine washable and durable cover

-multipurpose wedge design

-material is therapeutic

-Suitable for pregnant women

-price: $26.50


-it has a multipurpose were design

-Material provides therapeutic support

-suitable for pregnant women

-high loft

-breathable and washable cover


-only available in one size

– Warranty information is undisclosed

4. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Pillow

Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam pillow from Snuggle-Pedic, is a long time player in the industry, renowned for using excellent, good quality materials for their products. It is made of memory foam certified by CertiPUR-US, void of flame retardants and other dangerous chemicals. Its features are listed below:

-made from memory foam

-CertPUR-US certified

-Bamboo-derived rayon cover


-dust and mites resistant

-a micro-vented design

-firm and soft

-adjustable loft


-20 years warranty

-120 night refund guarantee

-Price: $59.99


-CertiPUR-US certified

-it is durable

-shredded memory foam adapts to shape

-adjustable loft

-breathable micro-vented cover


-it is expensive

-smells in the first few days

5. Coop Home Goods Premium Pillow

This pillow gives a luxurious feel with its shredded memory foam, a cross-cut design, coated with microfiber. Its features are as follows:

-bamboo derived rayon cover


-mite and dust resistant

-shapes and contours easily

-firm and supportive

-adjustable loft

-gusseted pillowcase

-zipper closure system

-100-night return period

-5 year warranty

-price: $52.99


-adjustable loft

-machine washable pillow

-mold and contours easily

-dust and mite resistant


-a bit pricey

-available in two sizes only

-needs regular re-fluffing

6. Nest Bedding Easy Breather

This pillow which is a favorite of many, has two material choice: Noodle natural latex and shredded memory foam. Its features are:

-adjustable loft

-excellent mold ability

-great feel and gives a good cooling

-noodle Natural Latex comes with an organic cotton cover

-great contouring

-excellent pressure relief

-price: $119.00


-Two material choices

-adjustable loft

-no off-gassing and smell

-great cooling and feel


-it is very expensive

-shredded memory foam sleeps a little hotter than the other.

7. Layla

This sleek pillow filled with shredded memory foam and Kapok has an inbuilt copper cooling technology. Its features are:

-shredded memory foam


-copper cooling technology

-conducive copper inside


-Two sizes to choose from; standard and king

-CertiPUR-US certified

-120 night trial period

-5 years warranty

-price: $69.00


-inbuilt copper cooling technology


-CertiPUR-US certified

-Two sizes options to choose from


-loft is not adjustable

-it is pricey

8. Purple Pillow

This beautiful pillow with Hyper-Elastic Polymer which gives a very cool surface with good support has made our list of 2023 best pillows with its features, which are:

-Hyper-Elastic Polymer

-great support and response

-premium air circulation

-adjustable loft

-cover is made from Polyester, bamboo viscose and spandex

-fully machine washable

-suitable for back or side sleeper

-price; $99.00


Sleeps cool with its patented breathable design

-it is durable

-suitable for most sleepers

-gives great relaxation and feel


-it is expensive

9. ComfyComfy

This buckwheat pillow from ComfyComfy has made it to our 2023 list of best pillows with its excellent cooling and airflow system. Its features, which distinguishes it from its counterparts are listed below:

-made from buckwheat 100% grown in the USA

-excellent cooling and airflow system

-adjustable loft

-it comes with an organic cover

-machine washable

-Price: $115.00


-excellent cooling and airflow system

-adjustable loft

-great breath ability

-organic cotton cover

-completely natural and organic

-machine washable cover


-It is very expensive

-it makes noise while in use.

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