Top 10 Best Rated PS4 Games of 2023

Since its launch in 2013, PS4 has been an amazing success, due in no small part to an unbelievably wide range of available game selection. This selection ranges from exclusive Sony pieces to awesome third-party releases. PS4 games range from strategy, adventure, first-person shooter, action, role-playing, sports, to even puzzle games.

It is an incredible list to catch up with before Sony unveils their next-generation PS5 console which means that now is the time to buy your games. If you have the cash to spare, then you want what game is exclusive and of the most value today, and not a few years ago. We have you covered.

We have put together a review of the best PS4 games in 2023 for all your PS4 console needs.

Best PS4 Games of 2023


It picks up inspiration from all-time successes Bloodborne and Dark Souls’ dark-fantasy aesthetics and formula by Deck13. Surge 2 has some slight differences in mechanics from Surge 1 apart from the setting.

The story features a large city with plenty of enemies to battle and tons of secrets to uncover. It is significantly more difficult with many more bosses to combat than usual.


  • Fantastic setting
  • Slicing up the limb is as exciting as always
  • Slightly easier playthrough
  • Affordable price
  • Numerous builds and choices
  • Diverse
  • Specific body parts can be looted

2. FIFA 20

A serial winner of the best games of the year, FIFA is back on the streets as FIFA 20 and it is brilliant. There is no radical new change to the game mechanics bar improved AI response that enhances play and updated player stats sheet. VOLTA Football is a new play mode in FIFA 20 that call-back to FIFA street by offering excellent 11v11 action across over 17 locations.

There are timed events, character customizations, creative stadium looks, and more to give a spin to the game.


  • Popular football game
  • Updated stat sheets
  • Better AI response than most other football games
  • All major leagues in one game
  • VOLTA mode


  • Pricy
  • PES has better play mechanics
  • No Ronaldo this year
  • Not too different from FIFA 19


Remedy Entertainment’s new game is shaping up to be as much success as their last one-Quantum Break, if not surpass it. It is a third-person shooter command that mixes up regular shooter specs with superhuman powers.

You get to play the amiable Jesse Faden as the new director of titular named-Federal Bureau of Control. Your job is to defeat some strange enemies in a quest to uncover the mystery of your brother vanishing.


  • Intriguing new setting
  • Impeccable graphics
  • Streamlined memory load
  • Cheap
  • Game mechanics are awesome
  • Easy play control


  • Some annoying installation bugs
  • Start-up time could be better

4. GTA 5

This game is one that won the best PS3 game award from us. The magic of GTA 5 does not, however, end with that singular appearance, as each enhancement increases play experience massively. GTA: Online is a feature that brings improved character creation and crazy online heists like never before.

Each hardware improvement on PS4 means that GTA 5 runs in ways and at speeds, it never did on PS3. If nothing else, the mystery of Mount Chilliad will no doubt be a potent temptation.


  • Awesome setting
  • Open-box game
  • Brilliant controls
  • Popular
  • Reasonable price
  • Little extra purchases


  • Not PS4 specific
  • No pro enhancement


If the original was a beast back in 2009, then the all-new version three is a whole new monster. The mechanics and systems are the same, offering much the same ever-flowing current of enemies and loot. It is a first-person shooter game that now sports a lot more worlds for exploration than ever before.

Its hook is the massive community, fantastic game humour, brilliant setting and simple mechanics.


  • Easy playthrough
  • A humungous game community
  • Best first-person shooter
  • Classic
  • Improved gun variation
  • More worlds and classes
  • Enduring design


  • Not too different from Borderlands 2
  • Pricy
  • Gearbox issues


Dark Souls got the formula right, Bloodborne improved it, but Sekiro seems to want to take it to new heights. You get to fight more monsters than you can shake a finger at, using impressive magics in Sengoku-era Japan. In this game, there are no weak enemies and the Bosses are all formidable opponents.

There is a choreograph to defeating these nasty big-bad monsters that require more than just one playthrough. It also incorporates the posture-system in place of a standard health bar.


  • Innovative health system
  • Difficult-to-beat bosses
  • Popular game mechanics
  • New setting
  • Not too simple or difficult to play
  • Affordable


  • Dark Souls design not innovative enough
  • Too difficult for most

7. NBA 2K20

While not everyone is a basketball fan, there is a charm to NBA 2K20. It is one of the best annual sports simulators and has done a lot to make basketball a more popular sport. 2K20 has a more potent focus on reality which means that smaller players are faster and more like that.

There has also been a universal reduction in micro-transactions which makes progression a lot better. New Pro-Am support and 3v3 mode makes it a console killer


  • Short VC grind
  • New mode and Pro-Am support
  • Position lock
  • Better MyTeam use


  • Basketball is not the most popular of sports

8. MXGP 2023

It is an Italian developed racing sim game that combines realistic bike/rider physics with arcade handling. The inclusion of a sandbox Playground hub and new modes add more to the realism and a track editor to build a swamp for your personal use.


  • Updated Playground hub
  • New modes
  • Impressive physics use
  • Track editor for customization
  • Better response


  • Difficult to control
  • Pricy


The first IP from Gunfire games after the tremendous success of Darksiders, it follows a more fantasy-like take to a post-apocalyptic world.


  • Innovative settings
  • Large playground
  • Fantastic levelling system
  • Diverse enemies


  • Graphics are not ideal
  • New franchise


Unlike the previous entry, Builders 2 now has both online and offline support for up to three players multiplayer use. It combines RPG questing with Minecraft-type building and focuses on growing and harvesting.


  • Interesting setting
  • Larger building and crafting options
  • Open world
  • Multiplayer support


  • Not too popular
  • Too many Minecraft-Esque games around

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