Best Plagiarism Checker 2023

One of the worst crimes a writer can commit in the modern-day world isn’t assault but theft. Plagiarism is the biggest form of theft because it’s not just items being stolen, but intellectual rights and properties. The sheer volume of work on the internet means it’s very easy to steal or have ideas stolen from you.

Unfortunately, most plagiarizers aren’t even aware they’re plagiarizing someone else’s work. However, the good news is that there are many plagiarism checker software available that can help you avoid such pitfalls. Here is the best plagiarism checker software for 2023.

1. Turnitin

Because of its wide application by academia, many university students can vouch for the prowess of this online tool . Such is its prowess, detail, and precision that most students can no longer copy assignments cheaply off the net. However, for all the good work that the software does in schools, it’s sold only to institutions and not individuals.


  • Extremely sophisticated
  • Detailed enough to handle academic plagiarism
  • High accuracy
  • Massive database


  • No individual access

2. Grammarly

When it concerns grammar checking and amateur writers, Grammarly is the name on everyone’s lips. However, the tool also includes a plagiarism checker software bundle that has proven quite effective so far. It works exceedingly fast and offers both a paid version and free access. Another exciting feature of this plagiarism checker software is its free switching between British and US grammar.


  • Doubles as a grammar tool
  • Best for beginners and non-native English speakers
  • Offers free trial
  • Wide database
  • Available on Android, Windows, web, iOS, and macOS
  • Extensive offers for companies and individuals


  • Not as robust as alternatives

3. Scribbr

It’s another exciting option for academia. However, unlike Turnitin, Scribbr optimizes more for student-service than institutions and allows individual subscriptions. The accuracy and security that the plagiarism checker software provides are much better than Grammarly. Its database also includes journals and academic papers, making it the ideal choice for student use.


  • Detailed and accurate
  • Has text-improvement capabilities
  • For academia
  • Self-improving plagiarism checker software
  • Wide language support
  • Detailed reports


  • Not a free resource
  • Slow check speed

4. Unicheck

The tool has the advantage of being an absolute beast in plagiarism. But it also carries the disadvantage of not being the best choice for any particular group like students or bloggers. However, the software offers an extremely fast plagiarism check speed and a google docs add-on capability.


  • Has real-time search
  • Office, G-Suite, and Google Docs add-ons
  • Extensive data protection
  • Thorough enough for academic use
  • Supports bulk uploads


  • Paid tool
  • Not the best grammar check software

5. Quetext

quetext group buy

The plagiarism checker software shares a lot of similarities with Grammarly in terms of speed and business model. It also offers a free trial and is ideal for writers, bloggers, and professional work, but not for academia. However, Quetext is better than Grammarly for bloggers due to its better plagiarism sensitivity.


  • Extensive analysis report
  • Fast and detailed
  • Massive support across numerous web tools
  • Interactive UI


  • Not the best grammar checker
  • The slightly pricy subscription fee for services offered

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